White Rabbits - Rudie Fails Lyrics

There a way to make it out in time
Keep the cash under the mattress
They're down in the streets
Run for cover

And if you're moneys ain't no good thats fine
While everyones duking it out and taking names
Well Ill just take a number
Cause I

No I don't care at all
No I don't care at all, No No No
No I don't care at all!

And if theres any consolation
I never got mine so
While your out you're taking name
And taking orders

They're all
Too cheap
Oh relax
Take yr seat
Now were all laughing
Our sleeps
When its over
Cause I

No I don't care at all
No I don't care at all, No No No
Yeah you could beat the
Living daylights
Right out of me
I don't care at all

No I don't care at all
No! No! No!
I see you running for to knife
I feel so sorry for you
No I don't care at all!
I see you running for to knife
I feel so sorry but i
I don't care at all

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White Rabbits Rudie Fails Comments
  1. rob hartmania

    Really disappointed this band didn't get more attention.  I discovered this album years back randomly and bought it the day it came out.  Yet they never went anywhere. Its sad. Really great album.

  2. calm

    i really miss White Rabbits. Where are they going ?

  3. zamaz99

    What?! The Clash says Rudie can't fail.

  4. Melissa Arlington

    bet u couldnt even lift. u weak niqqa. holla.

  5. martin vidovic

    @MirrorsEdgeRocks i know right hahaha hes way off

  6. Lauren B

    This album is totally underrated...i really like a lot of the songs on it!

  7. martin vidovic

    so acording to my friend they sound like the red hot chili peppers.......

  8. Colin Hall

    @relyanddefy lol, idiot.

  9. Elf Tower

    @colinguitaristhall christ bet u cant even sweep pick

  10. iCorgi

    i just heard this song the other in american eagle. now i can't get it out of my head :D

  11. Colin Hall

    @relyanddefy If by 'it' you mean 'coolness' then yes, I am full of 'it' :D

  12. Colin Hall

    @relyanddefy haha, idiot.

  13. Sorico

    i only just heard them on a horrible radio station through itunes :P but guess what...? THEY R AH-MAZING! XD

  14. Elf Tower

    @colinguitaristhall why are u bragging about having a ticket to a muse gig in a football stadium, fail of a life u lead

  15. Elf Tower

    @colinguitaristhall man ur full of it

  16. Colin Hall

    @relyanddefy Really? Message me your email address and I'll send you a picture of my ticket. Why are you trolling? Nothing better to do? Idiot...

  17. Elf Tower

    @colinguitaristhall shutup colin u werent there

  18. Colin Hall

    Saw these guys yesterday supporting Muse at Wembley - awesome gig...will be hearing a LOT more of these guys I think!!!

  19. Wilkins Training

    really good song never ever heard it anywhere else before

  20. iSeeJayVee

    i enjoy this

  21. TwinDusks

    loooveee thhhemm

  22. toggr1

    this song is awesome!

  23. Andrew Reese

    this is a sick one.