Whispers, The - Love For Love Lyrics

Do you think that this love could last forever?
Can you tell if it's false or true?
Do you think you could feel this with another?
Do you think it's right for you?
When you touch me, I know that I'm truly living
A dream that will never end
When I speak, I know your heart will listen

'Cause we're giving love for love
Kisses for kisses, ooh-ooh...
Love for love
Ooh, wishes for wishes
Love for love
Pleasure for pleasure
That's what I wanna give to you
Love for love
Measure for measure of love

Do you think that this joy could ever leave us?
Do you know if it's right or wrong?
Do you think that our hope could just deceive us?
Do you think our hearts are strong?
I can see by your eyes that you're truly giving
And you need me like I need you
And I know I'll never lose this feeling

'Cause we're giving love for love
Ooh, we're giving kisses for kisses
Love for love
We're giving wishes for wishes
Love for love
Pleasure for pleasure
What I wanna give to you
Love for love
Measure for measure of love

Love for love

'Cause we're giving love for love
Do you think that this joy could ever leave us?
Love for love
Ooh, I don't believe
We're gonna be apart one day, baby
Love for love
Pleasure for pleasure
That's what I wanna give to you
Love for love
Love for love, love for love, ooh...

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Whispers, The Love For Love Comments
  1. Linda Jackson

    Hi edagdwg.love this song God at work giving his best to two special people so blessed to know the drifrince between play and real love Linda j ☮️a love bug ❤️💯 💯❤️

  2. Linda Jackson

    Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing this song is joy fun God is in control live with love and prayers wins linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯💯 💯

  3. Richard Ward

    The vocals of this song is great. They are very talented.

  4. gary merritt

    Amazing track and background vocals,this is the only track that the whispers recorded where they included female backing vocals as well as their own,the lady in question is the wonderful Linda Tillery.

  5. 76grandprix

    First time hearing this. I like this.

    conrad ford

    76grandprix This is their finest hour.

  6. Red Fox

    This is one of those songs by The Whispers that you call the album cut that you never hear on the radio great job by The Whispers it's a love forever love for love

    Akoben Renaissance

    Thats how you knew REAL fans though. We listened to the whole album. They had those b-side tracks.

  7. Joseph Turner

    These cats were Awesome!

  8. conrad ford

    The whole album is outstanding . Man, wish I could go back and enjoy that era one more time.

    Akoben Renaissance

    Ya dig? I would go back in a HEART beat and REALLY make the most

  9. David Hunter

    Sweet memories of my first year in the United States Air Force☺💪

  10. Louie Jackson

    I picked the whisper in 1975. To Be. The Best Group in R & B.

    Kevin P

    1. Whispers
    3. Stylistics
    4. Isley Brothers

    Akoben Renaissance

    Damn Louie, you psychic bro. I should have got with you back then we could have been rich off the lottery.

  11. Darnellz Carterz

    the whispers made it very easy to express your yrue love for that special someone and it the real deal

  12. Donald Reese

    we used to sing the song Back at college harris-stowe State St Louis beautiful song good for harmony Whispers Donnie Reese

    conrad ford

    Donald Reese That's old school Donald . Feels good , don't it. Lol

    Akoben Renaissance

    Shit i was in 9th grade pantomiming in the mirror so many days and nights to this song

  13. RJ W

    Radio London back in the day, thanks Robbie Vincent for getting me into the Whispers.

  14. Freddie Wilkerson

    This cut is tough fkd

  15. Freddie Wilkerson

    Temps whispers all in both can it ( sing) dice fkd

  16. Freddie Wilkerson

    One of the best I know I'm a true fan Freddie dice fkd

  17. Joyce Terry Dillard

    I love these men.

  18. Maxine Vaughn-Ayala

    Love For Love ❤️
    Love The Album Cover ❤

  19. John Galt Dough

    pretty song. great voices.

  20. derrick smith




  22. Maxine Ayala

    Beautiful song. Love the background harmonies.

  23. sherwinfitz

    I'm in the middle of making a Whispers ballad playlist. I'm at 15 right now, and I'm not even half finished. There are just too many to keep up with. I'm finding slow jams I had forgotten all about.

    Ahmed Salahud-Din

    me too:>)

    Joseph Turner

    Awesome young man!!

  24. Nancy Robinson

    In April at the Atlanta civic center, my husband of 48 years and I saw these guys. Their music is still romantic and relevant today as it was 30 years ago. love for love is one of our favorites. May you guys and your families be well. We pray that Nicholas continue to progress and be where he should be on stage. Can someone creditable please let us know that Nicholas is ok. To the best group ever with much love and respect. Nancy

  25. Janice McLaurin

    This is the epitome of great music...the Whispers are the cream of the crop!

  26. Juanita Leverett

    Love all old music.. it just relaxes me.. and be on my deen

    Akoben Renaissance

    Proper thoughts produce proper lyrics producing proper deen.

  27. Nancy Robinson

    The whispers is what you call true professionals. It come though with their songs, dress, personality. When you ask whose the best of all times? Simply say the whispers.

    Akoben Renaissance

    Real Talk!

  28. 008BUCKINSSR


  29. SoulGuardian

    Great track........

  30. tonoslim

    Love this song! I remember my step father used to play this album on his record player when I was a child. this is my favorite album cover, too.

  31. pauljupiter71

    WHen I think of class and style in performing, the Four Tops come firdt in my mind, becuse they were there in my early childhood, and then come the Whispers, bar none!
    Singing ability, style, class and still going strong!

  32. gina garrett

    These Guys are my ALL TIME favorite group!!!! I just love them!!!! they will forever be the Best.....they really know how to make a woman feel oh so very special!!!!! so talented!!!! this is what you really call {talent} I just don't know the music Industry of today is doing giving all of these so called non talented singers props for??? WHAT??? KEEP ON DOIN WHAT YALL DO B EST whispers...and that is .......PERFORMING AND SINGING!!! Love you guys soooo much!!!!! a forever true fan for life!!!!!!!


    gina garrett I agree, they do know how to make a woman feel loved!