Westside Gunn - Versace Will Never Be The Same Again Lyrics


Ayo, the beautiful, bagging up coke in my cuticles
Hop out, kill two other niggas at your funeral
(Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)
Ain't nobody iller, point 'em out, I might kill them niggas
Kith Hilfiger, wrist glittering, the water whippers
(Doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot)
AR from afar'll flip ya, you niggas acting like you richer
It's a cold world, show kids out Cavalli trenches (Ah)
Drug dealer's recipe, death'll squeeze (Boom boom boom boom)
Fuck a bitch once, you'll never leave, it's all there, it better be
Menacing thoughts, hanger whip it, a fork
On the yard, some niggas stabbing niggas for sport (Ah)
Goyard briefcase, snuck the MAC up in court
Didn't want a Buffalo nigga the king of New York
Black Waverunners, two bodies in the same summer (Boom boom boom boom boom)
Gave the cocaine a brain buster
Ayo, niggas count my money 'cause them niggas never had it (Uh uh)
Hanging out the orange with the fully automatic (Skrt)
They don't give a fuck, I'ma still rock Yeezy (Grr)
.40 cal up close, head shot, shit'll leave the [?] (Boom)
Martine Rose on a speedboat, hand signal
[?] number, shootouts, my shit hold at least a hundred (Grr)
Fuck nigga, you speak on nothing, keep the Ruger in the Reese Cooper
I drop the bag off, his own man'll do him (Boom boom boom)
And walk off like he never knew him (Ah)
The narcissist, shit marvelous, got bricks for half
AP wrist mad, whole shit bust down
Foreigns, paper tag (Skr), trash bags on the mag (Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)

Now, under this shit, we have the tag team champions
And it didn't take you long to do it
Well, uh, I like to think all of my work, uh, is a masterpiece, you know
Oh sure, of course
This is- this took a little time
Do you use oils?
I don't like to divulge what I, uh, use for my process
I was gonna say, if you did, you could just dip the brush in your hair
Alright, just, I'm sure you could just-
I'd like to put the kid Tony over here
Yeah, I'm sure, yeah, yeah
Anyway, this painting, this is, uh, my version, or how I feel, the world tag team champions look
Okay, can we have a drum roll, please?
Very good, alright, are we all ready for the unveiling?
Is everybody ready?
Is everybody psyched up for this or what?
Psyched up to the max

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Westside Gunn Versace Will Never Be The Same Again Comments
  1. Dee Lane


  2. Gobshite MGC


  3. Dan Wade

    Didn't realize that was Bret Hart at the end there.

  4. Ayatollah Khomeini


  5. Isaac

    I might kill dem niggaz.


    Sounds like Big L

  7. Abdullah Hassan

    I remember him from high school in Georgia not Buffalo💯💯💯💯💯


    lol he went to #61 up here i think

  8. B Rob

    This sh!t is dope.


    this and B.I.G. Luther on repeat!!!!!!

  10. Vernell Thomas

    I was late to the Griselda movement but I’m here now and this is what I needed to cancel out this trash that’s out today! Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba BOOM!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Brian Dalton

    Boom boom boom

  11. mikey rivera

    Conway would have killed this shit

  12. Aftawerdz Nuth


  13. Francisco Nava

    So haard !

  14. Classic

    Theres always that 1 Daringer thats the best track on LP.

    Micah Germany


  15. Anton 'Molen' Koev

    In 5 years, this guy will be on top of the world.

  16. Realrapboombapfiend31

    Daringer like the gun does damage every cook up

  17. Ange Wolff

    SUN TZU AKA GOAT shit dropped at midnight, my dude already hooked it up. THANK YOU

  18. L' Horta Crew

    Daringer always touch my soul.


    some of his beats are out of this world