Westside Gunn - Gorilla Monsoon Lyrics

[Westside Gunn:]

Ayo, I was in my cell, I clicked my heels 3 times
P Just 2s, my khaki suit mastermind
Water whip, tossed the coke in the alkaline
Platinum and gold, rock English hat to the side
Immaculate rhyme (immaculate rhyme)
It's so obvious
Watchin' the world from up top
Snakeskin binoculars
Red companions
Corset is on a suede mansion
My bedroom had a bedroom, my wrist be dancin' (my wrist be dancin')
My bedroom had a bedroom, my wrist be dancin'
The flyest that's livin', we live and die by the kitchen
Choppin' on dishes, rack the puff in, ambition
Bitch we had hopped over fences
Banana yellow Fiskers (skrt)
Pushin' crack like we invented it
Jeff Koons, Louie Rubens duffle got ten in it (got ten in it)
Kobe Jordan, pack we was kickin' it (we was kickin' it)
Anti Social Social Club with' the snub, yo (boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)
Gave the Tec a lil' love bro (drrrrr)
Grand wizard, Patek band, lizard, hand-kissin'
Miami Beach, geigers on Biscayne (Biscayne)
My shooter seen his PO in [?] ([?])
Thank God for my wrist game (wrist game)
Countin' money in the bubble bath
Whip the half and got another half (whip)
Rockin' Vetements, backhand you with the 40
Ask Lord, your head'll spin, a cold war Leatherman
You will never be better than Sean [?]
(Du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du)
Pulled up, red GL on devilish (skrt)
Word to the goggles on my Hebru Brantley
Red Supreme Louie gloves, eatin' scampi (ah)
Supreme Louie box logo with' the.44 (boom boom boom)
The way we sellin squares you'd swear them shits is bogo
(Shits is bogo, shits is bogo)
You'd swear them shits was fucking bogo

Jumping to a conclusion, could stunt your evolution
Like the trees, dumped into some dust, blunt fusion
Old cocktail of mine, chemicals derail time
It's all good, as long's he ain't inhaling swine
Dare decline, scared money makes none
Take one, you should've flushed before the jakes come
Oh shart, specialty is flow art
Smart, but go in circles like a go-kart
Yeah, don't start, make 'em have to finish
Just bounce like gold-diggers
Once the dough diminish
Phony, it gets lonely at the finish (yup)
You see some deal dope, others steal hope
What's revealed is of a certain feel - grope
Yellow moist mushie, banana peeled coke
At worst, could not be confused with real soap
Nope, you see disaster is intended
In the face of truth, don't ever be offended
Overstand the past to get a grasp of the present (psst)
I make it faster than you spends it
End it

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Westside Gunn Gorilla Monsoon Comments
  1. Mr Green

    godd this album wouldve fucked the game up. but DOOM dont drop an album for NO ONE

  2. Mike Delgrosso

    I almost thought doom wouldn't be able to match Danger, lol never doubt MF. Ya rappers favorite Rapper

  3. DarkBlack

    Ain't gonna even lie just got on dis today....fire G+$HIT....

  4. Nor Easter

    Night of The Living Dead

  5. LeBron Jr James


  6. damirDommebeforeDishonor

    Bro just came across westside gunn music and fell in love just to find out he had a whole DOOM collab. Honestly i feel blessed

  7. Anthony Smith

    Griselda is the new Ruthless records

  8. Anthony Smith

    I imagine a bass line remix that also sounds hot.

  9. Red Alert

    Liquor/anger speaking right now. Dusty negros/rachets need to get purged in the dark were kameras dont see.. Yeah, die in the dark.

  10. East Side Doom

    East Side

  11. 6972Gallium

    Snake Skin Binoculars...

  12. Todd Wade

    "...my wrist be dan-cin..."

  13. Santiago vahos londoño

    Metal face DOOM el mejor rapero de todos los tiempos



  15. Jameel Newkirk

    "Thank GOD for my wrist game"

  16. Cardinal JAMJAM

    Cant believe im 2 years late Doom dammm

  17. Kirk State

    Goin all in

  18. Leonardo da Meechy

    Doom and Conway voice inflection is very similar, especially on this track.

    Hank Hill

    Conway not on this track tho

    Leonardo da Meechy

    @Hank Hill ... Dope observation.

    Leonardo da Meechy

    @Hank Hill All stupidity aside, do you not agree Conway and Doom have similar voices at times?

    Hank Hill

    @Leonardo da Meechy I think it might sound like that mainly due to Dooms slurring sounding similar to Conways bells palsy. Both have deep slurry voices, ODB as well

    Leonardo da Meechy

    @Hank Hill yep that was my thought. With Conways lack of facial movement and Dooms slurring that's what really set it off.

  19. Fusta Fust


  20. SammyTTS8

    This was the song that introduced me to Gunn and by extension, the whole Griselda and the whole new school gritty hip hop movement. I'll be forever grateful.
    Doom is on point as usual. Salute to the OG.

  21. Corey YELLOWMAN Jackson

    I guarantee this beat was five times harder before it was compressed and the final mix! OMG

  22. Scenery Aesthetic

    Word to the goggles on my Hebrew Brantley. Red supreme Louie gloves eating scampi

  23. MrKaje72

    Everyone saying Doom, that’s fine, all respects....but Westide Gunn is an AK. This dude spitting bullets through every track you give him, y’all better act like you know.

  24. Marquay Lett


  25. Greg Patterson

    I’ve been a fan of DOOM since he was X evoL veZ. Everything he produces/MCs is beautiful.

  26. mike jones

    some deal dope others steal hope, whats revealed within a certain field, growth

  27. Robert Palumbo

    holy shit Doom. one of the illest period.

  28. Jay Baze

    Fucking INCREDIBLE!!!

