Whispers, The - Say Yes Lyrics

Come here
Let's talk dear
There are things inside me
I want you to hear

I want to soak into you like rain
Make love until my energy drains
And as lust erases all shame
You'll scream my name out of pleasure, not pain

If you just say yes
(Girl, if you would only say yes)
I will do the rest
(I'll do the rest)

Come here
This is your hour
Ooh, like raindrops on a flower
Come bathe in my love shower

Then let me blow your body dry
Kiss the tears from your sexy eyes
And as our passion begins to rise
We'll lay hypnotized by the pleasure inside

If you just say yes
(Girl, if you would only say yes)
Please say yes, I'll do the rest
(I'll do the rest)

Oh, I want to build you a dream home
Made of love, not just wood and stone
Give you the deed to all that I own
Give you love beyond limit
Give you babies in our image

If you just say yes
(Girl, if you would only say yes)
Please say yes, I'll do the rest
(I'll do the rest)

If you just say yes
(Girl, if you would only say yes)
Ooh baby
(Say yes)
I will do the rest

Have you ever been kissed from head to toe
Down your back, around your navel
Well, you got that comin', my sweet
And even more tricks and treats
I'm willing and I'm able

Because I love you
Really, really love you
And I'm so damn proud of you, baby

Say yes
(Girl, if you would only say yes)
I will do the rest
(I'll do the rest)

If you just say yes
(Girl, if you would only say yes)
I will do the rest
(Say yes)

Say yes
(Girl, if you would only say yes)

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Whispers, The Say Yes Comments
  1. Floyd Patterson

    Just say yes and I'll do the rest. That's that S right there

  2. Mashmello Chilling

    You are the best on planet. No music touches my heart as yours

  3. Slim Trim

    Let me make love to you until my energy drain... Yes Daddy!!!

  4. Joshua Lowe

    2019 anyone??

  5. Kika

    Beautiful beautiful and my gosh that saxophone is everything

  6. Naimah Thomas

    Listen, The Whispers Swag, Lyrics, Harmonizing and those Twins Sanging Lovely Heartfelt Real Lyrics 😐 and their Dance Routines, they wasn't Lacking Anything they have Everything that Makes A Star 💯❤👑🍫🎤🎼🎶😉✌.

  7. kelly sharp

    A great sexy song I love the whispers I would say yes! This voice!!/song love it


    Enigma 7 hidden secrets

  9. Stephen Filkohazi

    Panty dropping. Dad gave me this album when i was a freshman in high school. There are 47 girls that thank you pops.

  10. Terrance Gross

    Have you ever been kissed from head to toe, down your back around to your navel? Who here in 2019

  11. Destiny Hall

    Who's still here on this jam in 2019

  12. Danny Parsons


  13. James Epps


  14. Nancy Leal


  15. Dawain Jackson

    I'll do the rest!

  16. big gee.

    2019 they just dont make tunes like this know more how class this is x

  17. Loretta De Herrera


  18. Ryan Young

    Please say yes baby and I promise I'll do the rest!

  19. Lilli Lizzy

    I've conceived at least one baby while listening to this. Trickery is what I call it. ❤️

  20. Robert Carter


  21. trick baby

    What you know about this , youngsta?

  22. Kay Growe

    Now this is love music.

  23. Sonya Jackson

    RIP Asmar my brother I STILL hear you singing this now you sing with the ANGELS❤❤❤❤

  24. Mr Patterson

    Lil kids its bedtime..lol

  25. Amanda Wyatt

    Hurting inside . This is song helps me get over me hurting.

  26. Sid Raymond

    ❣this song! 🤩

  27. Etelei Kuata - Fiapai

    1st time listening to this on full blast and our house is next to a Priest... hopefully this song doesn't make him leave his priesthood 😂🤦❤️❤️

  28. Diane Marie Rollins

    I said yesss already em dam twins will make u get in the mix in a very good way

  29. 4ortune is that you ?

    Kiss the tears from yo sexy eyes 👀

  30. masande tshabalala


  31. Jacquelyn Bell

    Makin babies music💘💘

  32. David Whitfield

    This is blissful like the pungent-musty taste of dead hooker twat.

  33. Linda Lyte

    Congratulations to Ms.Mary J.Blige.
    To the many Artists( Solo and Groups) who have won The B.E.T.Legend and Soul Train Legend Award, however......When will this LEGENDARY Group be honored, after entertaining the masses for over 50 yrs?

  34. Lillan Thompson

    Blow your body dry damn

  35. Courtney Scott

    Yayyyyy!!!!😀😀😀😀😀 WBLS songs The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green 🎵🎤🎵🎤🎵💿💽📻

  36. Linda Hernandez

    Wow...classic classic classic...if you would only say yes I will do the rest.... damn.....💋👄👅😋😛😝

  37. samara williams

    I love old school music i definitely have a old soul💜

  38. Cynthia Brown

    I really miss my Husband!!!! This was our song.

  39. John Rudolph

    one of the if not the greatest love song of our era say yes n I'll do the rest. love this group it's my birthday um about to rock steady.

