William Clark Green - The One I Was Then Lyrics

And I've been on the road so long
The straight and narrow I've been on
Is crooked as this smile that I fake
And I need you like I need a drink
Or a cigarette and some time to think
About the choices that you and me make

And I feel lonely
And I'm so sorry

And I remember the morning of Christmas day
I was still drunk and you were so afraid
To end up with someone like me
And then it all seemed to fall apart
In a foreign land ridin' in your car
As you sang I still don't know what love means

And man that hurt me
Just like I hurt you

And I have done some thinking and changing along the way
And I wish that you could just see who I am today
And I know I'm a damn good man
I know you did the best you can
With the one I was then

I never wanted all of this
But oil and water they never mix
until you light a match and turn it to flame
And there won't be another time around
I had my chance and I shot it down
Just a bird and a rifle to blame

Man I hate that song
I play it all night long

And I have been thinking and changing along the way
And I wish that you could just see who I am today
And I know I'm a damn good man
I know you did the best you can
With the one I was then

And I've learned from my mistakes
The next one won't be afraid
Of the one I was then

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William Clark Green The One I Was Then Comments
  1. Dakota Lowe

    Damnit it's one of them that hits so close to home that I just can't quit coming back to it! I hate it but I love it!

  2. Dakota Lowe

    This song is so beautiful it's almost heart breaking. Brilliant song writing!

  3. d. belew

    Stunning. Just Stunning.

  4. Taclo Escofart

    This is fucking beautiful...

  5. James Davis

    Great Job WCG & Bruce; gonna add this Hit to our bands Set for sure!

  6. Kelly Beevers

    That Lori McKenna reference though. Holy cow this is an incredible song.

    James Gillies

    Kelly Beevers I’m glad I’m not the only one who caught that

    Jason Bragg

    Is there also a reference to the Ray LaMontagne song, "Jolene", or am I reaching?

    James Gillies

    Jason Bragg yeah, you’re right. “I still don’t know what love means” is a line from “Jolene”.

  7. Jan Sikes

    There is a vibe here that can only come from pure organic artistry!

  8. Ryan Anderson

    WCG has stepped up & created another outstanding song. Damn, Texas Country got me in the feels now...

  9. Cy From Earth

    I feel like there’s something happening... like everyone is pushing everyone to be better with their music, their production and in their songwriting. It’s a beautiful thing. God bless country music. Nice job WCG.

    Dakota Lowe

    I'm inclined to agree, real genuine music and song writing is finally coming back around and I'm loving it!

    Cy From Earth

    Dakota Lowe it’s out there. It’s sometimes hard to find. But so worth it when you do.

    Dakota Lowe

    @Cy From Earth exactly!

  10. ericibarra123

    Awesome job from WCG

  11. Tyler Pittman

    Another great song as always. #TylerTX

  12. Tommy Morrison

    Great work as always gentlemen!

  13. WhetstoneWays

    When all is said and done, I truly believe WCG will be the artist of his generation.


    WhetstoneWays I could agree, but why is everyone always talking about Parker & Koe. Doesn’t make sense

    Anthony Alaniz

    TexasForever cause they’re a riot. Good music and great shows. I do agree that WCG is the best. No one beats this guy.

    Johnny Scribner

    That title goes to Cody jinks but wcg is definitely up there

  14. reddirt roots

    Beautiful song. Nicely produced.