White, Drake - It Feels Good Lyrics

Laying with my lady on the riverbank
She looked over lazy, and she gave me a wink
She said: "there's no sense a working if it's this dang hot"
So dip your toes in the water, baby this is the spot

Well it feels good, good, good
It feels right, right, right
Oh, it feels good, good, good
So, we gonna lay back and let it ride

Well, I bought a scratch off ticket
Well, the winning kind
Well, I saw them lucky sevens in that checkout line
I got a twelve pack, big sack
Carton of smokes
Now I'm dancing like I just saw the Holy Ghost


You got them weekend warriors
Partying all night long
You got them moonshine lovers
Just getting it on
Does it make you feel happy?
Does it make your heart beat?
Does it make you shake it honey?
Does it make you move your feet?

[Chorus x2]

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White, Drake It Feels Good Comments
  1. emrullah Öztürk

    The best

  2. Kim Dagenais

    They are all in my

    Kim Dagenais

    The new

  3. Kim Dagenais

    Your day is good

  4. tuneage man

    dude I know you have a lot of folks follow in but o m g you songs are awesome hope your doing good now and keep it up hope to call ya my friend

  5. Vanessa Guzzetta

    Love this song!

  6. Gerardo Gomes

    with your music every body feel good!

  7. jeff b

    Get it skin.

  8. theodd1sout fan100

    Were you at the Coosa river

  9. Kayla D

    Great song

  10. aceominous

    Absolutely the most underrated guy of the century. Travelled 300 miles to see him in Glasgow and was truly amazed by his talent. WTF people cant you appreciate truly amazing music.

    Brook Day

    Yep,I don't get it.

    Roger Rabbit

    It's ridiculous.the same terrible songs on the radio,and no Drake white.i don't get it

  11. agnelanna heavens


  12. David Theisen

    The casino I work at just had this guy this last night!! While working I hear this song and I like this a lot!! This guy doesn't sound like your typical country singer!! But I do like the soul in his voice

  13. Rickia Harrison

    Love this song

    emrullah Öztürk

    ı feel good good good yeaasssss

  14. Scott Horner

    This song is the best song ever . i cant stop listing to it . what a great beat . and he has so much soul. love him

  15. 平清盛


  16. Roger Rabbit

    Coming to two small venues in Michigan in April.It feels good 🍻

  17. Daniel Murrell

    It is a good songs

  18. Willy E. Coyote

    Hope you do this country soul song live in concert @ country to country festival Amsterdam. Looking forward 2row.

  19. rdb

    This song slams!

    Just wish it were longer.

  20. Libby AnnGrace

    This song makes me wanna dance and jump on my bed it's my favo

  21. Kershaw Valentine

    Exemplifying nonconformity...


  22. Jessie Hamby

    It feels good!

  23. Roger Rabbit

    Too good

  24. emrullah Öztürk

    23.10.2018 geleceğe selamlar 🌎🌍🌏

    emrullah Öztürk

    lan rast gele açtım tam 1 ay olmuş yorumu yazalı 23.11.2018 :D

    emrullah Öztürk

    lan 4 ay olmuş 19.04.2019 hala güzel hissediyorum :D

  25. GreenPlanet669 #2

    This is one of my favorite songs

  26. Tina Leeth

    Just came hit to knock this shitty mood off me.

  27. Mary Perando

    My favorite singer and my favorite song

  28. Darian Clayton

    Country crush


    Great Song Drake White !!!!

  30. Cari Ashley

    ABSOLUTELY love this song...no matter how im feeling i hear it & it makes me want to just get up & dance..Puts me in a great mood!!

  31. Hakan Dursun

    Very nice !

  32. Marcia Bruederle

    Can't get enough of this amazing man!! Soooo good live!

  33. Creighton Henson

    My friend got a guitar pick signed by him

  34. Cummins Power

    Saw you in Farmer City last night, you are amazing and this song is too!!!!

  35. Eliane Carvalho

    Love it !!!

  36. Jamie Brown

    Saw Drake this past weekend at The House of Blues...... unbelievable live. Energy, soul and just plain fun!

  37. Steph Lunn

    His voice 😘😘😘

  38. Teresa Brewer

    Teresa brewer

  39. GudnamesRtaken

    My start to every day is this, James Brown I feel Good, and Humble and Kind Tim McGraw. Betterfor you than vitamins.

