William McDowell - As We Worship Lyrics

Holy spirit we are calling on you
We are asking you to send the rain
When we worship in spirit and truth something happens
That we can't explain... demon's travel kings bow down
Lives are changed at the sound of your name
(when we lift our voices in praise
Let your glory fill this place...
As we bring this offering Jesus we crown
You as lord and king)
As we worship

[ad-lib worship leader]

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William McDowell As We Worship Comments
  1. John A. Wilkinson

    One of my all time favorites!!

  2. Louanne McIntosh


  3. John A. Wilkinson

    This is the song that ministered to me while going through a rough time

  4. Brandon Mize

    This song is beautiful❤🙏

  5. Hilbert Sandifer

    He is risen! Lord of Lords, Kings of Kings 🙏🏾 As we worship \0/ \0/

    Louanne McIntosh

    Amen Jesus is King we will forever praise him love you my Lord. Hallelujah

  6. Hilbert Sandifer

    Great song! Very uplifting and anointed!👌🏾👍🏾

  7. Joseph Douglas

    We will see miracles in the name of Jesus

  8. Saskia Barton

    I love this song so much👐🏽👐🏽👐🏽

  9. D. L.

    This song never gets old.

  10. Chip Murphy

    "Praise the Lord" I'm blessed to have this in my life.

  11. JabarikJay

    This a beautiful song! I used to love it when the choir used to sing it at my church.

  12. Sheryl E.

    Jesus we crown you as Lord and King as we worship! Hallelujah!

  13. Sheryl E.

    Powerful Music Ministry!❤

  14. Paul Kimotho

    Glory be to God

  15. Stephanie Banks

    And once again another great song+🙏🏾

  16. ghamsa coker

    All Praises to our ABBA!!

  17. Paula Bullard

    I LOVE this song!!!!!! Yes as we Worship You Our King!!!!!

  18. ELLEN Smith

    You know I truly appreciate the anointing that your songs that you sing bring to me I jus get the fill in of nearness of GOD ALONE

  19. Lorette Mathe

    The most high God! His name is Jesus!

  20. alton king

    the most high god

  21. demetrius slaughter

    Jesus is Lord. This is a song of the Most High God.

  22. D. S. Lusby

    This the song that shifts the atmosphere for the rain of the Presence of the Spirit of God

  23. Robert Acquah

    In the presence of GOD, there is fullness of joy.

  24. Novella Rivera


  25. Joel Jones

    I listen to this song every night.

  26. Kendra Stuckey

    Yes!!! I love this song! Demons tremble, kings bow down and lives are changed at the sound of your name.

  27. Mike Manley

    Amen!!! In Spirit and Truth!!! The true worshipers of GOD!!! AMEN AND AMEN!!!

  28. PianoMessage

    Amazing Worship! Love it.

  29. T Hopkins

    Wonderful , Wonderful praise!!

  30. daniel Espoir

    nothing is impossible when we worship ! Glory to God !

  31. King Yah'Rushalum

    Love this song! I go to heaven every time I hear it. #takingoff  

    Jonathan Heath

    Same here

  32. Evelyn Owusu

    We'll see miracle signs and wonder! As we worship

  33. Apostle Charles (Sax Of Worship)

    As We Worship

    Holy Spirit, We're calling on You
    We are asking you to send the rain

    When we worship in spirit and truth
    something happens that we can't explain

    Demons tremble; Kings bow down
    Lives are changed at the sound of your name

    As we lift our voice in praise, let your glory fill this place
    As we bring this offering, Jesus we crown you as Lord and King
    As we worship (repeat phrase after 2X's thru)....

  34. Katherine Jones

    Great worship song!!!

  35. JayzProd.

    awesome hallelujah praise the lord.thank you for blessing william.

  36. Sara Ratsimbazafy

    I agree with @ItZzSarah

  37. ItZzSarah

    Love the beginning of this song, just don't really like when it starts to change @0:55

  38. Helen8792

    Can't find a playlist but these are the songs off the album, sure they can be found on youtube:

    1. Expectation
    2. Give Him Praises
    3. He Is
    4. Downpour
    5. Come Unto Me
    6. Closer/Wrap Me In Your Arms
    7. Warp Me In Your Arms (Reprise)
    8. Show Me Your Face
    9. I Want To Know You
    10. Paslm 27 (One Thing)
    11. Give Us Your Heart
    12. I Give Myself Away
    13. Send Me
    14. The Sound Of Heaven
    15. Go Forth
    16. Wherever I Go

  39. Charles McKinney

    Does anyone have the complete album on here? I would love to listen to it. Thanks

  40. M Angelo-Karovia

    Holy Spirit..........amen!!!!!!. Lord Jesus my savior am filled with You power amen.

