Weyes Blood - Seven Words Lyrics

These seven words I say to you, one by one
I love you and you have to know

If I could change how I'm insane
If I could learn to leave my troubles behind
It's starting to hurt and I know you moved on
Telling everyone how I done you so wrong

Cat scratch a beast
My words that made you bleed
Now I face tomorrow
Now I face tomorrow

In time we'll both be free from this ball and chain
Hanging on to things
I want you mostly in the morning
When my soul is weak from dreaming

When the dust has cleared
And you forget that I'm here
Hanging on
I've been hanging

Who had the last word
I'm telling you first
Who had the last word
I'm telling you first

These seven words are no longer mine
Who am I but a stranger who took you down
It's starting to burn and I wanna go home
Only home I've known
Lost in the storm

It had to be seven words to set us free
Now I face tomorrow
Now I face tomorrow
Now I face tomorrow

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Weyes Blood Seven Words Comments
  1. alba jaya


  2. ArchieInWonderland

    Which episode of h2o just add water is this

  3. Matthew Prine

    The seven words are "I don't want to do this anymore"

  4. Frankiez220

    Sounds like the Moody Blues. Awesome

  5. Major Tom

    the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we're alone ?

  6. Noor Kabir Rashiq

    well that was a dogshit video for such good song :/

  7. Thiago Alexandre

    Remember me long long long by the Beatles

  8. MrRaymo88

    Boy is she pretty!!

  9. Jessy Aires

    Deusa ♥️

  10. Michael Marino

    Her videos catch me off guard.and that's okay by me.

  11. Edwin Calero

    Que buena musica.
    Me recuerda a la musica que nunca debio haber salido de los escenarios.
    Ahora pura basura sintetica a la que llaman arte 🚧🤔

  12. awazi Tv

    This is such a beautiful song. Can't believe i just found her, never letting go...

  13. superbigcat

    ya, what's with all the water in all the weyes blood videos?


    1:46 love the pink floyd style drumming

  15. Fine Tye

    Nardwuar brought me here

  16. Luke

    I wanna suck that squid right outta her mouth

  17. dream substanc3

    Song of forced love in your middle school years ❤️

  18. Agung Peron

    quetin has get punch

  19. whatsername

    You're the worst 🖤

  20. butterfly

    2:49 what sound does this one bit remind me of... like beach house or something

    Matheus Lima

    yesssss i remind beach house too

  21. Arturo_2600

    saw WB in concert last night… really impressive.Sounded amazing and the band did a cover of the Beach Boy's 'God Only Knows'. Fantastic.

  22. Juan DeJesus

    I want you mostly in the morning, when my soul is weak from dreaming....

  23. James Livingston

    might check this chick out in philly, dig the trippy slide guitar

  24. Thomas Flannigan

    These lyrics, carried by her voice, effect me deeply:

    "these seven words
    are no longer mine
    who am I
    but a stranger
    who took you down
    it's starting to burn
    and I wanna go home
    only home I've known
    lost in the storm"

    I love how honest she is in this song, no excuses. She admits her part and her pain and tries to move on. I am full of gratitude that i was able to find this.

  25. Jorge Ramos

    what are the 7 words.....

    Noel McGovern

    I think we should see other people.

    7 words.

    Jorge Ramos

    @Noel McGovern THANK YOU!!!

    Noel McGovern

    @Jorge Ramos at least I think it is I could be wrong. It could be

    "I prefer Burger King fries than McDonald's."

  26. hardfolk

    Me recuerda más a Judee Sill, parece que es un tributo a ella <3

  27. hardfolk

    Judee Sill <3

  28. Juan DeJesus

    You're The Worst S05E07

  29. whatsername

    Youre The Worst!

  30. little giant

    i just discovered this today, and i am super grateful

  31. C asey


  32. bird

    This is so cute. He saved her and then let her go where she wanted even though it was away from him

  33. Ngale Aliyah

    Amazing ❤️

  34. paloma szwed

    Oulala, c'est si beau jpp<3

  35. Maria A

    this is "h2o just add water" on crack and i fucking love it

  36. lirpa5

    I was already a Weyes Blood fan since 2014, but that You're the Worst episode really hit me hard. Reminded me what a great song this is.

  37. Erick Guzman

    Gretchen brought me here.


    @John Lee clinical depression will do that to you...

    anna delmendo

    Me too ;(

    amac mcgee

    Same here! Great fine by whoever does the soundtrack for the show. The show was outstanding and she does such an amazing job of dealing and not dealing with depression. I like how the show would be categorized as a comedy but Is much more. It handles mental issues amazingly well. Depression is a cycle, Almost never depicted correctly in Hollywood

    Mateus Oliveira

    eta porra

    awazi Tv

    Me too. I love her and can totally relate

  38. bsalop

    So lovely! Cool company with Ariel Pink...❤️

  39. Sophie Halton

    Whoa...hello, John Lennon reincarnated in female form...💖

  40. Shady Groves

    Love her voice so

  41. Laurie B.

    Best break up song after Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA. Yes, better than “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac. Facts are facts.

  42. Carlos Salanova

    Listening to her for the very first time this evening. Hauntingly beautiful voice yet uplifting.....

  43. sweetsalami

    Could someone upload the "Three Tears" track unto youtube from the Secret 7" vinyl?

  44. supernova

    jeez i will never get over this album

  45. Franco Elias

    the fuck?

  46. Chai Hop

    Reminds me of my first breakup every time I hear this song

  47. Ciara

    Her voice reminds me of mitski

  48. bigbreakfast

    This shit is just Evanescence for people with college degrees.

    randy lee

    this is objectively a stupid position to take. but someone has to do it.

