Westside Gunn - Niggas In Puerto Rico Lyrics

[Westside Gunn:]
Ayo, Stone Island drag over the-, ah

Ayo, Stone Island drag over the whole island
Who run the phone? I ran up on 'em straight styling
In the mess rocking VVS, bet my commissary 300
Sport a E bucket, nigga, be something (Ah)
Ten chains on, stunting up in Sothebys
Luckily, get you family killed for a couple keys (Grr)
Yay wears, shoot him anywhere, nigga, we ain't playing (Boom boom boom boom boom)
Get his ass in church, hit the pastor too, we can't say who play folly (Boom boom boom boom boom)
Hamdulillah, we ate choppers
Lindsay Clay rockers, jean suit, patent leather Pradas
Came home all weight, gave Black my locker
Chew done kill 'bout fifteen niggas, he off of Flygod
(Doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot)
Body niggas A to Z, the wilder fight, I played the mink (Ah)
Cooking bricks, yo, I played the stove, you played the sink
We look alive, two long chefs, God bless
The MAC in the arm rest
You fucking with me is too far fetched
We looking like a Banksy

We have new details about that shocking moment at a London auction house
And the video of this is amazing, secretive artist Banksy posting a video and giving us a glimpse of his plan
To have one of his iconic works of art self-destruct
ABC's Jennifer Eccleston has the latest from London

[Westside Gunn & Flee Lord:]
Ay, Lord, Lord

[Flee Lord:]
I'm selling white girl so they wanna blackmail me
Revolver in my joggers just in case they acting nasty (Boom)
Loyalty or Death, hitters lurking in the shadows (Uh huh)
Purpose with the barrel, y'all worthless niggas battle (Pussy)
Blow another chopper like a surfer from Seattle
If you hack me or attack me, I'ma turn you to a statue (Brr)
Westside and Benny, yeah, the vets ride with semis
Flee, I serve a brick on the left side of Denny's (Hold that down)
Pussies on the strip getting chastised for pennies
Just caught another lick and I ask God, forgive me (Hoo)
Rubber gloves in the glove box, I pray I never need 'em (Ah, facts)
Play me out the business, I'ma spray you at the meeting (Brr)

[Benny the Butcher:]
Y'all comparing me to nerds, but how when we barely mix words?
I move that Trey-N with me like I'm Larry Fishburne
I seen the hustlers on my block cop canaries and furs
Then took the rock and ran the field like I'm Garrison Hearst (Let's go)
They say they flip packs, shit, I doubt it, they barely flip birds
You come to my trap and I'm out here, you can really get served
Uh, and this Glock, I well mean, make sure your family get burned, yeah (Doot doot)
And this watch a guarantee, that's why I barely get curved (Let's go)
That pussy wet and slippery but she won't get no wedding with me
She drive a 740, your credit score is 760
After Tana Talk, it's back to ounces for a $11.50
Walk the plug, but another run in make that man forgive me
Yeah, I did it for the family, that's the code of niggas
We knew the opps every move like a motion sensor
Griselda back, now the culture different (Back)
These words sting like dope syringes and songs like motion pictures
Straight drop, I counted up 50 in a tank top
From yay blocks, and we got busy at Shantae's spot
On Millicent, that's real drug dealer shit, I'm what they not
I aim high, I popped in The Purple Tape on the A Side
Accordingly, that's how I deal with ya, real niggas know
I saw a lot of shit but still ain't seen a real nigga fold (Nah)
We was lil niggas tryna cop some Hilfiger clothes
But the OGs was too busy to build with us, so (Ah)
Now I'm the OG, Brazilian, I'm brilliant, the GOAT
With soda, I was like Noah building a boat (Ah)
With yola, I'm skilled with it, whip it big, it'll float
And the next verse I write probably gon' kill niggas slow
The Butcher coming, nigga, ah

[Westside Gunn:]
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
Fuck these niggas, lord

We out in Puerto Rico (Ah)
We out in Puerto Rico
House so big I ain't seen buildings in two days, nigga
Y'all niggas cold as fuck right now
I see y'all pictures in them hoodies, nigga, we in tank tops (We out in Puerto Rico)
Smoking the best (Rrr, rrr, rrr)
Getting money out here too, nigga (Ow)
Still got shooters to blow your shit off, nigga (Doot doot doot doot doot)
Niggas wanna be me so bad, fuck 'em (We out in Puerto Rico, ah)
Still tryna fuck my old hoes from ten years ago (Too fly for you niggas)
Stealing my slang and shit (Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)
No matter what you do, you can't fuck with me, nigga

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Westside Gunn Niggas In Puerto Rico Comments

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    Loyalty or death

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    this song makes me want to overpay for drugs from benny

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    2nd beat.

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    Benny easily best out rn

    Lucid Jackson

    easily no debate

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    alchemist makes a song sound like a whole EP

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    "if you hack me or attack I'mma turn you to a statue" that bar stuck in my head for some reason.


    His delivery is dope.

    Mr. Hill

    @AbsolootPerfekshun1 This the first song I heard him on. He was snappin

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    Conway, WSG, and Benny my favorite trio out right now

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    @ 2:15 - I Move That Trey In With Me Like I’m Larry Fishburne/ I Seen The Hustlers On My Block Cop Canaries & Furs/ Then Took The Rock & Ran The Field like I’m Garrison Hearst. 🏈🏃🔥🔥😂😅

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    Nathan Smith Facts!


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