Wild Feathers, The - Big Sky Lyrics

Free as a highway
Wild as the wind
I can hear her callin' my name
Callin' me home again

Wide open spaces
Cool mountain breezes
Reachin' down to save my soul
Take these city blues away
The closest thing to heaven that you'll find
Headin' for the big sky

Won't you come with me
We'll find a reason
Reason to believe again
There's still a paradise
The closest thing to heaven that you'll find
Headin' for the big sky

It seems like all we do is talk
Bout the lives people walk away from
Let's pack the car and leave tonight
Drive until the city lights fade, fade, fade
Let 'em fade away

Wide open spaces
Cool mountain breezes
Reachin' down to save my soul
Take these city blues away
The closest thing to heaven that you'll find
Headin' for the big sky
The closest thing to heaven that you'll find

Big sky
Big sky
Big sky

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Wild Feathers, The Big Sky Comments
  1. moodlightning 89

    This has a Seven Bridges Road vibe to it....fantastic!

  2. MisterE428

    Just heard this on Jack Ryan Season 2, Episode 2 @ 10:28 into the show!

  3. Pavel Pavel

    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan S02E02

  4. telikos oplo

    Seeing them tonight. Waiting for some time to come to my state for something other than a festival.

  5. chris karp

    This band blows my face off!!!! Love em'!!

  6. Dboy321 Razo

    Great song but that ending was way out of place.

  7. Virginia Harlow

    Harmony like CSNY?

  8. Ivana Brekalo

    Randomly got dragged to their show on Friday, not even knowing who they are... Fan for life! They have such an amazing energy, especially live! I spent an hour jumping and dancing in the front row :D They were also very nice afterwards, signing albums, taking photos etc. Great guys!

  9. Wendy Sullivan

    Just saw these guys last night here in Mobile, AL... They were amazing... Big things to come for you boys!!!

  10. Janice Catlett

    Seen the last night in Chattanooga OMG I will never stop listening ❤️

  11. Suranga Ranatunga

    Wow! I heard this while on a holiday in a Hollywood based theme park and fell in love with the song immediately! My 2 kids and wife also love it! Great song great memories!

  12. Samuel Sahyde

    Hey guys, you killing it...

  13. Slick_Vic20

    i like it.. it's kind of rockin' but also kinda country and kinda folksy... it's got swag

  14. Rhiannon Arnett

    Those who dislike this song, for whatever reason, clearly has no understanding of any aspects of music. Heard them live; they are amazing all around.

  15. Saul Peña

    Ufff what a great Band!!! Soooo underrated

  16. Chris Yates

    This WAS one of my favorite songs. After seeing the video however and seeing it was filmed probably in TN or somewhere close I am super disappointed. I grew up in Big Sky Country. I’ve lived in TN since I was 13 and the southeast, while beautiful, is nowhere near “Big Sky”! Oh well ya can’t expect a band from TN to understand that.

  17. Dylan Taylor

    Just saw them live with the Brothers Osborne! Amazing group live. Great stage presence. Would definitely see them again!

  18. Claudione60

    Gruppo molto valido; ha saputo trarre il meglio da tutto il country rock passato (dai Byrds agli Eagles). Questo brano è veramente solare, trascinante.

  19. Chloe Crapp

    My uncle Kevin wrote this song!! I remember being little and listening to it in the car on a cd, and now it’s on the radio!! I am so proud of him!! 👏🏻👏🏻

    Allen S

    i wrote it with him

  20. Drew Skell

    Great song, awesome harmony, I’m glad I have SiriusXM.

  21. DJ Florek

    Country Rock... Nice changes and composition.... Catchy good lyrics....
    Refreshing to hear.

  22. b py

    Killing it!

  23. Bunny Semmler

    If you like these guys, and they are great, check out Midland.

  24. Michael Williams

    Outstanding harmony and well put together. I have been listening every since you all left STL, MO. Wish you all the success. Here is a link to the photos I took. https://stlshows.smugmug.com/StLouisConcerts/The-Wild-Feathers/

  25. Mary Dean

    I love the eagles from the start.... these guys have a special place and way they get there...great job can't believe I stumbled on yalls beautiful Music... 70 yr ol man way down in tx ...keep on keeping on.... jd

  26. Ben Jenkins

    There are stars in the the southern sky

  27. louleighetta Morrow


  28. Flying Carpets

    Brilliant! Love the voices. Would love to know your opinion of our Weekly Songs! Let us know what you think :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG9YApAtLck&list=PL7aXVFElxiXhdWFtZINcO69RfxYmXV4Ek

  29. Dr. Jerry Garrett

    That song is just beautiful, but begs for a tinge and small touch o banjo!

  30. CNicholson Airsoft

    Is it on iTunes yet?

