Williams Jr., Hank - Country State Of Mind Lyrics

That hot old summer sun make you beg for your next breath
So you best be on the creek bank laid in the shade
Chewin on a hickory twig, pass that bottle, I'll have me a swig
I ain't got a lot, but I think I got it made, in the shade

I'm just laid up here in a country state of mind
Catchin these fish like they're goin out of style
Drinkin this homemade wine
Hey, if the sun don't come up tomorrow
People, I've had a good time
I'm just laid up here in a country state of mind

I bet the old man's in the kitchen
He's got my kind of music on his radio
Oh, drinkin his beer and dialin up the request line
Momma and old Aunt Joan
Probably in the dining room tryin to use the phone
Me, I'm thinkin about that girl and later tonight
Oh, yeah

I'm just laid up here in a country state of mind
Hey, I'm atchin these fish like they're goin out of style
I'm drinkin this homemade wine
And if the sun don't come up tomorrow
People, I've had a good time
I'm just laid up here in a country state of mind

You know, the red necks and the hippies
They are in their discos and honkytonks
Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace
Lord, I know just how they feel
You gotta get out and kick up your heels
And ain't it great to be livin in the USA

Me, I'm laid up here in a country state of mind
Catchin these fish like they're goin out of style
And drinkin this homemade wine, all the time
If the sun don't shine tomorrow
People, I have had a good time
I'm just laid up here in a country state of mind
(I know where Hank Jr is)

Yodel-ay-ee-oh, yodel-ay-ee-oh
Hee, hee

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Williams Jr., Hank Country State Of Mind Comments
  1. William Weaver

    Luv it , Old School 🤙

  2. Bretz Washington

    Real talk 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥

  3. rodney ivey

    Everyone gotta like hank jr.

  4. Jason Cozort,Jr.

    More cool than ice

  5. Lewis Fortney

    bathroom getting it on, Mmmm

  6. Parker Dow

    Love it bo!!🔥🇺🇸

  7. Lewis Fortney

    👌 💯 👂 😂 🖕

  8. Little Dipper

    Fav song ever like wow😻

  9. Wyatt Lee

    I’m in a country state of mind when I listen to hank and hank JR when I’m on the farm mind is nothing but a state of country

  10. John Rahed

    Nutn like his old man god bless, he hit, s my notes

  11. John Rahed

    Hank junior luv what ya sing.to many scrum,s in r country

  12. Roscoe Floyd


  13. Roscoe Floyd

    Love you hank!

  14. Roscoe Floyd

    Hank jr . For president

  15. R_GAR2

    The south will rise again

  16. Julie Thomas

    Still sounds amazing in 2020!!

  17. bevy bear

    great boot scootin song
    ❤️ Texas

  18. Joshua Vanderslice

    love this song country state of mind

  19. harold hosier

    I'm just laid up here in a country state of mind

  20. mma 1st

    Roger Alan Wade wrote this! If you love Hank you'll love Roger!

  21. riley lewellen

    2020 drinking blantons and smoking varina farms cigars on 10 acres on a country state of mind

  22. Donnie Ensey

    Sit-in here with my Pops laid up and in a country state of mind... So glad you come stay with us here in Crystal River Florida for a few months..

  23. Swamper

    Hello from 2020.

  24. Laura Smith


  25. Gemma Benjamin

    December 2019. I'm Italian and I love the guy.

  26. 6891 NEL

    Now this is some BAD ASS country music

  27. Aut Back

    I'd like to chase the 3K people who disliked this song to the river with a switch.

    Say What

    Dont forget to get two of them and twist them with some honey on them and give them a old school southern ass whipping I approve this message.

    Untamed Outdoors

    Aut Back he’ll yea brotha

  28. Gunner Deatherage

    2019 anyone


    Roger that.......Hank Jr. never gets old.............

  29. Tina Baltimore

    Love is special to the whole world

  30. Jamie Gill

    This is real music

  31. Jason Rogers

    The good stuff never gets old

  32. Leland Seitz

    Good luck

  33. TNOutdoorsGuy

    does this song make anyone else wanna blow up a Prius?

  34. NyQyl-Recluse

    Who going into 2020 cranking hank and hank jr?? Like if soo

    Untamed Outdoors

    NyQyl-Recluse hell yea brotha sittin on em with some heaven hill whiskey

  35. NyQyl-Recluse

    Ive listenned to this song for 3-4 years now and i grew up on hank and living the country boy life i thank god and my father for this every day i love hank jr and everytime i play his music when im fishing especially it just makes it better the fish bite when country boy can survive comes on btw im like 14 rn 🙈❤️ily hankjr

  36. James Kimble

    No music like that today

  37. Joseph Charbonneau

    This singer is a True Legend. No exceptions.

  38. David Wilder

    This is exactly why I don't speak publicly.i i am way to freaked out to know that what I have thought will be there forever. I
    after all that I have learned could be pushed into a sentence disguststs me

  39. David Wilder

    I looked at my comment and I thought I know you speak k better than that.