  49. eli a

    2:49: that smooth slide guitar is a dream

  50. Martín Domínguez

    Love this song so much <3

  51. eli a

    Natalie, you are very special. This is astounding. Please do some more movements or symphonies of the tracks on this album, in your style.

  52. Josh Cooper

    What isn’t she a star (fish)???

  53. MegaSnippezz

    Beautiful song, it has Nico vibes!

  54. Devilman1977

    If a siren ever had a voice that could lead me out to sea then it would be this voice. ✌

  55. russell delogu

    Is this song 15 minutes long, or does it just feel like it is?

  56. Paul You


  57. ladybugmerringue

    Whats the seven words?

  58. Virginie Sc

    the song is amazing

  59. Fat Frog

    the mermen are so adorable! I want one

  60. Miranda B

    ibsen/sontag's lady from the sea vibessss

  61. Christophe Lamoureux

    Genius history if i can change my life it was the happiness for me et all my family and all my friends was good affection to me because i'm not crazy but all what i do is never like i want to do and my mind is too bad and my brain could be good then my psychiatric doctor help me anyway and one day i could be happy with all i need a love,a job,and a children for eternity.

  62. Assem sayed

    one mississippi anyone ?

  63. ISI BONA

    Estas siete palabras....te digo una a una..te amo y tienes que saber si pudiera cambiar como estoy de loca... si pudiera aprender a salir ...mis problemas detrás...está empezando a doler y estás moviéndote contando a todos como te hice mal...gata que araña a una bestia....mis palabras que te hicieron sangrar....ahora me encuentro mañana...ahora me encuentro mañana...Con el tiempo ambos tendremos que estar libres de esta bola y cadena colgando de las cosas...Te quiero principalmente por la mañana...cuando mi alma es débil para soñar...Cuando el polvo se ha despejado y olvidas que estoy aquí colgando...He estado colgando....quien tuvo la última palabra...Te digo primero quien tuvo la última palabra...Te digo primero...estas siete palabras ya no son mías...quién soy mas un extraña que te llevó abajo...está empezando a quemar y quiero irme a casa...solo en casa he conocido perderme en la tormenta...tenia que ser siete palabras para liberarnos...ahora me encuentro mañana....ahora me encuentro mañana...ahora me encuentro mañana...

  64. ISI BONA


  65. theWARMJET

    70s vibe

  66. WiggleArt

    good stuff!

  67. Gabemoog

    I wish weyes blood did a collab with the lemon twigs..

  68. 444 Levels

    but what are the seven words?

    Bo Jaywalker

    ikr ugggh


    I love you& you have to know

    Iván Torres

    "these seven words I say to you"

  69. Brad MacDonald

    What are the seven words?

  70. catsniffingmania

    who the fuck gets in the back seat when they're hitchhiking

  71. OneMinuteFixed

    discovering great music this month :O so glad this is happening

  72. Makayla Leighann

    Saw them live recently and she was just as fantastic, if not better live.

  73. Amy Ampaire

    one mississippi brought me here

  74. Elyse Quesada

    Worst Nautica commercial ever

  75. Siti Zulaika

    Here because One Mississippi Season 2!

  76. greedobob

    [insert random female artist that this sounds nothing like] anyone?

  77. Lindsey Radice

    I love her!!!!! I don't understand how one could not!!!!!!! If you don't PLEASE tell me por que!!

  78. Elektra 730

    This is so beautifull, oh the lyrics❤️ I can relate so much.A song hasn't made me feel like this in a long time!

  79. Annie Stacie

    I love the way the lights look.

  80. Craig

    who had the last word?

  81. morrison tong

    It reminds me of father john misty!

  82. Perro K

    Closest voice to Maddy Prior I've ever heard. Beautiful!

  83. Cactuspractice12

    Sounds like Will Oldham (with prog influence)

  84. Renato Gomes

    Woah that guy at 2:33 looks a lil bit like Ginsberg.

  85. Ariel Churchill

    this song is epic but the video does not come close to matching the quality of the song...

  86. spandaumole

    Found her through her song 'Sides' with Perfume Genius on his new album, great find.

  87. voskat

    Hey, there's Marion Belle.

  88. MegaSnippezz

    One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Natalie is purley beautiful. If you like this, I definitely recommend Beach House, Ariel Pink and Mac Demarco.

  89. Titty France

    assez incroyable cette video !!! but i deeply love this artist ,you who love her , listen her 2 albums , just wonders!!

  90. Dylan J

    Surprised I haven't seen anyone compare her to Judee Sill. Not only is the comparison between voices uncanny (especially in the Drugdealer collab), but also with the Bach-y composition style and even aesthetically, there are a lot of similarities. Not to discredit or discard the merit of this artist, I'm super excited about having found her

  91. widM

    This is so Beach House.

  92. Paulo Victor Soares

    i love you blood

  93. Sensibility

    This song is so kind and reserved, saving that amazing musical phrase just for the last minute or so. I'd have just put that part on loop for an hour if I had written it and just made it get louder. So good. *So* good.

  94. DopeCracka

    2:15 onward is remarkably identical to When The Stars Go Blue by the Corrs.

    Robin Ashford

    DopeCracka *Ryan Adams. Covered by the Corrs.

  95. Paulo Soares Rodrigues


  96. Jengirl92

    She's a gem, and this song is exceptionally good.

  97. Jean-Michel Moisant

    I've just listened around 200 times this music during the past 3 days.. am I normal ?

    Ariel Churchill

    music is medicine, it what you need to hear right now apparently

    Tony Tiger

    Ariel Churchill true that

    Orion Ulttramarino

    Ariel Churchill aww♡

  98. dfghjk,mn jhgfgh

    these 80's Mexican drums

  99. Kristina Waters

    Catch Weyes Blood at Marfa Myths! It's an amazing music and art festival in Texas! https://ballroommarfa.org/archive/event/marfa-myths-2017/