Whispers, The - Had It Not Been For You Lyrics

Do you realize
You're the only good thing
That has happened
To me since I've been on my own

Girl will you believe
If I had not met you
When I met you
Then I would not ever have known

The joy and beauty of
Two people sharing love, that's true
My whole world would have caved in
Girl had it not been for you

Girl you've done so much
To give my life a whole new direction
And much more than these word can say
(Word can say)

So I give you my thanks
And my promise that from now on baby
That we will with each passing day

Know the joy and beauty of
Two people sharing love, that's true
My whole world would have caved in
Girl had it not been for you


The joy and beauty of
Two people sharing love that's true
My whole world would have caved in
Girl had it not been for you

Oh baby, the joy and beauty of...

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Whispers, The Had It Not Been For You Comments
  1. Karen King


  2. Roman White

    Yes , I’m in my twenties and listening to this!

  3. Patricia Coleman

    Edward James Hinson may Allah be with you my love I will never forget you it's heart💔ing what they did to you.

  4. fred moore


  5. Barbara Conyers


  6. Linda Lyte

    Why oh why,has this amazing R and B who has been entertaining the masses for over 50 years....Not been honored with a B.,E.T.Honors Award, B.E.T.Legend nor a Soul Train Legend Award?
    All of the beautiful Ballads they have gifted us with..even finger-poppin songs " Rock Steady," And the Beat Goes On".
    It is a shame and a travesty ( I'm serious people),,that B.E.T. has Honored ,everybody and their Moma,but not this Group!!!!!

    Why is it year after year this amazing,gifted,soulful group from( over 50 years of giving us some of the most beautiful songs ever recorded ( such as this!!)...and yet B.E.T. continues to Look Over Snubb, WHISPERS.......Year after year!!!!
    I have called B.E.T.Corp,was told by a Receptionist that The Whispers were on the list,however only one performer/ group can be chosen ( that was about 7 years ago)2 years ago,I sent a E- mail,last year I mailed a handwritten written letter,yesterday( sinceThe Soul Train Awards were televised a few days ago)....I sent another E- mail( regarding this matter)
    And no I'm not some fanatic,nor Crazed fan!!!!
    With all due respect,The remaining members of the Group....are getting up in age!!!! It has been Long Overdue,for this fabulous group to be...... HONORED!!!!!!!!!!
    Rest in Peace,Marcus Hutson,Nicholas Caldwell,Mr.Grady" G" Wilkins.
    God Bless You and Thank you,Scotty,Walter and Leaveil....for keeping the Torch lit and Keeping it Movin.
    Peace and an Abundance to All.

  7. Ernesto Bardwell

    No Words Baby I Can Say About How I Feel About You😍😍😍😍I Just Want To Love You Always💝💝💝💝💿💿🌉Nyc

  8. beginnerkeys

    Many,many moons ago, when I was a young bachelor and had my own "Crib" back in the 1970's, I would invite some "Sweet Lady" over and would play Smokey, Luther, Marvin, Delfonics, Blue Magic, and a few other slow music jams on the old "Reel To Reel" tape recorder, getting in the mood, laughing, sipping on something smooth, having a good time, BUT, as soon as I started playing the "BOYS".....THE WHISPERS......
    .......EVERY TIME, and I MEAN EVERY TIME, the Romantic, Hot, Fireworks Kicked Off The Tender Surrender WITHOUT FAIL. WOW, WOW, WOW!! Thank You Whispers.

  9. Super Mario

    es lebe whispers Zwillinge ,, tahia Notre bien aime gaid salah et Notre bien aimee l Armee algerienne souveraine forte dans Le bassin mediterranen .

  10. Toni Williams

    I absolutely love The Whispers.....their songs make me even happier that my Husband came into my life!!!

  11. horace bradford

    I so love this song

  12. Ellery Stevenson

    One thing I can say about this music, I can Entertain my lady love throughout the night and never miss a beat, because every cut is on point and we can love on each other until sun rise and do it all over again the next night, come just a little closer and let me Whisper in your ear.

  13. Tajauna Thompson

    100 dislike seriously, who are people? Find me something better and musically on a level such as this. I'm curious, what do you contribute your dislike to?

  14. Sharon Wilcox

    Can sleep oooh my God I feel like am hearing the heavenly angel singing. Beauty songs all about true n pure love. I miss those days

  15. Irene Byers

    Why is no one making music like this anymore????????????????? #Timeless #AllAboutLove

  16. Brenda Orvis Shay

    ♥️ 🧸

  17. Thomas 2005

    Can y'all please be quiet, I'm trying to listen...............🎶🎶🎶😂

  18. Linda Jackson

    Hi edagdwg love this song God at work 🙏 changes things this is a real true song for ppl that are still wanting true love from God u can say I'm blessed to have you in my life life is a real trip Linda j ☮️ ❤️ ❤️💯 💯❤️❤️💯 💯

  19. mj artist

    This group just has beautiful song after even more beautiful song WOW !