  40. Faith Webley

    Thanks for writing this Nicholas Caldwell RIP always

  41. Faith Webley

    You will dance all day to this with or without a partner

  42. Iona


  43. Ant Dogg

    Thank God For The Old School

  44. tashiya jackson

    Me and my twin sister love old school music ❤️ we are 19 years old

  45. karl24-7


  46. Rob Brown

    Just say yes great song!

  47. Shavona

    Who's listening in 2019 and your 30years old or younger? I'll wait.........

  48. diva doll

    I'm grooving this morn-ting.

  49. Ryan Young

    Just say yes baby, I'll do the rest!

  50. Amando Wilson


  51. Frances Rush

    Classic Whispers! RIH! My Jam here! Played the grooves off of this Album! Love the Whispers and those Twins! And as lust erases all shame. . . I wanna build you a dream home, made of love not just wood and stone. . . Much Love!

  52. Jessica Fowler

    Still vibing in 2019

  53. sactown steelers

    Whispers smooth slow grinding music deep inside you can feel it and her heartbeat
    The only music i listen to today crap just lost the true essence of soul music

  54. Nash Wright

    WHO still HERE 2019 🤔💪👌🔥

  55. Bobby Linning

    This is straight up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. King El III

    Smooth and lyrical describes my era of music that I grew up on. Better times, better places to go, better music, better people. You didn't have to worry about people being on their cell phones inside the club because they were too busy partying and having a great time.

  57. AjEvans Sinclair

    My Sweetheart I love you xpxpxpxp

  58. Guillermo Bailey

    mellow and beautiful

  59. Terence Wilson's prom dress

    If you just say yes... I'll do the rest

  60. Gale Pride

    Blowing my back dry.......say yes.
    Have you ever been kissed from head to toe......Great lyrics

  61. Vee Franklin

    If you just say yes....i’ll do the rest... Yesssssssss!! 🙌🏽

  62. OG Kusherton

    3:24 is so good .... i was born in 85 btw

  63. Phyllis Thornton

    If you just say yes!! Damn this song smooth right from from the title

  64. IAmMister RedHook37

    Feburary 6.2019 at 11:40 pm

  65. Alicia Young

    Grown Folks Music!!! Bartender Give Me a Long Island Ice Tea. And Yes I'll Bop With You😊

  66. Saint Maddenus

    This is the song for my other other half.   The one I can't tell the Mrs about...

  67. The Gemini Man

    One of best slow that use to get girls out of there seats and on the dance floor..... nothing beats old school.😎

  68. Tamika Haskins

    He said "Let me blow your body dryyy, kiss the tears from your sexy eyes"🎶🎶💕💕and as our pressure begin to rise, your hypnotized by the pleasure inside.

  69. Tommy Cole

    CLASSIC Im So Glad I Had A Mother,Aunts And Uncles And Elders Who Knew Real Music Through My Neighborhood

  70. judy morgan

    I am a old school Girl love my old school music that's it

  71. Geraldo Barbosa

    Best Songs. Great Group

  72. Robert Creasey

    Cheeky little tune 😜

  73. Todd Palmer Palmer

    All times favorite group. Favorite band is earth wind and fire.facts!

  74. Pain and love Pain and love

    Whoever gave this song a thumbs 👎 don't know anything about real music

  75. Keystone Brazil

    CLASSIC 101!!!! When she say yes yes yes!!!!! Fire 🔥 🔥 track!!!! #Keepyourfrontunified #AHA

  76. Latricia Patterson

    I say YES to this song....💕💕 love it !!!!!!

  77. Mac An Murda

    Rip to my pops love u mane u got me listen'n to this in my 77 seville

  78. Angela brookes

    2018 ❤

  79. wagdee

    Ai yes very good playlist was very showww parabens for the good musical taste.
    Wagdee from São Paulo Brasil.

  80. Tommy Jackson

    Ooh i love the sounds of the whispers

  81. Pain and love Pain and love

    One of my favorite songs

  82. Lisa Shine

    Sweat! Lord that man was good to me. I will always love you and thank you for teaching me how to be a Woman for life. I miss you🤗🙏

  83. Eresi Linda

    Very beautiful music, I saw a couple dance to it very fantastically and romantically on Facebook video and I was thrilled by it. Wow, the lyrics speak to my soul

  84. Donald B

    Coming from the last of the Ole Skool..Muskogee, Oklahoma. The Broadnax 3!. Peace to Wanda Mae..My mother dear.

  85. Robert Brown

    I had the pleasure of seeing the whispers back in 1984 another one of the great vocal groups that i felt were underrated. what happened? They just don't make music like this anymore rest in peace Nicholas Caldwell and Marcus Hutson.

  86. QueenAnita Soul

    Hot Damn

  87. Gratis Media

    Still might end up on a sex registry if she drunk and say yes..

  88. Courtney Manson

    30 years n i know better lol

  89. Gwen Johnson


  90. C 5200

    TNR-vintage. Yes, Kelsey West Philly 😊 ✌

  91. Stella Gonzales

    Beautiful! Straight..Im

  92. Lee Williams

    Young people I just want you to know that life was so sweet back in these days R&B was bad to the bone

  93. AjEvanssinclair FollowYourHeart

    Yes yes yes yes

  94. Willie Davis

    I wanna soak into you like rain ... That's some mad rap for your ears.