  29. Mike Esko

    Up late listening to this in my ear buds made me grab my 9 & cock it

  30. Matthew Aguilar

    I made this with this song and I’d like to know what your guy’s thoughts are on it please. Be blunt as you can, thanks.

  31. Jason McDougal

    Listen to WESTSIDE DOOM - Gorilla Monsoon [MeeL MiX]

  32. John Hinton

    I need a reup with Schoolboy Q on it. This shit too hard.

  33. Brian Zerbel

    flipped this with a whole different vibe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPNp2HqwiDY

  34. jahair L

    Tru dat... nice combo

  35. DoubleBoe7

    DOOM said, I make it faster than you spend it

  36. Scenery Aesthetic

    I could hear Raekwon on this one.

  37. NigmaInTheBeat


  38. Otto Green, Jr.

    Zone out shit right here

  39. Gobshite MGC

    Fuck.... I slept.


    Sample from ren and stimpy cartoon from the 90s?

  41. StraightFace


  42. #IamLloydTheStampede 315

    Dusty Dusty Dussssssty ASF!!!

    Hip-hop Gold.💯

  43. Anton

    doom sounds evil and westside rips htis

  44. #IamLloydTheStampede 315

    This shit is pure hip-hop gold 24k

  45. Andre Thompson

    pushing crack like we invented it

  46. Marco Mancilla

    Was watching the old Night of the living dead and realized this is the credit music. Your a fucking Genius DOOM!


    Holy fuck what did I just stumble upon 🚨🔥🎚️🎧🎛️

  48. slim Large

    Oh shart, speciality is flow art, smart, but go in circles like a Go-Kart

  49. Kaspar Zyklop

    I made a remix of this. Dedicated to Westside Gunn-Adlibs and DOOM the menacing ghost.
    Gorilla Monsoon (DJ Snoop Dogg Remix): https://soundcloud.com/zyklop-1/westside-gunn-mf-doom

  50. TheManWhoLaughs 666

    GRIMeeey. what does he mean by "inhaling swine"?

    Kadeem Edgerton

    TheManWhoLaughs 666 eating pork I suppose


    It’s a reference to the Nation of Gods and Earths. Anything the movement doesn’t like is called swine. Peace.

  51. Top Notch

    Raw flow and beat. Word. 👊

  52. dendy abyaz

    Most grimey and raw shit since the 90s

  53. Antoine Beck

    Only the thought of this duo got me fully alert >>>

  54. Butcher Peete

    Nothing but jiberish

  55. FRAB __

    Fly adonis has the same kinda voice as westside gunn it just sounds so sharp

  56. Prep

    Wow.....this is very sick. What a mixture



  58. William ckemons


  59. D Noriz

    Omg their flow gives me chills.

  60. Andre Barnes

    True hip hop. That beat is nasty!

  61. Fruztr8 Madspitter

    yea this is hard iiil?

  62. Shannon Pearson

    Doom do what the fuck he want . this big bumms fuckers

  63. Shannon Pearson

    Grimmie rap shit

  64. Akbar McCallum


  65. Govanni Gil


  66. Beatician KansasCityMack

    BIG tune!!!!!!

    Hear the unofficial reworking /remix just uploaded on my page. I called it... Summerslam92
    Salute to Westside Gunn & MF Doom

  67. Ann Winfree

    Is this DOOM best verse !??no troll

  68. Zdravko Perkovich

    Ren and stimpy sample?


    Nah, end titles of the 1968 “Night of the Living Dead,” but it IS library music. Peace.

  69. Celess Juares

    my bedroom had a BEHDRUME; my wrist be DVNCIN’!

  70. Lucien Augustin

    derringer needs rehab

  71. FELON

    the beat reminds me a lot of schoolboy q’s hoover street

  72. ChrisCadence


  73. Kai Dao

    On this track, Westside Gunn > DOOM.

  74. Pirrelli8

    This one caught me by surprise. Straight Heat!

  75. Zupset

    This guy said anti social social club 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Zupset that’s a clothing company

  76. Anthony Dixon

    My bedroom had a bedroom

    Axun HilLokk


  77. Lord Wavy

    Dawg sound just like action bronson

    Kolby Orozco

    Lord Wavy he sound 100 times better

  78. Morgan Hodges

    If y'all think that DOOM has lost it or went "lazy" on this track, then you missed the fucking point.

  79. Deftones 26

    Damn this makes me wanna ride around the city in a completely stock Infiniti G35.

  80. Dead Air

    Terrible, sounds like something out of a big body bes mixtape

  81. The Toxic Junglist

    What is that Doom's preteen son?

  82. New Perspective

    is the sample from that ren and stimpy episode, where the walrus goes "call the police"???

  83. Rachel Ramos

    pure fuego

  84. Boogerwolf

    That whip the baby beat..

  85. Jae Warner

    Fuck who thumbed this down.

  86. Mario Delacruz


  87. luckyseven77712


  88. Moonmodel

    Huge DOOM fan here.. this westside gunn dude is straight fire with an original style

  89. YaYo _


  90. Jeremy Lane

    This dude’s music always grows on me lol

  91. Reece and Piece

    professor DOOM teaching lessons here

  92. forfoxacheman

    That sample is from Ren and Stimpy

    Tony Vassel

    forfoxacheman sample is from Night of the Living Dead (1968)


    Pretty Tony Did Ren and Stimpy use it from there then?

    Tony Vassel

    Ren and Stimpy came out about 25 years after NOTLD, so yea. But good call on that show also using that sample. I vaguely remember hearing that in the cartoon long ago.

  93. Where's Tripp Mundo

    Remind me of that old ghost face killa with a smoother rap tempo, love this style many veteran rappers abandoned this type of production smh.