will.i.am - Great Times Are Coming Lyrics

I hope you're ready
Great times are coming
I hope you're ready
I see them coming around
I hope you're ready
Great times are coming
I hope your ready
I see them coming around

So let's celebrate the good times
Celebrate the good times
Celebrate the good times
I just want to have myself a good time

Make some noise
Make some noise
Make some noise
Make some noise

I'm ready for the good time, good time, good time
I'm living for the good time, good time, good time
I'm living for the good time, good time, good time
I'm living for the good time, good time, good time

I'mma rock out hell yea hell hell
Get the party poppin'
Keep it rockin 'up in here
I be in the party with my hands in the air
I go out and party like I just don't care
Put your drinks up let's make a toast up in here
We gon' do it big in the most up in here
I just want to chill with sexy mamas up in here
Don't want no drama up in here
Let's get ready yea yeah

I hope you're ready
Great times are coming
I hope you're ready
I see them coming around
I hope you're ready
Great times are coming
I hope your ready
I see them coming around

Lets celebrate the good times
Celebrate the good times
Celebrate the good times
I just want to have myself a good time

Make some noise
Make some noise
Make some noise
Make some noise

I'm ready for the good time, good time, good time
I'm living for the good time, good time, good time
I'm living for the good time, good time, good time
I'm living for the good time, good time, good time

Everybody in the place to be
Make some noise.....

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will.i.am Great Times Are Coming Comments
  1. Random Official

    Best song

  2. patrick grondines

    love this song

  3. Jayden Jones

    oh man! thought it was a good song until the crap doof doof... sigh

  4. Jinthe Van Roie

    i want the original!!

  5. SweG


  6. Giuliano Nicolás Scocozza

    Where the hell is the old version?


    Giuliano Scocozza

    Views are allowed only in Brazil, we have a official video.

  7. Gibz

    Let it be chords

  8. Anna Bee

    shame that these 'good times' never did come around!

  9. Roger smith

    this song is rly good go fuck all these kids waiting for a justin bieber collab, littles bitches

  10. ioheo

    That feel when you steal beat drop from deniz koyu but youre making it better ;-;

  11. Le Javi

    I prefer the old version :( where is it ?


    Its only available for Brasilian youtube and on vimeo :v

  12. Leonardo Souza

    otimo Som will.i.am

  13. Linh Vu

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    most important l the most of the most important thing to do with it is the most part
    of our time together and have been trying for the the most of the most important today of school and college and university of the most of the most of the day of school any questionscollege and university of the most of us who have a few years ago and I am a linh I can't no more with this ... the airport gate is 201 it departs at 10am tomorrow morning if you can't make it is will leave you alone forever I AM GOING TO GET IT TO YOU BY PHONE OR IN PERSON WHO ARE YOU CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUY A NEW PLACE TO THE TOP OF MY LIFE AND I WILL HAVE BEEN A WHILE I AM LLLLBEEN A WHILE I HAVE TO DO YOU HAVE A FEW DAYS AGO AND IT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET

  14. Jalil Daughtrey

    Thiis song sucks!!!1! Will.i.aamm can jjust quuit now cuss i can do wai bettter! all u need is some notes, a beat , and musikk! ii ddon't ddink wiil.i.fail cann com aggainst my superior skilz


    Nice try

    Victor Granados

    lol trollin gone special ed

    Zac Smith

    +Jalil Daughtrey Drink much?

    NeedBeingRelaxed `:V

    what an asshole

  15. steve comfort

    I love this and I like William as well

  16. Darude Sandstorm

    3:12 the best part

  17. Alejandro Martinez

    love it

  18. ayylien 1

    *sees dislikes*
    Well, what did will.i.am steal this time?


    @***** No he doesn't

    ayylien 1

    +Marcell M Really, this album is so fucking awkward. I'm listening to this song and I actually feel embarrassed. The first two minutes is eh. But the beat that comes in around there is so awkward and doesn't even belong there. In a seperate song maybe...Oh yeah, and this is a rip off.
    The other song ''Lets Go'' is weird as fuck too. The kick is so compressed. Guy obviously can't really produce good.

    Iso Joe

    ayylien 1 no

  19. killer0053EC

    Deniz Kuyo - Tung? 

