Whitesides, Jacob - Focus Lyrics

You sit alone in a midnight haze
Can you hear my love?
A million voices rack your brain
Can you hear my love?
I wanna give you everything
Can you hear my love?
Signal’s lost, we got cut off
Can you hear my love?

Focus on my voice
Gotta let me through
Gotta get to you
Turn down all the noise
Focus on me
I’ll focus on you

Ooh ooh
Can you hear my love?
Ooh ooh
Can you hear my love?

You’re in a war against yourself tonight
Can you hear my love?
Over the smoke and the battle cries
Can you hear my love?
I’m on your side and I will fight
Can you hear my love?
Transmission lost, yeah we got cut off
Can you hear my love?

Focus on my voice
Gotta let me through
Gotta get to you
Turn down all the noise
Focus on me
I’ll focus on you

Ooh ooh
Can you hear my love?
Ooh ooh
Can you hear my love?
Through the static is it clear enough
I’ll sing louder so you hear my love
Tunnel vision is it clear enough
I’ll scream louder so you hear my love
Can you hear my love?

Focus on my voice
Gotta let me through
Gotta get to you
Turn down all the noise
Focus on me
I’ll focus on you

Ooh ooh
Can you hear my love?
Ooh ooh
Can you hear my love?
Ooh ooh
Can you hear me babe?

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Whitesides, Jacob Focus Comments
  1. this channel loves chris evans

    hi im saying this in 2019 but i used to LOVE this song when it first came out

  2. Ankita Atkan

    I don't know why , I'm just fall in love with him day by day ❤️ so proud of u Jacob

  3. flickchic238

    Heard this all the time at my old job and i used to strut to it

  4. craffte

    THIS. VOICE. fluttah fluttah fluttah Love!!!!!!!!!

  5. cerina mazir

    Why is not 1milion view??

  6. itsmariadallas

    Anyone from 2019??? This used to be my song

  7. gιᥣᥣყᥲᥒ ೃ

    I love u so much

  8. Summer Cowan

    You have made out with a girl called Julier or something like that yes or no
    Btw love music

  9. Armbale

    Underrated song

  10. Jordan c

    Hes like Alina Baraz. They need more views

  11. Jessica Phelps

    He’s still better than ari honestly uwu

  12. Looks Like Magic

    His voice is so good!

  13. Mr.notdie

    This music isn't find

  14. Presley Lynn

    2019 anyone

  15. freestyle ice

    who else came here after shopping at Ralphs?

  16. Lil Tee

    Can someone plz make a nightcore of this????luv this song

  17. Natalyah marie

    Love it

  18. Myisha Dieuville

    He Kinda Sound Like Shawn Mendes. Love This song💖

  19. Rana Fr

    It deserves 1m and more!!!

  20. Noemi Fugetto

    I remember when this came out. Damn. Good times😭

  21. Liam Anderson

    Hey dude I love your voice its amazing

  22. Rosa Bundgaard-Laursen

    I've just figured out, what this video is about. It has been almost 2 years

  23. Jing Wen

    fokiss on my love, fokiss on me, fokiss on you

  24. Jessica Heinz

    This song is beautiful

  25. c velle

    Aww..i like this song

  26. ALIZA1K

    Bitch i heard this song @ work and ive been like who tf sings this it sounds hella familiar COME TO FIND OUT ITS MY MOTHA FUCKIN BOY JACOB PANTY DROPPA WHITESIDES
    Yall this takes me back to magcon dayz bitch 🤧🤧 he look so grown my heart 🖤🖤

  27. mermaidchihuahua10

    I don’t know about y’all but I lost this game 😂

  28. valerie araujo

    Honestly, this is such an amazing song. I share it with everyone I can think of. <3 it sooooooooooo much.

  29. Kylie Jenner

    every song of Jacob is the best 😻😻

  30. Quincy Rubin

    Focus on me focus on youuuuu

  31. Ashley Steffens

    I love this but the video is hella intense. I feel you staring into my soul and I don't know how to feel about it lmfao

  32. Lies Whitesides

    My lifesaver thank you so much

  33. Reena Mohammed

    This song is da greatest so far, how come so little views? 🤔 i love it ❤

  34. Sarah M2020

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! This deserves more credit

  35. Mara-Sofie Willershausen / Karin Ising

    Who else hear focus now the first time ?

  36. maro mi


  37. Oteos 124

    Someone from buzzfeed?

  38. family account

    Buzzfeed anyone? 😅

  39. Gabriel Blinder

    buzzfeed said it'll be my fav underrated song.. lets see
    EDIT: wowow its good!!

  40. Taylor Payne

    Buzzfeed brought me here

  41. amrit bhogan

    This is so underrated. I loved this song!

