Williams III, Hank - I'm Drunk Again Lyrics

I'm drunk again
I'm drunk once again
Feeling bad, all alone
Since you left me on my own

I'm drunk again
I'm drunk again
I'm drunk again
I'm drunk again

I had a real good wife
Until she took her life
And she left me all alone
And I don't think I can go on

I'm drunk again
I'm drunk again
I'm drunk again
I'm drunk again

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Williams III, Hank I'm Drunk Again Comments
  1. shanon klinger

    Half gallon of nickolai vodka a day i stay fucking drunk

  2. Tony Dawson

    Gd ..it yupppp

  3. Tainted by Society

    I was sober when I met her.
    I relapsed and got drunk with her.
    We broke up.

    I haven't stopped drinking heavier than ever since.

  4. Gian-Luca Nardini

    Trump 2020!

  5. Jake

    Old country, hickbilly music, metal, Hank 3 can do it all

  6. asdfg wasd

    reminds me of buena haha

  7. Cosmic Macaque

    Friday song

    Wand Erer

    Monday song, i mean sunday, i mean Wednesday night i mean...

  8. damon burke

    This is the soundtrack of my life when I tried to quit drinking that one year 🤯

  9. robert nagel

    Grandaddy would be proud


    Drunk now

  11. Russell Treadwell

    Yes greatness always a pleasure

  12. Chopper_Eddy

    God damn if this isn't my theme song for life. Don't escape your destiny , embrace it

    Matt Smith

    Ty thanks

  13. Mike Ramirez

    Ain't nothing better than country music, greetings from the cocaine capital of the world; God bless capitalism and the good ol' U.S.A, too bad not too many folk know how to appreciate that beautiful country of yall.

  14. Jody Banks

    It says 103 comments but I only counted 45

  15. Trey Dyer

    Fucking great live

  16. Tetrahydrocannabinol exe

    That was an ak racking back I know the sound like my baby crying

  17. Paul Meadowlark

    I am articulate and eloquent and people think of me as an intellectual; but I’m really just white trash on the inside. Thanks for your time.

  18. JD Brookshire

    Rising outlaw

  19. 9 h

    That RIFF THO ! FUCK YEA 👌👌👌

  20. Bryan Greene

    I stay drunk

  21. Rias Gremory

    Piece of shit music why dont he join luke bryan please hahahaha and why even the fuck he's name is hank williams?!?!?! Pfff this is not music at all its just CACA hahaha


    MAY THE LORD JESUS CHRISTLOVE AND FOR GIVE YOU,forever and ever amen,jai guru deva ooooooommm

    Josh Thomas

    Fuck you and your god

  23. knight hash

    Fuck yeah boy

  24. Orracle1221

    every saturday night

  25. carlsbadtuber

    shitty --

  26. Cosmic Macaque

    -В Питере - пить!- Shotgun & powerfull riff!

  27. shallnot beinfringed

    Love it

  28. Anton Lifer

    this was published on my bday. Nice

  29. Marcus Killion

    Holy shit ! How the fuck did I ever miss Hank III ? WTF ? Never heard of him till now Too much of this Too much of that ... Oh I got some catchin up to do !

  30. Cole Truax

    Oh he knows what it's like

  31. rachel Thompson

    sexy fuck!!

  32. Bam Bam

    He looks iced tf out in that last pic fuck yeah H3

  33. Barry Shawgo

    But how does he sound closing out the night with the electric slide at all them dive bars. Now that would be epic.

  34. CidAngst

    more metal than country. Me likey.

  35. Jm Stainback

    fuck anybody who aint down with all the hank williams

    Jeff Kirk

    Jm Stainback hell yea

  36. Dank Humor Dog

    this song describes my life.

  37. Michael Lyon

    Hank 3 all I can say is WOW!

  38. Mike Burch

    those boots!

    Trey Dyer

    Mike Burch he donated to the museum boots as well as his sneakers wore in every rock or speed n punk bands played in the skater kicks with duct tape as well lol n no bs the tape works great

  39. Angelo Catapang

    2:03. echoing back to his grandpop hank sr.tipping his hats off so to speak.

  40. Tim Brand

    hank 3 is the fuckn shit hope he goes on tour soon. also if you're looking for a darker side of hank check out those poor bastards also some good shit.

  41. Kyle Tidrick

    I'm drunk as a motherfucking skunk

  42. Lucas Rosa Santos

    Foda pra caralho.

