Whispers, The - Cruisin' In Lyrics

Cruising in
Never thought that it would come so easily but here we are
And it came so naturally, so unexpectedly here with me
And I just can't stop the flow

The night is hot so let's ride this wave of love
I'm cruising in
Don't have to pretend
I don't have to lie
I just don't get enough
I'm cruising in
And it seems like there's no end
Cruising in

On the wings of love it feels so heavenly just face the free
I can't believe that this is happening to me, must be my day
And I'm glad it's turning out this way

No rush, no fuzz
'Cause with you, girl, love's a breeze
I'm cruising in
Now I feel at ease
You know haste makes waste
I like this steady pace
I'm cruising in
Let me it once again
I'm cruising in

So mellow

I'm cruising in to your love
I'm cruising in
Love didn't hit me like a lighting bolt, it came on cloud, my heart's afloat
I'm cruising in, baby, baby, baby, to your love
I'm cruising in
Taking it slow, checking out the scene, came along with a love so
I'm cruising in, baby, baby, baby, right to your love
I'm cruising in

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