White Rabbits - Company I Keep Lyrics

Now everyone's getting off
Ended up in such a... such a familiar phase
When it started
It was all so foreign to me
The company I keep

Who's taking sides?
Who keeps the lights on 'round here?
Now give me the line
And start explainin' to me how it is you sleep
Oh... the company I keep

Who you calling cheap?
Anyone can see that I paid through the nose
But some couldn't see that no one ever sees, that
The company I keep

I don't mind mistakes
I go crawling back for anyone else's sake
I admit this association's bleak
The company I keep

So everyone shut your mouths, now
Sit back and watch it
Such a smile
What an awful thing for anyone else to see
I guess that's just the company I keep

That's the company I keep

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White Rabbits Company I Keep Comments
  1. Mookie4444

    I miss you guys... please come back

  2. One Tech Genius

    Worked with these guys last year while they were in town. Fun times spent with my love

  3. Andria Munoz

    Loved this!!

  4. Lyric Beckford

    I Really, Love This Song, Its acoustic wholesome... Its like akin to a Truth.....

  5. Special Agent Utah

    saw them here in glasgow opening for Spoon and trust me,they were 100 times better,no offense for Spoon

  6. AliciaLand

    Love the White Rabbits and this song seeps deep down into my bones.

  7. Masterskipworth16


  8. SaveWorld4Tmw

    He is soooooo adorable!!!!!!! :)

  9. naminekiari

    This such an amzing song!