Whispers, The - Up On Soul Train Lyrics

Hey, it's party time
So get on your kicks, and walk
Get on the train
And ride it, wherever it goes

We gonna boogie right down
To every town
Boogie with the train
'Round the world and back

Soul Train
Come on, and shoot your shot
We gonna have a good time
The big train is mighty hot

There's no ticket to buy
We'll take you on down the line
Don't need your money
Your body will do just fine

We gonna do it so smooth
On every street
You can join the club
If you can shake your thing

Soul Train
Plenty of funk for you
Come on along and boogie
The big train is coming through

Soul Train
We wanna dance with you
The music is nice and funky
The people are groovy, too

Soul Train
So nice and funky
Makes me feel so good

Soul Train
I don't need no ticket
I'm just gonna get on board

Soul Train
It's just me and my lady
We gonna boogie on together

Soul Train
Why don't you come on and party
It's gonna be alright

Soul Train
You don't need no money
If you can shake your thing

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Whispers, The Up On Soul Train Comments
  1. Manuel Windecker

    Soul Train,the hippest Trip in Amerika.With Guest Stars...
    ...and your Host Don Cornelius.

  2. seyi idowu

    Super Super Jam, this here jam brings back a lot fond memories, watchig soul train, The great Don Corneleous, other stuff like Sit coms like Good Times,Sanford And Son and too numerous to iist

  3. Brian Tillman

    MAN, the horns, strings, and bass guitar on this track IS STRAIGHT FIRE!!! GET UP ON THE SOUL TRAIN, PEOPLE!!!!!

  4. Cecilia J Casarez

    My forever love for The Whispers

  5. Martin Gal

    up on soul train for ever !! take it everywhere.. ;)

  6. Bob Mercy - Hudson

    Je vais travailler sur ce morceau à la production soignée....comme pour j'ai fait pour  Shalamar, Midnight Star Signé  (Mind Bob'S Mix) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEJ6agX7O3bjf48CGlaiWg/videos?disable_polymer=1

  7. baya taazibt

    Super sa me rapel de tres bon souvenirs

  8. nigthcore :v

    Full musica