Wilde, Kim - The Second Time Lyrics

Go go

Don't wanna know about vacations in this cheap motel
Don't wanna know about your sea green curtains
Cos all I want 'n' all I need is just some time with you
Don't complicate it - Just do it once again

Just go for it
Just go for the second time
Just go for it, just go - just go

Don't wanna hear about the time and how it's gettin' late
How can you stop when I could go for hours
You need some magic; come on let me lean on you
Don't look around - you're not goin' anywhere

Just go for it
Just go for the second time
Just go for it, just go - just go for it

'cos all I need
And all I need
'Cos all I want 'n' all I need

I'm never letting go - baby don't expect me to
How can you stop when my whole world's exploding (go)
Look in the mirrors - and see the heat of something new
Why don't we do it - just do it once again

Just go for it
Just go for the second time
Just go for it, just go - just go for it

Don't be so nervous
Don't get so hot
Don't start to fumble it up
'Cos all I want 'n' all I need

There's such an urgency in everything I need from you
Stop giving up - you know you can't refuse me (go)
I've every reason to believe there's still a man in you
You done it once so come on go again

Just go for it
Just go for the second time
Just go for it, just go
Just go for it, just go...

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Wilde, Kim The Second Time Comments
  1. Scarlet Jester

    2019 here, this has got to be the coolest song I heard in 8 years, really.

    Scarlet Jester

    My new Obsession Kim Wilde, great artists.

    Franziska Bäcker-Lehmann

    Scarlet Jester YES ! 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️🍄🍄🍄🍓🍓🍓🍒🍒🍒💃💃💃👠👠👠😻😻😻

  2. Mario Sallusti


  3. Михаил Лютаревич

    Миледи Ким! Красотка!

  4. milan mernjik

    nice bass line remind me of Mark King

  5. Hummer H1

    Misfits of science

  6. Millenium

    Y A M A H A D X 7 P O W E R

  7. Thomas S

    ❤❤❤ geil

  8. Graeme Pitt

    the gorgeous Kim at times i can see Rachel Riley in her looks and they both have lovely legs. forgotten how good a lot of her least known songs were

  9. Joann Miller

    song brings back my 13 year old memories.

  10. Dave Kendall

    I use to use this song all time DJ-ing in the 80s and it was great as no one new what it was.
    I believe it was a B side too.

  11. Tammam Jammoul

    No one can imagine how much that song means to me ❤
    Kim Wild .. she's the greatest singer for all the times .

  12. Vladimir Manevski

    "Teases and Dares" was REAL SOLID album ,never had an answer why didn't passed that good in her homeland . This song -favorite !!!

  13. charley Farley50

    Best hair of the 80's!

  14. Monzaman30E

    Bad ass bassline

  15. amber smith

    one of the best videos from 80's i just love how Kim Wilde "looks" this image really works for her

  16. Claudia Kah

    Thanks for sharing. I love it.

  17. Mustafa Leymun


  18. Loam

    Thought I saw most of Kim's videos, this is a new one great find.

  19. Dave54600

    What kind of man gets Kim back to his gaff and starts rattling on about his sea-green curtains?

  20. Tomasz Warszawski 2019

    Hot, hotter, Kim Wilde. No doubts it's one of the craziest and most ecstatic videoclips of 1980s and probably my best music discovery of 2018. And please, GO AWAY with all of those Ed Sheeran's, Lady Gaga's "music". Cause she's "all I want and all I need" :)

    Zombie Cat

    Me too😄


    Look up Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You here on YouTube.


    I remember in the 1980s, I wanted to met her! This song and "You Came" are my faves. Also the one about the suicidal girl.

  21. Daniel P.


    Luke Foster

    Rat kid

  22. David Ellis

    This should have been an international #1. Not quite. 🇺🇸 indifferent.