  20. Brenda Orvis Shay

    This is lovely. ♥️. Love wishes to everyone in Love. 🥰😘

  21. Lisa Smith

    My whole world would have cafed in

  22. William Green


  23. Willie Preston

    Love you Christina your my everything.

  24. Victoria Harris

    I Love them

  25. Linda Jackson

    GM edagdwg love this song God at work 🙏 I thank God for teaching me no real love with out him so blessed 🙏❤️ linda j.❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

  26. Maria Williams-kemp

    This is what true love is all about appreciating on another. Respect is the key in any relationship

  27. Special 109

    This Song Will Always Be A Hit No Matter How Old It Gets

  28. AjEvans Sinclair

    I love you so much XOXO

  29. Darin Reese

    Ann my special Ann.

  30. AjEvans Sinclair

    I love you lol xoxoxo

  31. Kasim 0wens

    First time for everything first time listening to this song I've been whisper fan ever since I was 6 years old turning Channel on the radio dial I found a station called kblx San Francisco station k d i a the boss of the Bay I remember Winnie tickets James Brown

  32. Kim Fenty

    Had it not been for you showing me why REAL LOVE ❤️ is from a REAL MAN I would have never known.... thank you for loving me the way you do and why you do... PURE L O V E 😍😘💕💕🥰💋❤️ I love 💕 you Forever my love 😍 #kacy #kacy2019forever #reallove #love #hereallylovesme #perfectoneforme #youdabest

  33. Emelda Lawson

    Whispers, Hands down, are still, Kickass! The young artists, can certainly learn from the, earlier entertainment!
    P.S., Stop trying to, Steal it!
    Keep talking and twerking. Entertain!

  34. Brittney Huff

    I’m 32 these lyrics!!! real music 🎶 thanks pandora for playing this song ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Kaneeta Hill

    What's wrong with the thumbs down people...maybe they've been unlucky in love..😞

  36. Emelda Lawson

    Restatement: Those ivories still talking.
    Not to mention the group.

  37. FutureRichPerson 247365


  38. LUCKY 472

    #COLDBLOODED (-_-)

  39. Charles Hutchinson

    The Whispers always send a soulful message of Love and Joy through their music. Will we ever get this again, I implore?

  40. Roger Winters

    Love my Whispers those twins will always be handsome and talented what a dream looking at those beautiful lips they have.

  41. Darryl Harrod


  42. Garret Jones

    The memories of love making to this song!

  43. Meredith Lane

    Oh my - this music reminds me so much of my husband ( Greg - I know you are out there somewhere) he loved Scotty's voice! The Whispers so smooth.

  44. April Evans

    I l love you Baby thank you for loving me and letting me love u xoxo

  45. Jack Blankenship

    In Memory of my Wife : Joyce 2/18/17 I Loved You so Much !!!

    Linda Lyte

    Jack Blankenship / So sorry for your loss.

  46. Joseph Turner

    Classic R&B soul at it's very best...............100%

  47. Thomasa Coleman

    Wow. Such a beautiful, beautiful song. In tears

  48. Sandterri Makinde

    My ex husband of 23 years just sent me this song this morning smh i feel bad for him he sad he lost a good thing!!

    Thomasa Coleman

    Sandterri Makinde listen to the lyrics. If you both can't imagine life without each other: WORK IT OUT. Life is short, and love is not hard, we just make it so.

    j Pat

    I guess the grass was not greener on the other side.

  49. Richard Ward

    This song remind of a relationship I could have had.

    Renee Burris

    Richard Ward Richard baby you need to work on that

  50. Cammy James

    Everyone jus talking about dead family members and deep stuff n I'm just tryna check out a lil b sample 😂

  51. Phyllis Oliveira


  52. Ado Quaye

    the Whispers are the straight bomb, but U gotta give Props to those musician that made it happen, I dilute you fellas !!

    SAM The SHAM


  53. - Om

    After a lifetime 71 years, I found that special someone who became my best friend.  The joy and happiness of two people being love is an experience that I treasure even more when reminded by this song.  My love for my best friend grows with each passing day.  What is even more fantastic lies in the fact that I am 71 years old and my Best Friend is my six year old grandson.  My life, my love, my everything.

  54. Gareth Claassen

    Very beautiful, the words are out of this world and I will always stay a Whispers fan

  55. D'Artenya Granger

    The Whispers Had It Not Been For You 2018

    Sandra Wilson

    I love Scotty Walter best love music

  56. Hoeace Bradford

    "So smooth"

  57. Darnice Murray

    Yes by far the greatest ballard ive heard by the whispers..wrote beautifully by Nick...RIH...my friend

    Linda Lyte

    Darnice Murray / AMEN, Yes !!!!

