William McDowell - Give Him Praises Lyrics

You are the Lord God Almighty
You're perfect in everything You Do
The angles declare You are holy
And no one else compares to You
We stand in awe of Your Glory
There is no other God like You
And here in Your presence we offer You
What we were created to do

Let creation
Every nation
Give Him praises
Let the people
All His children
Lift your voices
Give Him Praises


[Chorus x2]

Let all creation sing Your praise
And all Your people shout Your fame
We lift our hands up to the sky
We lift Your name on high

[Chorus x2]

[Chorus: in 3 part harmony]

Give Him praises [x8]

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William McDowell Give Him Praises Comments
  1. Imthebest 1

    This song moves my spirit ❤️

  2. Here We Worship Forever

    Come here for the Lyrics church!

  3. Roscoe Hoffman

    I love this song so much! Nothing better than declaring who God is in the midst of believers and even the heathens!