    Matt James

    Sounds nothing like it

    Matt James

    Okay yeah that part sounds pretty damn similar

  20. agnaldo de oliveira

    ta a resposta devbrand

  21. agnaldo de oliveira


  22. Yasmin

    Ummmm why so many dislikes. This song has a meaning unlike a lot of other songs. I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    lmaooooo i commented on this almost a year and a half ago


    Oh absolutely not

  23. Julio Miranda

    uh, even if this song isn't original. its very good and addictive! :)

  24. Geeeee8

    This is just a crap version of Tung by Deniz Koyu

  25. Lígia Arcanjo

    WILL.I.AM ITS A GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOO:

  26. Phoebe Mcclement

    Stop saying he stole it, he more than likely bought the rights to the music

    Amber Tapley

    Thanks ;)

    Tony Mathew

    @Phoebe Mcclement alright ur right one article doesn't prove anything but you can google it

    Tony Mathew

    @Amber Tapley happy birthday

    Phoebe Mcclement

    @Tony Mathew Will's an honest guy, i'm 100% sure he didn't steal the music.

    Tony Mathew

    @Phoebe Mcclement You're new in the industry game so i know why do u believe him but trust me he stole alot of stuff from the electronic music scene  it's ok for u to not believe but this is how the industry goes:u don't whether he's fake or not u just enjoy his music

  27. masashirkun

    I prefer this new version than old one!

  28. thedarkmoonman

    Let it BE!

  29. aquoslover200

    So let's see if I get this right, people are mad because this is a remake?

  30. Данил Конев

    А Рашка то на 2 месте по олимпиаде!

  31. Ilya Boldyrev

    Nice bit!

  32. david salazar


  33. german carrillo

    Tung - Deniz Koyu ! Fuck will i am .I.

  34. DevBrand Productions

    anybody else prefer the original version of Great Times?


    http://vimeo.com/44676096 :D

    Jorge de Souza

    +DevBrand Productions Jesus Christ, i had never heard about this second version of Will.I.Am Great Times until i found it now and man, what the fuck, will.i.am just destroyed the powerful Great Times.

    Israel Bolaños

    +Mateusz Hankiewicz i love you

    Milad Broghani

    Is this on itunes original version?

    patrick grondines

    i never heard the original version of great times so i don't know for sure

  35. Sarah Stevens

    3:00 I see partying ♫

  36. Leonardo Lucas

    Deniz koyu - Tung ¬¬ you are a copyer 

  37. SeptsUniverse

    Fuck Will.I.Am

    NeedBeingRelaxed `:V

    will.i.am is one of the best singers of the planet. asshole


    @MaLeFiSeNt `:V He's a rapper

    NeedBeingRelaxed `:V

    @Matihan rappers are not singers? LMAO


    +MaLeFiSeNt `:V Singing involves uttering words or sounds in succession with musical modulations of the voice. Rapping is rhythmic spoken delivery of words, rhymes, or poetry.

    Iso Joe

    Hey! Y'all don't disrespect my favorite singer of all time. All yall retards. (Miles Gray)

  38. Heinzduokeks

    I Thik With Him

  39. H U N C H O Swagg

    What do you see in the future? I see... PARTYING! :o

    Darude Sandstorm

    Tupac Shakur: What do you see in the future?
    Me: I see...

    ...I hope my dreams come true.

  40. Roxy Cullens

    3:00=dope(I see partying)

  41. Afif Adam

    Will.i.am is a GENIUS

  42. арсений замула

    Я русский

  43. Jalil Daughtrey

    Yo man calm yer teets

  44. GamesGaloreVideos

    Somebody's mad.

  45. Gesnouin Anouchka

    It's beautiful song!*_*

  46. Fabrizio Rodriguez

    Cause he copies Deniz Knyou Tung

  47. JChaf15

    This song is really great...don't know why it isn't number one anywhere. I would love to hear this in a concert.

  48. Antoniusz Jake



    ♡♡♡The Oracle pleasing the Auricle ♡♡♡

  50. MadGameplayz


  51. Sy Briceno

    is it only me that thinks that he sounds abit like bruno mars....

  52. Abdel Aziz le blédard

    why so many dislikes ?

  53. funkymonk007

    Melody, dance, trance and techno! Man is a genius!

