will.i.am - Reach For The Stars Lyrics

Why they say the sky is the limit
When I've seen the footprints on the moon
Why they say the sky is the limit
When I've seen the footprints on the moon
And I know the sky might be high
But baby it ain't really that high
And I know that mars might be far
But baby it ain't really that far
Let's reach for the stars

Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars
Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars
Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars

(let me see your hands up)

Can't nobody hold us back
They can't hold us down
They can't keep us back
Tiers to the ground
Told your people that we don't mess around
When we're trying out
Please don't turn this down
We will turn it up
Louder than it was before
Like the lion at the jungle, you can hear us roar
When I lie hear, it's like a sonic blaster
Flying just like nasa, out of space master

Hands up, reach for the stars
Hands up, get 'em up high
Hands up, if you really feel alive
Live it up, live it up

Why they say the sky is the limit
When I've seen the footprints on the moon
Why they say the sky is the limit
When I've seen the footprints on the moon
And I know the sky might be high
But baby it ain't really that high
And I know that mars might be far
But baby it ain't really that far
Let's reach for the stars

Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars
Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars
Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars

(let me see your hands up)

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will.i.am Reach For The Stars Comments
  1. Star Lord

    Pk i have heard lil jon

  2. Enzo Yamashitafuji Miyashiro

    Take off, at the spped of sound bright light colours all around

  3. Gu Gu

    If aliens get mad, we'll deserve that.
    What a horrible song with cringe lyrics and melody. Full of autotune.

    TheYeh 22

    Jeez that’s harsh...
    I just think that it’s nostalgic

  4. Makenzie Gill

    I m doing this for the talent show


    71L -
    Sir or Ma’am How May I Serve Your Every zzzzzDYINGzzzzzz need Sir or Ma’am.


  6. Taki Taki GO

    Will.I.Am - Reach For The Starts Album

  7. Ethan

    Happy birthday, Curiosity

  8. Steven S-M

    This Song is history

  9. The Shgurr Fan Channel

    Pretty underrated song

  10. Marie H

    OMG get the Universe pulsing the beat. I'll dance that. Spirits are the Stars. OMG!!

  11. Not Tracer

    Wrong Reach for the stars

  12. Tiana Tombs

    Y didn't they play 'my humps' ??

  13. tanya tee


  14. Substison

    Just Awesome!!

  15. Tobi Toes

    Humans can make some really dreadful decisions 😂 if you're gonna have a first song played in space it has to be The Beatles Come Together

    Cleverfox SFM

    This wasn't the first though.


    It's actually the Mars Edition that was played, not this one.

  16. Brixs

    cómo deben estar bailando los marcianos :v

  17. Alexander Hammes

    This one of favorite songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lorenzo Scotton

    Lol I hope Martians would have danced to this!

  19. NeedBeingRelaxed `:V

    The beatsssss <3

  20. arroz con leche


  21. Dave J

    Not as good as SClub7's Reach for the Stars

  22. Topy games #LoveSomeoneThatLovesY2

    I love WILL.i.am 😍😍😃😃😃^_^

    Gabrielle Moye

    Topy games #LoveSomeoneThatLoveY2 ###*############@@🥐🥐🌰fhjHc😎😙🙂😎😙😎 hznxhddndhxnxkxjdsndjsmdgdjdjsnusbsysshhxdhbxbssh do fhdndjdnzdjd syvzbxxjxnkzzbdhndndj xbbdjx,n

  23. seemyownfuture

    you like sylenth1 don't you Will i am


    +seemyownfuture Those stabs are likely dr. luke

  24. Lucas Haynes

    Yeah, these lyrics blow. We should have played Ode to Joy or something... I mean... What if another species heard this? Embarrassing.

    Ctrl Shift

    Should've been "Life on Mars?" by David Bowie

  25. Lou Rod

    Too much moice

    NeedBeingRelaxed `:V

    And that's the point of the song you retarded grandpa

  26. ReadyKids Televisión

    me encanta esta canción☺y todas las de will i am

  27. hannah barbe

    wasn't this the first song played in outer space?

    Toast Burner

    @hannah barbe They played a song from fucking space but that doesn't impress you because of the song choice? Kids these days...

    hannah barbe

    I never said it wasn't impressive. I was just saying that I didn't like their song choice. I feel like they could have choose a song that better represents humanity and life on earth. As a musician and a kid severely interested in space exploration I think that these were not the best songs.

    Alex Black

    hannah barbe Mozart, Hendrix (Highway Chile) or Beatles (Guitar Gently Weeps) would have been a better choice, this song is forgettable and corny.

    Blazerider 13

    Alex Black Life on Mars? by David Bowie would have been a better choice.