  23. Indian 2080s

    Knight Rider Episode Knight Racer

  24. praisethecow

    I still love Kims campy battlewear :D

  25. Jason S

    Best song ever in history

  26. DarkSquall

    I want to 1 vs 1 her in the cage

  27. Stuart Maxwell

    Ha, Kim singing as femaie rapist - "Don't look around, you're not going anywhere"...imagine the reaction and cries of chauvinism and harassment to these lyrics sung by a man
    "don't wanna know about your sea green curtains"
    "you know you can't refuse me"
    "I'm never letting go baby, don't expect me to"

    No means no, haha

  28. Jose Assunção


  29. TheBigHase

    Sexy suit and heels in this one! She looked very good here! Has anyone got this one in HD!?

  30. Unicorn Crew - "I am made of wires"

    Inspired by the "Second Time", check it out! https://youtu.be/Nd1XSjXBqvA

  31. John Pettitt

    80's gem.....What a Groove.....

  32. Stephen Pickup

    Loving Kim's X-Men unitard!!

  33. Christoph Wegener

    I love the complete teases and dares album from 1984.my favorite from her. This track, rage to love and especially shangri-la and blade runner I think it inspires the album. Look out for the 2 CD expanded edition. Kim sings great and looks like a bombshell.


    Yes, I love 'Shangri-La' from that album in particular, and 'Turn It On' from the expanded edition.

  34. the king

    I miss the 80's. The movies and the music was much better then today's crap.


    You just don't know where to look ....
    * glances towards Sia, Ariana Grande, and the varied music in the animated series of RWBY, and Friendship is Magic .... *

  35. John Robertson


  36. Rbo SMF

    My personal favorite...😎

  37. tysona23

    Kim was just soooo sexy back in the day

  38. anahita shirkoohi


  39. Rafael Dantas

    very cool👍

  40. Jeffrey KRUPA

    So... whatever happened to real women anyway?

  41. Erin Wyn

    still love

  42. Surreygirl 1978

    love kim early 80s stuff

    Kim Wilde Fan

    Surreygirl 1978 - First four Kim Wilde albums are my favorite ones!

  43. Miamicool

    Misfits of Science pilot song.

  44. Tee Jay

    Kim didn’t like the “warrior woman” image for this album...but she rocked it 🔥🔥🔥

  45. Tee Jay

    Very underrated at the time...brilliant pop Miss Kim ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Mariano Nishiuchi

    Her voice sounds like Sabrina Salerno to my ears....don't you?


    abaron 0623 Oh please!...You're joking, right? I'm sorry but Sabrina only wish she had Kim's voice...you're comparing one of the best talents/voices in Pop music ever with a one hit wonder!...


    In my opinion, you should check your ears. Kim's voice is better than Sabrina's one. Kim's voice has no equal even now.


    realTMX Indeed...absolutely agreed...Sabrina only wishes...

  47. Bryan Partington


  48. Bryan Partington


    Tomasz Warszawski 2019

    No doubt it's a hit, guys. I always begin my every dance party with that record, Hi-NRG vibes will never get old :)

    Andy JS

    @David Ellis Sometimes a hit just doesn't sell as well as people are expecting despite being an excellent song. Another example if The Lebanon by The Human League which only reached number 11. A couple of years earlier they'd been the biggest band in the country.

    David Ellis

    @Andy JS I really liked Life On Your Own by them which also stalled.

    Timo Kuusisto

    +Bryan Partington Well it still hurts me why such a great album Catch As Catch Can failed miserably in her own country.

    Rien Néant

    It wasn't ?? Okay, sorry peeps but we need a hard no-deal Brexit NOW. ;)

  49. James Speke

    TESCO! Floor it!

  50. Stephenie Holloway

    my first favorite song

  51. mehtap pak

    Çok güzel kadın kim wilde

  52. Rachel Brudenell

    rewind 80's 🌟

  53. Н К


  54. Uuga Buuga

    Damn most of Kim's songs are so underrated! i love this song!

    Kim Wilde Fan

    I love her!

  55. Frank

    Meine erste große Liebe 😍😍😍

  56. jerrymail

    Elle est trop belle, j'vais faire un malaise !

  57. schreiterkeit

    Voll vergessen das Lied, aber geil. Mit das Beste von ihr!

  58. James Petts

    Exactly how many hairstyles does she have in this three minute video...?