  54. funkymonk007

    Fair play! This guy is superfly.. Ooozes cool. X

  55. Rachele Flauto

    i love that different types of music together in only one song

  56. leclesiaste léonard

    putain je kiffs

  57. Julieta Zotta

    I love this song

  58. casieboy100

    3:27 best part

  59. Ira Hobbs Jr.

    You have a crazy concept of stealing. Does he say that this record is produced by him? No. Does he credit the guy who programmed the track? Yes.

  60. Ira Hobbs Jr.

    if he legally acquired this instrumental to make a song over it, why are you upset?

  61. Ira Hobbs Jr.

    he already admitted he was in talks with the guy and someone on his team dropped the ball on clearing the usage of the record. ...so your point is?

  62. Hector Cano Parizot

    god, when? how? where?

  63. Brian wazabee

    It's not stealing if you've paid for it idiot

  64. Lagos08

    If this stealer gets famous for this shit, why can't for example I be famous?

  65. fuk kalye

    add Deadmau5 and Daft Punk To That List.

  66. StrongAndTasty

    The beginning of the song is extremely similar to "Let it Be" from The Beatles...

  67. Ángel Cabrera

    Is a good song

  68. Nordlund

    This is so bad! Will.I.Am to jail for stealing from real artists!

  69. Mattjax

    Well mostly people just sample a kick or something... Not a whole song... Ooh well

  70. Alextriiz

    1:42, amazing moment !!!

  71. Freeman Da Gospel Rapper

    youtube search me - freeman da gospel rapper
    if you love God please check out my music..
    God bless everyone..

  72. Gabe Harris

    well, basically that's what sampling is, taking a song and puting vocals on it. i mean the easiest and most obvious version. some are clever and some are stupid, but they're still samplings

  73. Gabriele Fabiani

    Big will!

  74. PillagingPagans

    He pays? How do you explain him taking Rebound from Arty without permission?

  75. Eleanor Carr

    He does credit, and he paid as well. So whats the problem?

  76. Ryan Mohamed

    Without crediting the original artist. That's stealing. will.i.steal

  77. Tommy Nguyen

    The beats were made by Damien Leroy, so why the hell you hatin?

  78. Flockaveliaaron

    If it was remix it would be called Deniz Koyu- Tung (Will.i.am Remix)

    but it isn't. its just stealing

  79. Flockaveliaaron


  80. Llaaw

    We know what sampling is, but this SHIT is stealing.

  81. Unsubscribe now

    Taking a song and laying lame vocals on it is not sampling.

  82. Eleanor Carr

    Thankyou, for all this moaning and hate is getting ridiculous... :/

  83. The_Bogit

    I see partyin....Great times are coming. :D

  84. Hector Cano Parizot


  85. Monkeystaxx

    Oh come on, it's not so bad. Atleast he has good taste in the music he rips off!

  86. Monkeystaxx

    He MADE awesome music, now his music is getting dumb and annoying. He was WAY better in the Black Eyed Peas.

  87. Ahmed Reda

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh are fuckin kidding man he stoled ( Kate -- Rebound -- Tung -- i Don't Give a F*** And Epic ) can repeat what u said about the Best !!!

  88. TheTerminator257

    You. Off my planet. Now

  89. TheSpanston

    go listen to your talentless shitty fake artist then.

    (not a daft punk fan here, but you are clearly incompetent when it comes about music knowledge)

  90. RedTopics

    What is love? Love is sex? What is sex? It's when dicks go in da pussy.. Whats that? It's good times.

  91. Ali A

    Everyone enjoy the music and cut the bullshit.

  92. Kreshnik Beqiri

    bad remake

  93. Kreshnik Beqiri

    3.27 Deniz Koyu - Tung with bad copy and ripped of by Will.i.am

  94. Hector Cano Parizot

    wtf ?? i could say that "chinese shit" about deniz koyu because he is a FUCKING ASIAN.....whatever, you're right, what the fuck am i doing here ??

  95. ibrahim nalbant


  96. ParalleX Promotions

    am i the only one here who thinks the starting reminds me of minecraft ?!

  97. The Saint

    I'm going to put my hands up and say I like both versions

  98. Creyesrast

    bro shut up your idol is a thief, sandro silva & quintino are from netherlands and arty is from russia fuck you and your Thief.I.Am

  99. anarmyoftigers420

    Uhhhh Ive heard of them.

  100. Dirk Hofstede

    Yes because you are fucking American and the only House artist you know is Guetta (who really is a pop star) and how can you call artists lame ass if you didn't hear them yet?