  43. Rod Yabeny

    Native UnionIronworkers love this shit! Us them are guitarist: abide. LU 495 Rodster book #1234704

  44. Phil Reidenbach

    How can I get ahold of this song/album?

    Michael Riggs

    repent and be saved

    Nicholas Bates

    the albums name is hillbilly joker

    Nicholas Bates

    and fuck that repent and be saved bullshit

    JR edens

    Phil Reidenbach no fun letting em do it their self.I WANNA PLAY,,

  45. Miguel Hernandez

    drunk again.....

  46. Joseph Melton

    is that a shot gun or a beer can crakin I always crack one with it

    Gage Owens

    Its a hand gun

    x Mongoose

    RWG Industries Gage yeah he's putting one in the chamber

  47. Viking Blood

    As am I... This is my SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Joseph Melton

    I'm always drunk

    Todd Kennedy

    cheers to that bud, i crank this song all the time when I head to the bar

  49. Jason Sherfield

    love it... Thanks to Satan for Hank iii ..Best jam ever!!\,,/ Hail

    Teffany Reflax

    Jason Sherfield
    More like praise Jesus.

    Boyce Butler

    Teffany Reflax Thank you.

    Ggenocide qqq

    As hank would say himself, fuck jesus

  50. Alfred Ernst

    ...now I am too...

  51. norske92

    out here in dutch harbor Alaska and im drunk again...fuckn boat life


    good money,hard work..

  52. joe Melton

    I stay drunk

    Boyce Butler

    I stay stoned.😀

    Joe Melton

    Boyce Butler I used to stay both but drunk is more convenient

    Trey Dyer

    Bro your one those few genuine genius types .Cant feel side effects hang over regrets memories of bad n or stupid shit u did while drunk if u never get not Drunk!! Stay up bro n Drinking now smoking n this bud 4 u

    Kellan Flory

    @Boyce Butler it's best to stay both


    My gf left me. I'm drunk again and again and......

  53. Joshua Robbins

    Fuckin' Right!

  54. john hoch

    My fuckin Hero

  55. john hoch

    My fuckin Hero

  56. Dawn Dodd

    I'm DRUNK AGAIN !!!!

  57. Chuck Wright

    God Damn, every Hank just fucking kicks ass!

    Beth Staub

    @Cleatus Van Damne have ya seen his sister???? Holly is AMAZING as well


    Thanks hank. My gf left me and this is the first song I thought of because I relapsed haha I may be broke but, at least I gotta six pack of beer. I already am smiling. Thanks for posting this dude my copy is fucked in subbing and liking.

    Ramp Shark

    THRASHORBETHRASHED 15 bucks and a six pack to my name... six pack... black flag

    RobbKong Riot-Activist

    It's actually "$35 and a six-pack to my name", but $15 is far more accurate! At least there's a six-pack to be drank!

  59. CooperchinoTalk

    That cant be Hank !


    It's the grandson of Sr. son of Jr.

  60. Clancy Kobane

    a little stp vibe..

  61. deepwoodskentuckian

    good shit to drink jack daniels too your granddaddys favorite hank 3!

  62. Sammy Craigars

    "Hillbilly Joker." Great album...


    +Sammy Craigars great bootleg*

    Sammy Craigars

    +jahwontpayanybills Haha! Yeah, fuck curb.

  63. Jose Araya


  64. smalltowngirl 1999


  65. Evan Clark

    Hell yeah what a badass

  66. Daniel Hagerman

    OMG, I LOVE the guitar tone and the opening riff plus the gun pump at the beginning.  Totally Badass

  67. Clayton Hightower

    Shit yeah brothers! This is proof you don't label music. Well, 3's music any way. Fukn great!

  68. Joe Rusche


  69. kat candie

    o my i would love to get him drunk ;]

    John Kroner


  70. Sleyt707

    I wish Assjack sounded more like this, instead of that cowpunk jibberish speed metal type thing. Could never get into it because of that.

  71. diecast jam

    the main riff sound like it samples Love Spreads.

  72. sagejun

    fuckin aye

  73. Dennis Smith

    I like

  74. Jeff Buchanan

    the shotty pump in the beginning brings the song to a whole new level of badass. i wish he would have stuck with that theme through the whole thing.

  75. Qasim Ahmad

    i am drunk and fucn killing the play click i dont know how to put song on replay bcuz i drunk again

  76. Squidfarmer

    smoked a cigar, dipped, went shooting, took a nap, and got drink as fuck..... good day mofos

  77. Join, Or Get Stacked

    Great video man.

  78. james anderson

    hell yeah

  79. antz350