Whispers, The - Emergency Lyrics

I never thought there'd come a time
When someone else could tap my line
On hold my woman's love
I have expecting you to still be mine, yeah

Time comes around, I'm knowing I should be there
'Cause when I call her
A line that's always been clear
Is busy at the strangest hours
Operator got to have your help

This is an emergency
Please interrupt the line
He's trying to beat my time
Emergency, that's what I'm making

Tell her love is on the phone
I know I left her all alone
But this time I got my signals straight
When love calls she won't have to wait

Try the line one more time
This woman is much too rare for me to give her up
Knowing that love's still there
'Cause all at once it came to me
Now operator got to let me please

This is an emergency
Please, won't you put me through?
Or she'll have somebody new
Emergency, that's what I'm making
'Cause my heart is aching

This is an emergency
I don't care about the charge
I'm suffering from a broken heart
Emergency, in the name of love, yeah

So won't you help me out?
This is an emergency
He's trying to beat my time
Emergency, in the name of love, yeah

Operator, this is an emergency
I don't care about the charge
I'm suffering from a broken
Yeah, that's what I'm making
My heart is aching for my baby

This is an emergency
Please interrupt the line
'Cause he's trying to beat my time

This is an emergency
Now you've got to put me though
Or she'll have somebody new, yeah

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Whispers, The Emergency Comments
  1. Sami Kharbach

    Yeah waouh indémodable

  2. Carlos Alberto

    São uns dos melhores que já vi

    Carlos Alberto

    Carrinho rj

  3. Sami Kharbach

    Yeahhhhhhh la funk. Music pr les anciens de l apocalypse

  4. The Prune

    @1:20 Zeke Elliott that you?

  5. Kristal Price

    Omg these a classic ..thanks YouTube

  6. Tiffany Waldon

    That’s crazy how you never could tell when Scotty and Walter would switch off on the lead!

  7. Mack Billionz

    This mf jamming

  8. TheCabouilla

    Super un des meilleurs groupe de soul funk

  9. STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    The Whispers : sorry we are not able to make a lousy song ! A video ? No problem we do them on the Everest level 💪🏼🤗👍

  10. Sketch Worm

    Time comes around...
    I'm knowing I should be there
    Cause when I call her
    A line that's always been clear
    Is busy at the strangest hours
    Operator got to have your help

    The way they twist and turn these lyrics, just fantastic!

  11. Said

    Only 1millions shit

  12. Brenda Pearson

    That intro makes me jump up out of my seat every time! This classic jam never gets old!! ❤❤💃🏾

  13. Latasha Roberts


  14. Princess Lanre

    This was music in the day. Bring the days back

  15. Ethel Steele-Robbins

    Sing it y'all!!!

  16. Latasha Roberts


  17. Edson Araujo


  18. Marvin Batiste

    Bass it up its an emergency

  19. Wolfsky9

    The Fabulous Whispers ! ---------THE Sound of Los Angeles .------------------------WolfSky9, 73 y/o


    RIH, Nick Caldwell ; your music is 4-Ever, Brother ! ---------------WolfSky9, 73 y/o

  20. The1baddman

    Happy Birthday to Walter and Wallace Scott !!

  21. Redd Blitz

    One of the baddest, funkiest, and smoothest groupd ever to lay it down!!!

  22. Nourdine Mezrar

    Rythm so good of this song even in 2019

  23. Said

    Rip Nicholas caldwell

  24. Bidu Kawasaki Kawasaki

    Melô do BIDU KAWASAKI - O maior nome do FLASH BACK - app TEMPO FM 103,9 Fortaleza

  25. Antonio Dell'Aversana

    1:08 fantastic move

  26. PetesSoulMusic

    Simply fantastic

  27. Garret Jones

    A smooth groove fo sure!

  28. Bryan Segura

    Latinos que les guste The Whispers ✋🎵

  29. Citrus Blast

    The mustaches and the afros make them look indian haha

  30. Funk Soul

    Love song ♡

  31. purplelove010

    I love post disco music!

  32. lanceflx63

    Leon Sylvers was a genius producer

  33. TalkBoy Worldwide Ent.

    Nick is my fav!!!

  34. TalkBoy Worldwide Ent.

    This song is that b*ich mannnnn the best!!!!

  35. Jean marc Dautel

    Tous mes 20 ans

  36. Vitor

    The best of Funk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL9I79aCqb4&list=PLZx-SnURgfCfUXAfPWbABjRqBmv18mCgi

  37. Global TV and Movies

    Brilliant music

  38. Marty Dee

    How good are the Whispers...Timeless

  39. Peter Middleton

    Top tune

  40. Loretta De Herrera

    💘 💘 💘 💘..