  42. Kim Huynh


  43. Natalie Brackett

    Hey I know your friend shelby she is my cousin and she wants me to meet you and I love your music

  44. David Reeskens

    Why did I only just now discover this song?? It's amazing :)

  45. Minecraft And More

    dood what's up my sister is a fan and her friend has crush on u but btw I jus saw u at sweet frog

  46. zuhail abdullah

    I love Jacob he's so talented 🙌

  47. Gary Davis

    That's some heavy shit lol #shitimoji

  48. Joanna Hibbeln

    das ist echt geil

  49. Catarina Cunha

    hey baby i love you so much and come portugal. I'm your fan and have very fansssss in portugal so please come portugal! Portugal need your talent! AND VERY meet and greats because all fans need your hug! YOU ARE AMAZING ❤🌎

  50. Molly Y


  51. Lila Lolo


  52. Daphne Heijkoop

    i'm so proud of you jacob. i miss you so much and come back to europe soon xx

  53. ANGELic BANA

    SO UNDERRATED !!! Love this song i always find myself watching this video again and again

  54. Cassidy Carpenter

    Kill it Jacob!!!

  55. Beautiful Chaos

    Bea Miller and Him need collab or Him and Troye sivan omg that would be legendary😍

  56. Whophie

    This video is so cool.. and the song xD

  57. Therese Cerdan

    The focus challenge: watch this music video and maintain eye contact with jacob

  58. Therese Cerdan

    Haha it took him so long to get that jacket on

  59. BaekSoo EXO

    This song is like 'my little secret' :')

  60. Mercury Flame

    U people are stupid if u think he hasn't got a good voice because he does some people just don't blow up with view instantly.

  61. Ney Vélez

    Pienso que no estaría nada mal un poco de interpretación.

  62. rose gonzalez

    Jacob has an amazing voice and I wish more people knew about him. I love this song so much. <3

  63. Frander Sivianny

    I really like this song

  64. Lesly Calderon

    it wasn't hard for me to focus on him

  65. Angel

    i was actually focusing on him the whole time

  66. Danny Ontiveros

    can you here my love ♥

  67. Gerald Playle

    "Turn down all the clothes. Foreskin on me. Foreskin on you."

  68. Fedia Ghamersa

    if ben affleck and ryan Reynolds had a kid , this would definitely be him.

    Looks Like Magic

    Fedia Ghamersa Ryan Reynolds and Brenton Thwaites!! 💜💜

  69. YourJolinsky

    Who else thinks he should go on Ellen?

  70. Geeky Asian

    Oh for gods sake someone get him a microphone and a tour bus coz he's going on tour.😍😍😍😰😰😰😨😨😨😷😲😲😵😵😵 I'm dying inside! He makes me feel so safe with his voice😍😍😍

  71. Shawn Mendes

    😍😍😍my favorite music

  72. Catarina Cunha

    im in love

  73. Alissa G

    This was such a beautiful emotionally raw video but it broke my heart, I love you ❤

  74. Karine Thaina

    I LOVE YOU ♥ @dallascwrpenter

  75. Karine Thaina

    I LOVE YOU ♥ @dallascwrpenter

  76. Alana Brown

    i love you jacob @vogueclemmence

  77. HoodieSticks

    So on my third time through I tried deliberately looking at all the distractions just to see what was there, and then I came to 1:11.

    How did they know?

  78. Rich Santana

    hottie and a great song and cool video

    Fred Bender


  79. Nisrin Naim

    i like it so much

  80. caio soares

    Z100 NYC brought me here :)

  81. renog

    I found him because at a carnival I got a poster

  82. Nazaria Sherrer

    i like the beat

  83. Rembulan Whitesides

    i think it's the greatest song in his album why

  84. Jxsmine DC

    Back then when Jacob and Bea were my OTP

  85. Sohaib Sosa

    nice song u deserve millions fan

  86. 170202- Raden Miranda Rizkiana Nurdwiarti

    cool videooo

  87. Alexandra

    Lmao what is it with artist and making such weird music videos

    Abi Krull

    Alexandra excuse me? jacob is amazing and doesn't deserve your negativity

  88. patricia alvarez

    Hey I seen you at nick 🤗😇😇😂😭😭💓💛💖💖😇

  89. tudor

    Ariana is still better

    Ana Francisco

    Tudor Cretu ce n'est pas le même style de musique les 2 sont trés bien

  90. タニモン

    good!! its cool

  91. Cori Sevigny

    I like the background so it is hard to watch him

  92. Shauntasia Terry

    Anyone else notice him struggling to put the blazer on in the beginning? 😂

    Lil Tee

    Lol. Priceless 😆😁

  93. duda arnaldi

    his voice is not that good but his songs are freaking amazing

  94. ケン氏

    I like it

  95. Ramon Rangel

    Jacob your video is awesome it's just that something didn't make sense what was the poop in back

  96. That Girl

    love this song! but does anyone else think it sounds like he's saying heart instead of voice ?? focus on my heart, when really it's focus on my voice ??


    This song plays every single day at work (and I still love it) and I've always thought he said heart and not voice.


    Kissing me kissing you...piece of me, piece of you....


    @PyroLace same!

  97. Nicles n Dimes

    I'm focused.....love this song...

    Abi Krull

    Nicle B me too

  98. Liv SA

    I looooooooooooove your song!!!

  99. Melanie Diaz

    0:01 he looks really thick