    Barrett Patterson

    Across the Universe was.

  28. Kelly LaDeau

    love this song because I'm doing it in chorus

  29. Scamor

    Such an overrated song! I realy enjoy the beat and the lyrics :)

    Maven Dissector

    Overrate - to rate, value, or estimate too highly.

    The stooges calling the shots at NASA overrated this autotuned, aural diarrhea of a degenerate pop song to the point that they made it the first piece of music to ever be played on another celestial body. This hack's rhythmic excretions will be forgotten in twenty years at maximum given the fact that his popularity is fueled by a popular culture whose attention span is nonexistent and whose respect for timeless quality in its work has vanished. It stands as a permanent smear on the history of music.

    Scrawny McMassive

    @Maven Dissector You have a way with words, guy. Really good job. Fantastic.
    Still has just as little to do with subjectivity though. You can't rate something "too high" when there's only one judge. You judge it as it is, and you're done. There are no other opinions to compare it to, as it is subjective. Ya dingus.

    Maven Dissector

    My opinion is not unique to myself, so your argument doesn't really add up. Ya dingus. Do I really need to even defend the assertion that the greatest works of the classical masters are superior to the paroxycism of monotony that is this song and therefore deserved the privilege to be played by Curiosity far more? Do I then need to explain how it can only follow that a group of philistines at NASA had the improper judgement to rate this song above those pieces of condensed culture in some desperate, likely political correctness fueled attempt at appealing to the millennials? That is the crux of what I'm saying: this song is overrated because it was chosen to make history instead of the objectively greatest works of music that humanity has even written.

    Scrawny McMassive

    @Maven Dissector The uniqueness of your opinion has nothing to do with this. Just because it's not unique doesn't mean it's not subjective.
    I'm not sure how to make this any more simple. Music is subjective.
    So here's my last rant on the matter, as this clearly isn't going anywhere: I don't give two shits about Mozart, this song on the other hand was alright. Hereby, as music's main (if not only) objective is to be a pleasure to listen to, I'll make a claim that this average pop song is better than all your classic nonsense.
    You want to argue that a song is harder to create or play, or that it's technically superior, fine. That much makes sense. But this is a song that intends to make the audience feel, and judging by the audience it has gathered, and the comments we have here, it has succeeded. The same could be said for Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black. It's not my cup of tea, but it was enjoyed by millions of pre-teens. It never intended to be a technical masterpiece.
    Justin Bieber is now better than Mozart. (Drop the mic)

    Madeline Bitts

    Oh my god he's blaming political correctness on them not playing Bach on Mars, is this real life? Are you a living meme?

  30. sweetLady rain

    My high school yr book quote.
    Why are there so many lost dreams why are there so many lost hopes if they say the sky's the limit then why do so few reach for the stars

    Jake Sauter

    @sweetLady rain the stars are beyond the sky...

  31. กษิดิศ แก้วสุวรรณ์



    เห้ยๆๆๆๆ มาฟังเพลงนี้ได้ไงวะ หลงมาไงอะ

  32. pudin bionico

    aliens hahahahaha

  33. beyaz show fan page

    doğal davrandan taaa buralara kadar geldim sLam :D  

    Nothing But Dread

    oo türk jsgemgwkw

  34. Flavio Bordino


  35. R 78

    Thats Ma◆Jam

  36. ivan morales

    la primera cancion transmitida en marte es esta verga 

    the pro player noob

    puedo haber sido peor no ? imagina un de justin gayber ?

    Marlon XGamer

    The song that plays on Mars was a OPERA INTRUMENTAL cult hipster geek version. This is the Deluxe album version.

    Esse Canal

    +XGamer Vc aqui wtf

    srta Duchovny

    ivan morales Por eso los aliens no nos visitan :v

  37. Olivia Verbeek

    Ma fave from the album !!

  38. Trumpeter007

    Nigga Will, this is dope crack homie

  39. Nathan C.

    This is awesome

  40. WaIter White

    You best 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Nick Garver

    I fucking love will i am

  42. TUBAR

    Why would they play this shit on mars

    Abel Tercero

    The Reach for the stars Mars Edition was actually the one played on mars. Which is a symphonic version of this track. Which unlike this track wasn't garbage.

    xOrbital DCUO

    Because, in the future, we can literally reach the stars, but for now, we can only reach Mars. 
    (Baby steps for the future)

    Chewy Jetpack

    @Abel Tercero i'm sorry, did you hear the lyrics? the chord progression is predictable and uninspired. no interesting rhythmic devices used at all. everything is on the beat, major chords everywhere. it's a piece of shit that couldv'e been written by a 5 year old. in fact, it probably was and will.i.am plagiarised it.

