White, Bryan - You're Still Beautiful To Me Lyrics

Turn out the lights and close the door
Put your head on the pillow, let me keep you warm
I wanna run my hands across your face
Yeah, lyin' beside you is still the perfect place

We're still going strong
So glad that you came along
Yeah baby, in every way
You're still beautiful to me
I just have to say
You're still beautiful to me

Lay back baby and close your eyes
Let me do everything your heart desires
When I think of the years making love to you
There still ain't nothing that I'd rather do

Yeah, there's something I can't deny
You sure know how to move this guy
Yeah baby, in every way
You're still beautiful to me
I just have to say
You're still beautiful to me

It still feels good, yeah, yeah
It still feels good, it still runs deep
When you get close, babe, I still get weak
'Cause in these arms is where you belong
We're still going strong

So glad that you came along
Hey babe, you're still number one
Baby can't you see?
You're still beautiful to me
Yeah, you'll always be so beautiful to me

In every way you're still beautiful to me
So beautiful, babe

Still runs deep
Lay back and close your eyes
Everything that your heart desires
Yeah, yeah
Can't believe my eyes

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White, Bryan You're Still Beautiful To Me Comments
  1. Brandon Faun

    Oh God...fuck this...give me Bryan Adams with the sultry sound not this pitchy teenager.

  2. Dominque Hagan

    I'm like that songs is so good songs😁❤

  3. Czarina Czar


  4. Risma Byrne

    Still better the original version by Bryan Adams

  5. E Keats

    It's ok but not near as good as the original

  6. Peter Scheibe

    Not nearly good as Bryan Adams Original one. (Album: 18 Til I Die)

  7. BEST combos


  8. Ralph Boyetchko

    she 14yrs younger , after 10 years ....... wow

  9. Ralph Boyetchko

    everyday . the only woman I call beautiful

  10. lindsey heath

    i just love him, i got to touch his hand...geez!!

  11. Maria Fe Gavia

    Bryan White, I really like your song still beautiful.For the man who keep his Love for their special lady he Love and care.Marriage is eternal.I salute for the man protect their relationship for his wife...Maria Fe Gavia

    Risma Byrne

    This is cover from Bryan Adams

  12. Batare Akpomejero

    an evergreen master piece from Bryan Adams.God bless you.Thank you for invaluable contributions to music

    Anthony Haylock

    Batare Akpomejero Bryan White , not Bryan Adams completely different artist

  13. Matthew Norris

    This should be brayn abams

  14. Tammy Hughes

    bryan white fav song

  15. Jc M

    fn christ.... I'm looking for Bryan Adams.... if I wanted someone with a kids voice I'd listen to Justin Bieber. Hey White.... find your own songs.

    Marie Sparks

    leave Bryan White alone he is better than Bryan Adams any day

    Warhawk FAQs

    I find Bryan Adams version better even with doing the song like three years before Bryan White covered it.

  16. Victoria Adame


  17. Janet Burton

    Excellent song.  Excellent singer needs to change his name and concentrate on his own songs not other  stars.

  18. Joyce Martin

    ...i love counrty songs, he is here in the Philippines☺

  19. Coco c

    For me is better with Bryan Adams

    Sudhaan Lamshal

    @Coco c i didn't find the link of Bryan Adams could U please help me

    Maria Morgan

    I wish I could find a good video of Bryan Adams singing it. I would like to hear it!

  20. wgrroseberry

    This is for my sweetheart!

  21. Prem Vasanth


  22. Lea DeArmond

    Lea DeArmond : To my husband I love with all my heart and soul Robert DeArmond. When this CD came out of course he was working out of town and heard it for the first time (at the time he listened to the radio to hear all the new songs before me I was home taking care of 3 kids that I loved doing by the way) so when he got home he brought me the CD and played it for me and said that's how he felt about me I love him and his sweet surprises for me. I LOVE YOU To The Moon And Back!!!! Love your wife and BABY DOLL

  23. Jeffrey Holdenbottle

    I Love this Song

  24. Aunt Patticakes Nashville

    Bryan still has the most amazing voice!! Can't wait to hear his new album, Shine!!!

