William McDowell - Expectation Lyrics

Father our heart are filled with expectaion.
They are filled with love and a passion for you.
We have a hunger and a thirst that only u can satisfy.

Lord we enter this moment with antisipation we know that in your precence bodies are healed, broken dreams are restored, and lives are transformed, because with u all things are possible.

Lord we say as we worship you are welcome here.
Comsume us.
Change us.
Give us visons and dream.
Give us your hear for the nations.
Give us your heat for this generation.

And father let our generation arise and demonstrate the kinda selfless faith that will change the world.Let a generation emerge that will manifest your love in the earth so that all will come to kno you.

As We worhip let your presence fill this room, relese signs wonders and miracles; we'll be changed.
We expect an incounter with you & we knoW well never be the same.

As we worhip [x3]

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William McDowell Expectation Comments
  1. I AM ClearAsCrystal

    Please put this back on iTunes

  2. TheAs63401

    Thank You Jesus!!!!!

  3. David Claudio Sr

    Dios bendiga a todo aquel que en este día pudo levante ese y fue digno de adorarle