  40. David Wilder

    I find it funny when people think they know what ar rough life is .It always makes Americans better. If u don,t believe everything me watch what happens during a blackout.Everybody comes together.

  41. Denise Miles

    This is the real deal!!!

  42. Jessie Blanton


  43. Meghann Conrad


  44. Ben S Hammonds

    sure brings back memories

  45. bevy bear

    Dammit ..just wanna give Hank a big ol mama bear hug 🤗😙

  46. Cookiees YT

    Drank many to this

  47. charles cousins

    road trip song

  48. Ryan Williams


  49. jason kite

    Tishomingo Oklahoma

  50. Mrs JG Gillespie

    Nov 2019 still jammin to mr bosephus 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

  51. MrPerfect1986

    2019 and country music is infected with feminine rappers and feminists.. Woke is gonna make em broke. Hank said it right when he called himself a dinosaur. I feel ya brotha.

  52. Chris William

    Ya But Beleave me There is a shit load of People that can't have a good time because of people like you have abandoned There seed and Didn't give a rats ass of there outcome and raising Physical are mental!!!!

  53. Mikie's Mustangs

    One of the greatest country songs and artists ever i love hank jr

  54. Large E

    God it sucks being a Democrat you guy's have all the good shit!

  55. Large E

    This is almost as good as today's music 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. keith lynchard

    This says it all in Arkansas Keith Allen Lynchard. Party on

  57. Misty

    Still listening in 2019 love hank jr 🥰

  58. Fuzzy One

    Pass me that bottle, I'll have me a swig! Tennessee girl here. Born and bred!!!

  59. Waylon Beegle

    If u dont like this we cant be friends


    The good stuff 😁

  61. Ron Babcock


  62. Stephen Justice


  63. aenance N

    People i have had a good time....

  64. Danielle A

    The songs exactly how I live my life always in that country State of Mind

  65. Chris Gambrel

    If you don't live it leave it period

  66. Christopher Church

    Top of the scale

  67. Christopher Church

    Hell right

  68. Erik Lasher

    even though I was raised up here in Nor Cal, daddy always taught us how to survive and relax in the country. Hank Jr reminds me of those times camping and fishing or riding dirt bikes and building trenches or forts....Gods I wish I didn't turn into a city boy business type...lord knows when I retire it will be in the country

  69. Kevin Campbell

    Laid up here in northern North Carolina with 90 degree weather first of October

  70. Daniel Potter

    Still badass

  71. Joshua Sandine

    This is my kinda music

  72. Shaun Schoppe

    Love ya hank

  73. lynn horton


  74. zion-is-real

    A legend...a true legend.....what a singer n entertainer....

  75. Jason Klotz

    Zxzx ax ws cdscsx

  76. Jason Klotz

    Svscwcsc asas c ws va "!--'axdvw w'd axbbvx ax vgscdcdff

  77. James Britton

    Top dog.in the late '70s early80's.never going out of Dixie style.

  78. Bruce Westmoreland

    Love this song

  79. Andy Reynolds

    Well I'm lade down here in the Muscle shoals Alabama where my O Boy Hank Made alot Hits. Like Hank J.R. and Friends if you Don't know Muscle shoals and the History of music you're missing out

  80. john mason

    She wants to go. She wants half. Aye pass that bottle I'll have me a swig. #mgtow

  81. Anthony Christensen

    Hell yeah dam right 💪

    dj M.

    Hail yea Brother 🍺

  82. Artie Moore

    Southern till day im dead!!!

  83. Shawn Dykes

    Louisiana life to t American by birth Southern by the grace of God


    Kickass thank you

  85. Megan Thomas

    You da man

  86. Bryan Bryson

    2019 and I'm still here who is with me

    Viking King

    Fuck you!!


    Bryan Bryson we goin into 2020 blastingg


    Bear Gutierrez same here but kinda central

    jupiter moongauge

    Yep, I'm here, and I gotta tell ya, Hank Jr is a dickhead

    Bill Hammers

    Well, I guess I'm here. I've never been here before, but, I was looking for obscure country songs for my act and found this one. Thanks for posting it!

  87. Vern Lance

    Bububa sparks

  88. Vern Lance

    Bubba sparks

  89. Johnny H.

    Oh yeah 🎣👍🏼💭👌🏻💭💭💭🍻🍻👉👏🏼🍻⌚️🌲🌞

  90. Michelle Harris


  91. Jason Prewitt

    Yea haw yall

  92. Jackie Kennedy

    Who still bumping 2019

    Country Man

    Jackie Kennedy always



  93. Keith Davis

    Wewa proud

  94. Christopher Fletcher

    Dad always said he wanted this played and a joint smoked at his funeral.... got your final wishes 07/09/2019....Hope i done things the way you wouldve wanted

  95. Amy Fite

    My greatest memories as a kid come from this music ❤ God I miss those days

    Amy Fite

    My Daddy had all Hank Jr's records and tapes also. I don't know what happened to them. Wish I had them.

  96. Cleadus buckmaster

    Fuck yeah bud the good shit