  25. Anubrato Bhattacharya

    Just cant resist these songs.....Fond memories

  26. Pablo Félix Jiménez

    brings me fond memories...

  27. vianney De la peña

    Ous por lo que se ve el video se ve lindo, porfavor alguien que la traduzca:3

  28. Johnny Banning

    I sang this song to my wife all the time I still sing it but she's not her to listen to me any more She left me an my two kids She got strung out on Meth An it breaks my hart to pieces I am still married to her I can't bring my self to divorce her I keep praying that she will come home an let me help her so we can get back to being a family No matter what I will always love her an she will be my number one

    Michelle Jess

    Johnny Banning stay strong praying one day she will come around and get away from the drugs

  29. bfitnessjoe

    You guys know his new album comes out in September 2013 right ?

  30. Navneet Kash

    Nice Cover but can't beat Bryan Adams.Adams got more feel and its his song anyway

    Krista Stearnes

    It's not a cover...its actually bryan white singing...

  31. theladymirage

    prefer Bryan Adams version, but this is still good

  32. pennieandsteve lee


  33. pennieandsteve lee


  34. Likes&Favorites

    man, he can sing!

  35. Jess Glencross

    I will always and forever be a fan of Bryan White's! :)

  36. bwfandk

    Still love Bryan White after 16 yrs. He will always have a special place in my heart. And it was through his homepage I met my friends I have had ever since. Music truly connect people. I have heard Bryan Adams own version live and i must admit, I like Bryan Whites version better. White gives the song so much more soul. Anyhow Bryan Adam is a excellent singer and I like all his music :)

  37. yo mamma

    Sexy as he can be!!!! Yummy !!!!

  38. Jorge Silva

    You can Check out on the album 18 TIL I DIE, the song is there, and so you can be more shure about this, the song is on the BARE BONES TOUR. And it was righten by Bryan Adams and Robert J. "Mutt" Lange.

  39. GaneshRoy

    I run happy tears hhen I hear this excellent song of Bryan combined of his music and his lullaby voice.

  40. 1Rebel4Love

    @jorginho280276 The song is Bryan Adam's?

    Risma Byrne

    Yes. It's original song by Bryan Adams

  41. Jorge Silva

    It´s a very nice vertion of Bryan Adams song, and Bryan White makes it really smoth, and for me it´s cool.

  42. Ejer Peralta

    Just like "Marry Me - Train" first part of this video!
    but i lovee his song "GOD GAVE ME YOU"
    He deserves FAME !!! He had his nice voice...

  43. Shawna Kanillopoolos

    I love Bryan White, met him on Monday, really good guy :)

  44. Pearl Yoga

    would be nicest thing to share life with a person who love you truly until last breath !

  45. Paul Crawshaw

    @freedomland11 BA did write this, along with Robert "Mutt" Lange. Bryan White covered it.

  46. Paul Crawshaw

    @freedomland11 - BA did write this, along with Robert "Mutt" Lange. Bryan White covered it.

  47. newfiemale25

    ok Back to The Orignal

  48. jerlyn dacanay

    i love it..

  49. freedomland11

    @JGJessome...I thought Bryan Adams wrote the song...I guess not

  50. Davis Acuff

    Great video, what a voice!

  51. blore

    awesome song but I searched song name and saw "bryan" at the beginning so I was like "oh ok this is it".

    Then I saw the guy's face and was "I don't recall BA being THAT different.."

    And then he started singing

  52. gar jesso

    your no bryan adams bud

  53. Kayo406


  54. liezl marfito

    i love u..bryan white and i really love your GOD GAVE ME YOU.. song..i keep hear it repeatedly...

  55. nat co

    bryan is seriously a really very attractive guy =]

  56. First Wizgle

    sometimes, SOMETIMES, i wish all guys had this voice. im getting tired of all these deep voice guy singers. he can hit a high note, but he doesnt sound like a girl doing it!!! and yea it is kinda nasal, its still really good. luv bryan white!!