  41. James Boyd

    WJMI...99.7 FM in Jackson,Mississippi would play this every morning at 7:30 am before we went to school

  42. T Saraceni

    Good jam to dance to or a line dance. Yea old school jams are still tight. Yea so cool so cool. Love old school.

  43. 段小炎


  44. chromatickid

    so timeless and so fresh...you know it's gonna be a good time when you're dancing in your room alone to a song like this

  45. Eddie Vance

    That solar sound so beautiful that was the 80's sound

  46. Ian Wall

    What a great song.. Love the whispers... Love their tracksuits too!!!

  47. Angel Face

    A gheri curl Superman at the end.

  48. Juan Pañola

    Esta musica es genial. The whispers, shalamar, dynasty, kool and the gang etc debio haber sido un placer vivir en esa epoca

  49. Bill Bruce

    Nick was doing the full beard thing years ago, he pulled it off then and he pulled it off up until the day he left us.

  50. Khad Brooks

    Timeless!!!indémodable...cause my heart is aching!!!trop fort

  51. Marcus Vinicius Scalercio Teixeira


  52. champman Levin


  53. Ipro Fox

    Just got the vinyl today. When I saw it there was an EMERGENCY!

  54. Bubba Gray


  55. Luis Mancilla

    A veces envidio a quienes se gozaron esa época.

  56. Eric Munyasia

    Wonderful track very talented group. LE NONSENSE - Eat, Dance, Love, brought me here.

  57. Joanne Vance

    Now that is unbelievable music!!!! Luv them. Wish they would make a come back. Luved their music for years!!!!

  58. nick j

    These guys were always so happy!!!!

  59. nick j

    I'm sorry, but I like these guys better than New Edition!!!!!

  60. Sidney Hunt

    My life story the whispers

  61. Bob Cummings

    Don't U wish phone booths were still here?? LOLLLL! Classics never die!

  62. Beatrice Mcmullen

    that video so funny lmao

  63. AjEvanssinclair FollowYourHeart

    I love you and u are my everything!8

  64. AjEvanssinclair FollowYourHeart

    I love you so much and this music. Its funny I think I am training for the most important job ever learning about my future husband xoxop

    Khad Brooks

    AjEvans FollowYourHeart really??

  65. Loretta De Herrera

    💘 💘

  66. king esseen

    That is the craziest ending I've ever seen. 🤣 I AM that bearded brother.

  67. Roger Winters

    Love the words to the song and beat and O yes can the twins dance or what, that phone booth is rocking......................

  68. Champagne Hec

    I still own this album. 😎👌🏾

  69. bertice abercrombie

    My homies, loved them way before they made like 1962.

  70. Marvin Cruz

    They were so funky!

  71. theresa suetos

    All of these old schools jams are still relevant today and kick ass on ANY song today!

    nick j


  72. Giovanni Pierini


  73. RaythanielGFC


  74. Derrick Bell

    This is the original Mr Telephone Man by New Edition

  75. Qitse 34

    those track suits

  76. Kyle S.

    Song and video are pure joy. These dudes are so good.

  77. Burgess Williams

    The first 17 seconds is the tightest intro to a song I ever heard in my life 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Akoben Renaissance

    Leon Slyvers III

  78. Wolfsky9

    RIP, Nick Caldwell, The Whisperizer !! -------------------WolfSky9

  79. Wolfsky9

    Whispers, 4-Ever !! ------------------WolfSky9, 71 y/o

  80. Robert Cummings

    I really miss phone booths! LOLLL! I used 2 call girlfriends from them back in the day! LOLLL!

  81. Robert Cummings

    I 4got what year this came out and it still jams in 2018!

  82. shawnFromSkokie

    Classic ☝️

  83. Davey D Black

    This music takes you back in time love it

  84. HayterJoe

    My all time favourite Whispers song

  85. Lonnie Christian


  86. Robert Musso

    Sound Of Los Angeles Records At his best 👍❤🎼🎹🎺🎷🎧

  87. Hoplite Hussar

    the work of dick griffie

  88. charlston hamulyata

    Good music these guys were terrific

  89. Eddie Bradford

    Damn, Leon Sylvers is an absolute beast with those killer basslines. Anything with the SOLAR records label you can bet your last money (RIP Don Cornelius) that it had the Leon Sylvers spin on it.

  90. Samir KADi

    If time comeback !!!!!!

  91. Deborah Patterson

    The WHISPERS have stood the test of time and they still got it!!!!!! From 5 to 3 they A1 with me.

    Ian Wall

    Yeah.... 👍🏽... 👍🏽


    Still My Shit ! .... Gets Better In Time .

  93. Hepburn Scott

    Old stool at its finest. they sure don't make em like this anymore. Maaan, I sure miss this quality music.

  94. Rye

    love it!

  95. Dorothy Scott

    you are my favorite on planet Earth your music is beautiful Nick wrote 4 of my favorites