    William Green

    I AGREE💯

    Leslie Cooper

    I have to agree

    Deborah Johnson

    Had no idea that Nick was gone i always had a crush on him i knew when i first hrard this piece that he wrote it rip. Nicolas Caldwell

    Dennis Walker

    I get it your right a top Class Ballad.. From a top class Band...But Trust me babe ..they done soooooo Much more..this track is the first track on theB side of the album love 4 love...oh my daze have you even heard this Album? If you had you.d get the many many others they did you.d be hooked No. ADDICTED....and there's no Known Cure..

  58. Ms. Kita B

    I'm 40+ and I can still find a new/ole Whisper song to fall in love with every year, they are how I relax!!

    Chris Christopher

    Chiquita Land I thought I was the only one!!! Beautiful music no doubt 🌠🌠🌠


    40+? Lol

  59. Renee Burris

    Boody butt nakedness pure and simple

    Stanley Dixon

    Renee Burris true indeed

  60. Al Pollard

    now just WHO in the hell,DISLIKES THIS SONG,12 ?....

  61. Van Ellis

    My husband said he feels this way about me i love him so much and thank you Scotty&Walter

  62. Erik O

    Lil Yachty brought me here...

    FL Markocaine

    Erik O what track?

    What Male?

    Same😂😂and lil B

    FL Markocaine

    Glosace Solo Frfr

  63. Tammy Toon

    Had It Not Been For You Tube I would not be able to listen to this great sexy music!

  64. jo22338601

    Thank you Nick " had it not been for you and you're talent we would have been a little short." Miss you like yesterday 1-5-2016 now 1-5-2017..much forever love.

  65. James Jones

    Really? How can u not love this beautiful music.The Whispers. The Masters of love ballads. RIP Mr. Nick Caldwell. You will be missed.

  66. Emelda Lawson

    Beautiful Song and Thought, on offering AND, that Pianist, is KICKASS, on those, Ivories!!

    Renee Burris

    Emelda Lawson No the joy and beauty of two people sharing love thats true

  67. Alonzo Corbett

    The song I got married and my reception the truth

  68. Lonnie Christian

    god bless my sweet ex-wife. may she rip

    Pete Jones

    For your ears only the wispers

    Akoben Renaissance

    🌹 for the sista

  69. jo22338601

    Just doesn't get much better than this , I pray your strength and good health and many more years of success.

  70. Alicia Kauffman

    this song right here when me and my husband got together wen we first met 13 years ago

  71. Emelda Lawson

    That song, would light up the, Radio airtime, Even Now!! What a gorgeous
    Thought and Song!! This song, would, tighten up, the young sincere and honest men's game, of today!!! Listen and learn and, As I have said before, you young bucks, can learn something,
    from the Older Gents!! Check out the song and lyrics! Come Correctly!!

    Linda Lyte


  72. Michael Jeter

    True Balleteers Classic...Their Music Will Stand the Test of Time 🎵🎼🎤

    Janice Burford

    My husband and I love the whispers! We have all of their music. They are by far the best singers of all time! They are our favorite group! Thank you fellas for the beautiful songs. RIH Nick Caldwell.

  73. - Om

    "Had it not been for you."  Such a beautiful song that it transcends sex and gender.  it brings me to my "best friend"  who is a  five year old little boy that is also my grandson. Listening to this song makes me realize how God has blessed me with bringing that child into my life.

    Akoben Renaissance

    Blessings. I was 14 years old when this came out and felt it from the depths of my lil young heart without even had long life experience. I feel the same about it today at 51.

  74. Mr. Brown

    This song is the TRUTH!!!!!

  75. Tyrone Morgan

    My greatest group of all time; R.I.P. Nicholas Caldwell

    William Green



    they're a close second to Earth Wind and Fire for me RIP Nick and Reese <3 ;0

  76. Patricia Thomas

    Oh how I love this song

  77. Chrissy Hill

    A close friend just asked me to listen to this song ....he knows some music

    Nathaniel Green

    Good stuff...

    Akoben Renaissance

    Yeah he do

  78. snowstorm1956

    _In Memory of "NICHOLAS CALDWELL" 1/5/2016, "Had It Not Been For You"....Always_

    GMAN Shakespeare

    Second that. He was the silent superstar.


    Though, always visible !.. ;-)
    Forever, Remembered...

    GMAN Shakespeare

    Love another Whispers' fan. Thanks.

    Yvonne Coach

    oh how I miss you Nick,

  79. Collette Glover

    Bad jam right here!!

  80. dave rave

    Lil B brought me here

    Blue Prince Beatz

    +dave rave What a shame.

    Khiry Ahmad

    dave rave bitch i'm keith sweat!


    Khiry Ahmad a page of quiet "dedication and reflection",my son..

  81. William Jones

    The is just cold,especially when you're in love or you miss someone.