  31. Noopy Bear

    Probably some of the best harmonies out there😚

  32. Diss Rap Collective

    just know learned judge d is nephew of kenny

  33. Homer Simpson

    Love this song, amazing harmony. Their sound reminds me so much of the Eagles. Cant wait to hear from from this group!

  34. Homer Simpson

    Love this song, amazing harmony. Their sound reminds me so much of the Eagles. Cant wait to hear from from this group!

  35. Homer Simpson

    Love this song, amazing harmony. Their sound reminds me so much of the Eagles. Cant wait to hear from from this group!

  36. Jacob Panza

    What a great song!

  37. Real American


  38. shawn love

    They give much props to their drummer or lead guitar player

  39. G.C. D

    I heard it on The Highway also....nice find by The Highway.....

  40. Jb Needglasses

    Ray for waiting truce

  41. Tom Chagnon

    Ladies and gentlemen... the Wild Feathers are back !!!! 🤘🏾✌🏾

  42. Borderland Films

    video shot in raw?

  43. Keaton0801

    You guys are going places, you are gonna be big. Stick together, and you will get there, you’re already on the radio.

  44. Truth L0vEr

    I love those words! I feel that way too. Nature/the country is what man needs and is missing out on it these days. I would say lots of our modern-day problems are from clustering into cities and working for money instead of for what we need directly (ie farming, hunting, foraging, and building shelter). I wish we could rewind to the 1800s and stay there!

  45. margaret M.

    Also heard on the Highway channel. Love this song -  harmonies....everything about it! Looking forward to hearing more from this band....

  46. Jeremy Kuhl

    They are what country music needs right now

  47. Jane Ihara

    I heard this song for the first time today on the Highway channel driving across Nebraska and immediately fell in love with it!!!! My new favourite band 💖

  48. Patrice Kraft

    One of the best songs I've heard in years. Love the harmony in this group. Just now heard of them from XM radio on outlaw country. Dang, I wish this was on a cd. I'm about to buy all of their cd's. Don't ever split up, we need to hear more music like this. Great lyrics to sing along with if you're so inclined

  49. Emily Lopez

    Love this sound!

  50. Michael Heister

    CSNY called. They want their schtick back.

    Allen S

    Michael Heister I co wrote the song it had nothing to do with csny

    Allen S

    ummmm i co wrote it it aint got nothing nothing to do with crosby stills nash and young

    Chris Yates

    Allen S yes but did you guys write it about Montana? I feel like shooting the video in Tennessee doesn’t do it justice. I know the band lives there but TN got nothing on MT.

    Allen S

    bro i live in bozeman

  51. David Wadding

    I heard this song on the Highway and it's my new favorite. Really good stuff, but you're not Eagles (because no one is, my man). Can't wait to listen to more of your stuff though!

  52. Noopy Bear


  53. Kyle Doescher

    Love the harmony... Phenomenal sound

  54. catman11234

    Good ass song, heard it on "The Highway". This song belongs as an intro or an outtro to a movie

    Lane Gill

    Bro you are so right

  55. Charles Buckman

    like the sound!

  56. Furious Sherman

    These guys have to have been influenced by the Eagles. Their harmonies are on point.

    Lex Luthor

    Furious Sherman they sound great!

  57. brownseanh


  58. Brendan Paull

    I know it's probably not about Montana but still prett good song!

    Allen S

    It is about Montana I co wrote it and I live in bozeman

  59. Allergy Free Family

    great work guys! i've known joel since his days in his old band the effects... great to see him doing so great with this band!


    You guys really can’t do anything wrong.Kudos to another in s long line of great songs and videos.
    PLEASE never break up.
    I need you guys to help me navigate through the rest of my time here on earth and continue to be the soundtrack of my life.

    Michael O'Brien

    right there with you ... thanks for sharing you thoughts and probably speaking for a good number of folks (and me)

    Matt Canada

    LOV2ROK2PJ m.

    Gary Boyer

    Can I quote you on the air? Tomorrow's show...perhaps! Garrison at www.885fm.org

  61. Lisa Harrigan

    Love this song! Can't wait to hear more!

  62. Tammy Schmidt

    Amazing harmony...sounds so much like The Eagles. I love this song!


    I was going to say I get that country/rock early Eagles feeling from this too. Headed to iTunes to find more of their music.


    My exact first thought!

    Candi H.

    Yes!! I was trying to place it and that's it exactly! The Eagles!


    if by Eagles you mean CSNY and The Byrds , Flying Burrito Brothers and Nitty Gritty Band then i agree 100% , though yes Eagles too either way all great bands

  63. Kasey Johnson

    AMAZING! Can’t wait for the record!

  64. dafred9898

    Great Song! When does the album drop?

  65. Tyler Gagne

    Wicked tune & wicked band.

  66. RambleR

    Another classic! Beautiful work.