  57. First Wizgle

    sometimes i wish all guys had this voice. its not like super deep, but he doesnt sound like a girl either! its so cool. luv bryan white!!

  58. Codie Rémy

    the music of my childhood. <3

  59. Stephhutch

    Where is he now? I loved him!

  60. Rob V.

    @sailordoro And Bryan Adams version keeps the best !!!
    This guy wants to sing like Bryan Adams, but he can't !!!!

    Risma Byrne

    He should find to try his own voice not to be Bryan Adams, he should sing with his own version and then it'd be better

  61. FaithHillFANatic

    AWWWWWWWWWW, the good ol' days when Country music, was just that Country. Music that made your heart smile and feet dance. :-)

  62. Chris Healey

    @pang704 same premise but not the same people

  63. TheHPluver101

    I don't like country, but he has an awesome voice XD

  64. Karla D

    I was in love with this man when I was a kid haha.

  65. CrimsomLeo

    @pilotgirl777 damn straight take in the whole person and you will find the beauty

  66. Starfish

    This is what I grew up on. I love the 90s country. It was when the songs were actually country.

  67. ChristisCountingOnMe

    I hope and pray that my love Zach will truly see the beauty in me one day. Because despite his faults, I see the beauty in him.

  68. IcelandicActor

    country WAS still good....ITS GOOD NOW and is rising <3 hehe

  69. ChristisCountingOnMe

    I met my fiancee off of the dating site Zoosk, and he always tells me how beautiful I am to him. :)

  70. Angell Starr

    Bryan Adams Was much better.......

  71. Tammi Goforth

    I went to school with him during junior high and high school. He sang at the Grand Ole Opry in high school which took me by surprise because he always stayed to himself. He was extremely shy. He was a cutie when he was 13. Maybe I should have got him to sign my yearbooks. Lol

  72. Alicja Musiał

    just a cover of better Bryan's song ;]

  73. Xena93

    holy crap his good looks took me by surprise...

  74. Megan Heid

    You're an idiot. Victim pie?? lol ok... Apparently seeing someone in concert earns you victim pie! mmm yummy! PITTY ME! I SAW HIM WHEN I WAS 10! hahahaha You're a dumb shit!

  75. blossom brenda Eyoune-Dene

    Oh i just love this song it means so much to me...

  76. Theresa Hinojosa

    I love this song....have to say its one of my favorite Bryan White song!!!

  77. Bryath M

    Bryan! So glad to hear your voice again!! I've put ALOT of time into finding you! Outside of you-tube obviously. Great to see you. You disappeared on us Man! I will be buying the latest. Take care. And.....Do NOT disappear again!! Hahaha! C-ya Bro!

  78. Megan Heid

    wow! He was my first concert when I was very little (he was touring with Vince Gill) and I couldn't remember a single song! lol But I do remember meeting him the day before the concert :)

  79. ffaf295

    ... it said he did on wikipedia lol

  80. samantha foreman

    he didnt play him in the movie the origanal lead singer of journey did.

  81. ffaf295

    hes really good, but it's funny because i first heard him when he was the singing voice for Garett in "Quest for Camelot"

  82. Shea Porter

    Thanks for posting this! I have loved Bryan since I was 7! He was my very first cassette I owned!! My momma new I LOVED him. haa

  83. bwfandk

    Still love Bryan and his music after 12 years. This guy are so talented and warmhearted and loyal to his fans. I'm PROUD of being a fan and this video is timeless.

  84. chelstheaggie09

    I miss him! He was my favorite when I was younger... i wore that CD out.

  85. tinynorthcat

    Well, nice, bur the Original by Bryan Adams is much better !!!!!!!!

  86. alecialenae06

    bryan white is my favorite singer and i love this song. He is such a nice guy and also puts on an awesome concert.

  87. Luke Winterfeldt

    geez he's just a kid, you can tell by his undeveloped, high voice

  88. Alisha Parramoure

    I LOVELOVELOVE this video. And I love him just as much, if not more. Cannot wait till his new album later this year!

  89. RyogaHibikiPigDance

    bryan is so hot in this video