  41. Beauty By Tally Your Beautiful

    Whew YES JESUS!

  42. Micene Pi

    Amen! I am already save and bless by CHRIST through the Cross.

  43. yaskamil09

    always remember that God hasn't forgotten about you. He has a purpose with you, even if you don't see it yet..understand that things WILL happen, but on God's time, not yours. And above all else, remember that He still loves you and always will, no matter what you do.

  44. Lamonica Gilbert

    Love it !

  45. Christina Coombs

    One of the best songs..

  46. Helen8792

    Indeed there shall be miracle signs and wonders :)

  47. Helen8792

    God's mercies are new each day. He wipes the slate clean and allows you to start again. He cares TOO much about you. Never forget that :)

  48. Tania Demosthenes

    There are so many bad things ive done god give me a second chance

  49. Ryan Holly

    All i keep saying is there will be miracle , signs and wonders

  50. MrBrbrbr

    im crying here, god is my everything, he will listen to you and help you
    im crying here cauze i have a really bad life, and he is listening to you, just talk to himm, i love godd seriously , oh menn (l)

  51. Pearl Percil

    I need the latter rain! Father fill us with your hallowed presence. Such a powerful anointed singer!

  52. Lucy Marcano

    Praise the Lord! my soul is truely blessed by this worship song it has such a personal effect on me, ty Jesus! God is AWESOME! Father continue to use your vessels of honour. TWO THUMBS UP TO MIN. McDowell and crew,stay blessed

  53. darryl asberry

    worship, worship, i lift my hands to you oh GOD in worship!!

  54. MrsEloisa Nava

    Amen!!! Pray For All The Lost Souls Lord, May They Take Time to Truly MAke The desision to Except You Into There Hearts Today! Glory To God!! Amen!

  55. TLIMSdisciple

    Lord I Pray you have mercy on all 7 souls who dislike your word. May your mercy guide them to you that they may have and know what 357 people have and know. In Jesus name. Amen.

  56. dwayne mar

    This is the Christian Anthem we should live this way.........

  57. Gabrielle McClain

    Heeyyyyyy God!!

  58. novarossi7

    How do you add Lyrics to a video? Very nice song.

  59. CleanteamofNY

    On my Zune, the intro and "As We Worship" prepare's my heart for worship during my daily commute to work, followed by Troy Sneed " In this Place" and then William Murphy "We Worship You!"

    Lord through my physiclal sickness, I will worship you and I'll praise you during my healing for now and evermore. In his mighty Name amen!

  60. Icedkillemall

    this song is very powerful if you can't feel the power of God while you worship 'go back on your knee's amen. this whole cd is awsome' not just one worship song all of it. I hope this cd will bless everyone who listen to it. It will bring you into worship and on your knees i was cleaning my house and had to stop' and give God some praise. E. Gray

  61. Johnny Rivas


  62. Andre Chinsang

    you are awesome god, thank you for blessing william with such great voice and the power to reach us lord we hear you, thank you god, you are my god.

  63. Sherri Garner

    Poweful song This man is annointed and appointed by God, Keep doing God's will Your cd is so full of God

  64. itsJAY-DUHH

    @debidebs1 right if they don't like they don't love jesus

  65. debidebs

    how can someone dislike this??

  66. Hegre Lima


  67. Helen8792

    @Traneseshana Amen. ALL things are possible through Christ (Matthew 19:26)

  68. Traneseshana

    so powerful. i love this song. God bless all those who listen to this song. may they be touched and saved n know all things are possible through CHRIST.

  69. Helen8792

    Thanks guys. I'm glad you are blessed. God bless you all.

  70. SuperStel

    God bless you for putting this up. I was looking for this song a few months ago on youtube and couldn't find it. Amazing.

  71. Zoe Baby


  72. yvebutler

    love it