  40. Jared Klipfel

    This song has a great beat to it the whole time

  41. Matthew Nelson

    Amazing commercial.

  42. Dena Hendrix

    I'm in Louisiana and I'm looking for him 😅

  43. Amber Parker

    wow... im impressed. just stumbled upon this guy on Youtube today suggested it for me.. ty Youtube!! 😘👍👍

  44. Freckle Face

    Loving the CCR riff!!

  45. Matthew Nelson

    Here's an amazing song, but first here's some annoying, stupid garbage you don't give a shit about.

  46. cynthia Massey

    Vote. Plase

  47. Aaron M

    He kills this song live

  48. Darrin Post

    Even better live!  Opened with it Saturday...Awesome.


    We need more Drakes to bring country back to country!! I start listening to Drake & he just makes me feel better about my life. I'm so thankful I was born & raised COUNTRY!!

  50. Jared Griff

    Where does he get his hats?

  51. Michelle Henderson


  52. Alexander Hamilton

    Truly amazing music my friend. Your music was introduced to me with your post interview of Las Vegas massacre on BBC radio. I had not heard of you but my goodness i do now and you are simply the best!

  53. Mark & Ilene

    Thank you Spotify!

  54. Brianna Strempke

    I think he is sexy even with his hat!

  55. Tamala Glover

    This song makes ME feel good :)

  56. Wendy Christmas

    I hate your hat but LOVE this song <3

  57. ralph peterson

    great song good singer why dont people like this get more air play on the radio insted they play shit good singers like him and cody johnson aaron watson get nothing

  58. Maureen Kasischke

    my exercise inspiration today!

  59. Angela Jordan


  60. kevinsbestgirl

    His voice reminds me of Steven Tyler, just brilliant

  61. K Dill

    omg♡ I feel like I just crawled out from under a rock!♡

  62. acvoom

    Just hearing this now, he almost sounds like Andy Grammar met country.

  63. Emilija Ladygaitė

    cool video


    Tony!Toni!Tone! version is better

  65. Thefenix 58

    wubba lubba dub dub \:v/ todos conmigo yei

  66. sharon bumgarner

    let it ride

  67. sharon bumgarner

    I love it feel good

  68. huskerfannate

    Heard this song on SXM No Shoes Radio!! Love it!! 🙂

  69. kelly duggan

    the most amazing song by the most amazing artist!!!!!! love!

  70. jessica70291

    Love this sound! Amazing voice.

  71. Maria :)


  72. Sabrina Stephens

    Play it Johnny Mo!

  73. Jeff Williams

    He's even better live!! You gotta go see him!

  74. Michelle Shevek

    That is beautiful country music!!

  75. Vicki Blakeman

    why isn't this song on the radio?

  76. Heidi Childress

    whoo hoo not many like this

  77. Sher Odessa

    Hell yeah!!! Gimme some beer! This country star is a real deal

  78. Jacqueline

    God bless the strong men n woman from the SWAMPY LAKES of middle USA!!

    BUCKET list to be at one of your CRAWFISH CATCHES

  79. Wild Pony

    DAM, So good !!

  80. LSU Tigers3737

    The guy who is driving is a family friend his name is Loco. He is a very good person.

  81. Melanie Dupre


  82. Sunil Wijesinghe

    Come on! He deserves more views and subscribers.

  83. Dolores Schiller

    Love all your videos Drake!!What a voice.

  84. James M

    Curiosity leads to great music

  85. ralph peterson

    this guy is awesome

  86. Lucy Wentworth

    Am I the only one giggling at that second line?

  87. Mama Julie


  88. Jason J. Szambelak


  89. Brianna Lester

    I forgot just how catchy and wonderful this song is. Excuse me while I dance around my room!

  90. kimberly taylor

    this video should have won an award !!!

  91. Milan Busche


  92. Will Harden

    Don't you love those "Mud Bugs!".

  93. Will Harden

    God Bless the USA!

  94. D1m3bagd

    amazing love this so much

    Logan Charles

    D1m3bagd u r dumb this song is the worst


    so youre a beiber fan i guess

    Nicole Heffel

    wolf gaming you are*

    Logan Charles

    Nicole u talking bout me


    well youre the dumbass that cant spell

  95. Samantha Withee

    love this song