    Marie H

    Seriously??? Mars float in our Universe and the Universe Pulses the Beat

    Marie H

    Are you serious?? It reached our universe are jealous? See if you could do better dud!

  43. along kick

    nice man..

  44. Andrew Witter

    my bro thnks this song is gay

    NeedBeingRelaxed `:V

    Your bro doesn't know what the beat is

    Andrew Witter

    what is the beat then?


    Your Bro is Gay

  45. Cristhel Luciano

    I love it :D

  46. zeynepbagis

    will.i.am is so dope

    özcan arslan

    kaç yıldır dinliyorum şarkıyı yorumunu daha yeni görüyorum

  47. Susan Chlebus

    u got me there whit u and i thank you for that inspired travel! my sit number in the ship waz the B side ..sit near that Window ! not far away but very close to Where u sit ---thing just Turn your self to that side for A ... actual version of ... ok u got it! je ma muse avec toi cheri! xxxx ps can u give me back that thing... a pass to u ! call my heart ! please sir! because i might need it soon! i got that UNCOUNT....DIONNALLUV for that "in my dream man" and this make me WUNDER why why why why me! ps: i am making a wish now and i am not making that wish for me mysefl and i! ok that anough for now! hi BRIT u wanna come and drink a jasmine the ? i have great gifts for u sweety! ;)

    Daryll S

    t'es malade ou quoi?

  48. Luiz Eduardo

    Toopissima, Will arrasando como sempre...

  49. Luiz Eduardo

    Toopissima, Will arrasando como sempre...

  50. 3fourteen

    will.i.am is beast.

  51. Lie London

    Can you imagine me dancing to this

    Jack Campbell

    not really considering i have no fucking clue who you are.


    @jack campbell dat truth

  52. Lie London

    Love this, love it. Shaheda xx

  53. Miguel BL96


  54. Thomas Wolfis

    AWSOME I like it

  55. Morphologysmusic

    'And I know that Mars might be far, but baby it ain't really that far' what kind of retarded lyric is that? haha

  56. RinteX

    no entendi un carajo pero por el sonido se ve q es mostro

  57. P K

    Beautiful !!!

  58. Josue Mariduena

    exellent , WILL.I.AM IMORTAL!

  59. Kurt Vurten

    We used to send Beethoven and Mozart on golden LPs into deep space with Voyager...humanity has gone down the toilet since then!

    Gu Gu

    I think same

    Gu Gu

    Aliens will think we're dumb.

  60. MrZobiwan

    this song is so aggressive and crap...how could they have sent it in space....

  61. Jacques Krause

    FUCK YEAH!!! :D

    tanya tee

    Jacques Krause 💝

  62. niko korošec

    It cool

  63. jose ramos

    mars edition

  64. ashley

    wht is this version?

  65. Dan Devetak




  66. Anabel Fernandez

    me encanta esta canción por que el cielo no esta lejos

  67. denis conoscente

    The best of Will

  68. Pio


  69. Megan Polese

    Will is one of the best artists ever, in the Black Eyed Peas he was awesome and even now he hasnt lost it like other artist have :) hes way better than any of the boy bands (teenagers like me are supposed to like) like the wanted , Union J and One Direction! How can any of them compare with will :) <3

  70. Andrija A.

    enjoy this shit please :)

  71. Cristhel Luciano

    in the space or mars :D

  72. Abdel Aziz le blédard

    it's better than mars edition

  73. Sofi Rudnik

    I love will i am!!!!!!

  74. Cristhel Luciano

    All your music is fantastic Will :)

  75. wheat_blazer

    do you think?

  76. wheat_blazer

    LOL 301.301 clicks and only 4285 likes :)

  77. shaddorry

    it was an other version played on Mars. you should search the mars edition.

  78. Eliza Brito

    Follow me and I'll follow back @elizamichellebr

  79. Gisela Verina

    this song, smile mona lisa, and bang bang didn't exist in their cd album
    is it right or not?

  80. creatorofeden

    im gonna reach for the stars even if they look prety far.

  81. SkinnyFreak

    pls visit my channel .. thanks

  82. Andres Rodas

    I will reach the stars with this song!!!

  83. Julio Moga

    This is a very very good song you are the best in your work

  84. karmen Low

    will i am you are the best

  85. eszte1

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ [♥♥♥] ♥♥ OVE WILL.I.AM ;*

  86. Juan Contreras

    i loved it! please do a video ;)

  87. safyre77

    I love this song <3

  88. Yenidsan

    Pop inovators get me here.

  89. PD Moua

    Love the song. Will.I.Am Pop Innovators brought me here.

  90. Patricia-Amanda Boogers

    Niet egt zoo leuk

  91. Yenidsan

    Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!