  59. gatch2

    A big collector ! Thank you !

  60. shokoshu

    If there had been a Perry Rhodan movie in 1984, only one person could have played Demeter. Guess who. (Circumstantial evidence: This SF cover, 1985. https://pictures.abebooks.com/isbn/9783548310954-de.jpg. Circumstantial evidence 2: She's into gardening now.)

  61. Jérôme VANDEKAN

    amazing album, ahead if its time...still ahead of today's music for me...

    Doro Jessy

    Exactly, listening to this epic song 33 years later, I also think that it is very much ahead of its time even to this day, the whole album actually.

    Tee Jay

    Brilliant album!!

  62. channa 66

    Hi KIM,
    fantastic singing and pharisaism. Even today, excellent level. Your girlfriend from Slovakia from Košice. Anna ♥

    channa 66

    Hi KIM,
    fantastic singing and repair for charism. Anna

  63. Diamondblade2008

    The slap bass in this song is EPIC

    Neon Shark

    An informant on this site told me that it is a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. There were some additional production techniques, that further refined it and made it "pop". It is absolutely brilliant. I am currently trying to replicate the sound, but has so far not produced sufficient results. I do think that the sound could be performed, perhaps improved, by a very proficient bass guitar player.

  64. Madonna58 Terminiello

    this only got to number 29 in the charts in 1984 it should have charted higher great song

    Jake Roberts

    #65 in the US

    Andy JS

    Although it's good it's not quite as good as Kids In America or Chequered Love, and maybe that put people off. If it had been a debut single it probably would have done better.

    Vladimir Manevski

    I was always wandering how can this song became only 29 in UK !!!Also -"The touch " was chart failure and "Suburbs in Moscow" even don't entered at all I think.
    I think that album was equally good as the others Kim's albums!!!
    Luckily the album enjoyed more success in Germany 😊

    Andy JS

    @Vladimir Manevski Pop stars usually only get about 2 years in the limelight after their debut, and Kim Wilde's debut was in early 1981. This was late 1984, so she'd slightly gone out of fashion by that time.

    Ralph Jackson

    The Touch,her next single after this,was among a slew of songs that missed the Top 40 by a narrow-ish distance somehow in the last quarter of 1984. I could probably make a list of some others. Rage to Love got Kim her next Top 40 action in late spring/early summer 1985.

  65. MultiMrMiles

    80s decade the BEST! all else is crazy weak really....never forget what we did back then....




    Doro Jessy

    Always loved this song when it first was released in 1884.

  66. LaDeeDa Cook

    Kim is Wilde.

  67. Paul Rotter

    the Real , Go for it! not the Cory Feldman song

  68. S0UND

    Now That's What I Call Music 4 [1984] Full Album. You're Welcome ;)

  69. Paul Rotter

    2016 this still rocks

    L K

    Paul Rotter 2017 she performed this live, looooooved it!

    Kyach Distent

    Always does she and will she, unlike many that are dated before they even try. But this is part of Kim's truly career best masterpieces (the 1982, 1983 and the album this is off). All of the songs classics and utterly unlike anything or anyone! Just perfect.

    Zombie Cat

    2019 too

  70. Kézia Soares

    The Touch pt II


    Except this was released as a single before 'The Touch'.

    Kézia Soares

    So The Touch is The Second Time II

  71. fafi philou

    adorable Kim ...

  72. NAC

    I do believe I will be adding this to my new workout mp3 player.

  73. Jani Papunen

    painu helvettiin Pellet ja urvot
    terveisiä kaikille kauniille naisille terveisin Monsters!?😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😋😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  74. Sebastien yoda

    je connais pas la chanson ! je sais pourquoi /:)

  75. Marian Stoica

    best single !

  76. BarnSt0rmer

    Back in the eighties when I was at primary school we had to watch a video promoting the MMR vaccination and this was the soundtrack to it. That's what brought me here today.

  77. CellularProjection

    I cant help but love the 80s' cocaine fuelled cheesy/plastic style of music (videos)

  78. George Smith

    I've never seen it.

    Andrzej Łukowski

    The question is: What do they waiting for! Is an insurmountable task to release all the video by Kim Wilde?

    Andrzej Łukowski

    Is it an insurmountable task to release all the video by Kim Wilde?

  79. kevin La Plume

    Je mange pour quatre personnes. (couplet )
    Je ne prends même pas un gramme.
    Je suis génétiquement comme ça.
    Mais j'adore trop les femmes rondes.
    J'adore trop les bourrelets.
    I am very skinny (refrain)
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    Mon pêché mignon c'est surtout le chocolat au lait.(couplet )
    Le Nutella qui se marie très bien avec du pain perdu.
    Les Donuts au Nutella c'est vraiment une tuerie.
    I am very skinny (refrain)
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    La maigreur
    La maigreur
    je me montre à poil sans complexe..
    Malgré son nombre de calories souvent important.(couplet )
    Le chocolat ne ferait pas grossir !
    Il serait même favorable à la perte de poids.
    J'adore ça je ne pourrai pas m'en passer.
    I am very skinny (refrain)
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    Certaines nanas seraient heureuse d'avoir qu'un petit bourrelet au niveau du ventre...
    Le fantasme
    Je mange pour quatre personnes. (couplet )
    Je ne prends même pas un gramme.
    Je suis génétiquement comme ça.
    Mais j'adore trop les femmes rondes.
    J'adore trop les bourrelets.
    I am very skinny (refrain)
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    I am very skinny
    Parodie:I am very skinny (The second Time(go for it)kim wilde

  80. kenny P

    Great bass and synth line

  81. MsFanmail

    great track from kim

  82. Naitoraven951

    kitt don't like this song...XD

  83. Annemarie Hosper

    I have ALL Kim Wilde albums on vinyl of her early years (1981 debut Kim Wilde to Close 1988)

  84. Ayla VSI

    Totally crazy video :)

  85. Punkfurt

    Anyone recognoze that the lyrics are pure p*rn???

    Ayla VSI

    @Dikkker Sexual content doesn't necessarily mean it is p*rn. Sex is not just dirty.

    Rob Calcutt

    +Ayla VSI Neither is "p*rn".


    +Dikkker Plus, she cowrote this album with her father and brother. #awkwarddd

    Jeffrey KRUPA

    Punkfurt No, not p*rn, just pre-#MeToo...

  86. Loshaj Hamid

    80 without you no go kim

  87. Darwinion

    Shit video. But a great song. My fave was Rage to Love though. Loved the updated rockabilly element to it.


    The video is a joke, a deliberate joke.
    It seem to have very little to do with the lyrics, but really .... it accentuates it perfectly.

  88. ShadowMage3D

    Misfits of Science brought me here.

    Mo BO

    i agree

    Joey S

    Me too. Still a great series. Ahead of its' time.

  89. ANDYB1478

    This is a great song, but I bet she cringes when she watches this video now.


    +ANDYB1478 Yeah, I heard in an interview she was horrified about this video in retrospect.


    It's not that bad. I wonder how today's artists will. Look back what they're doing now, which in many cases pushes the boundries of tasteless stupidity.

    Doro Jessy

    C'mon cut her a little slack, you can't compare music videos these days to videos from over 30 years ago. This wasn't even the mid 80's when this video was made. I know this video from MTV back then when it came out. This vid was very much ahead of its time, very industrial kind of vibe and so was this awesome hit of hers. She killed it not only with this great song but also with the whole album: Teases & Dares! Where do you find hits like this these days??? Nowhere.

  90. Gregory Taylor

    brilliant song from her best album

  91. Duragizer

    I've got a sudden hankering to put on some ugly '80s-style exercise clothes and go find me some mummies to wrestle ...

    Annemarie Hosper

    +DuracellEnergizer Those were the times! Love Kim Wilde 1981 - 1987, the best years, definately! :-)

  92. Blue Eyed Scorpio 76

    just go for it kim ,still got it !!!!!  were both Scorpio we,ll go for it ,the second the third and so on hahaha ;)

  93. Vlado Koritnik

    One of the best from Kim Wilde!