Westside Gunn - Eric B Lyrics

Yo, turned Judas for the Yeezy 2's
Balmain biker suit with no bike
The Royce got no roof
Feel like I've been sellin' dope my whole life
Céline on my team
A.P.C Kanye saggin' in my dreams
Ran trains on Vera Wang, pray for Paris then you pray for me
Madonnas on the mock necks
Wave the MACs out the drop head
Sportin' DM in the BMs
Even the blind man he tryin' to see the Feds
So now these all have zip
Sharks on the Givenchys, who wanna swim?
Gargle with Belaire, beware
Style so dope, Versace brains on the stairs
Elegance, Pyrex for measurements
Iceberg history, your misery, your missin' the concepts
Android homie, your home, where the work?
Just Don, Dobermans on the shirt
Before I starve, hit up Chow's with the mob
Breakin' bricks at Joyrich, we rich
Shootouts at Bally's, left his brains on the suede joints
Yo Lord, I think I'm motherfuckin' hit
Throwin' testers out the window
Fiends scramblin', I'm just dancin' in my Kenzo
Pump the Enzo, wack crack spot mascots
For Mulberry drug dealer dreams came true
Don't get your moms buried, stylin'
Margiela Gats and the most sane
Pissin' D'Ussé for a week straight
Saint Laurent over the Glock, kick in your door
All you seen was red bottom on the moccasins

Thank God he gave us drug dealin'
Thank God he gave us drug dealin'
Thank God he gave us drug dealin'

Yo, got the Rav joint watermelon
You saw the real in my eyes to where your powder swimmin'
Will fly fry God blessin' America
Pardon my back, Pyrex, two-three cover the MAC
Immaculate with a half a brick
Bag the fish, then I scramble like Kaepernick
Niggas know my repertoire
I dropped real tears when kid shot Escobar
Best of all time when it come down to this fly shit
All star, my rhyme, crime, drive-bys, line for line sick
Sportin' Junn.J in Doomsday, compare me to you day, room spray
Got the beam on the Glock tip
Popped up in the drop six and shot fifths
Caused the riot up at Neiman Mar
Gas stoves, use the hammer or the fork

Thank God he gave us drug dealin'
Thank God he gave us drug dealin'
Thank God he gave us drug dealin'
Thank God he gave us drug dealin'

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Westside Gunn Eric B Comments
  1. Eazy P

    Even a blind man aint tryna see the feds !

  2. Julzthahotspitta


  3. Daniele Bianco

    Big L reincarnation ! return of hiphop

  4. Dadless

    Nobody holds a candle to tha Gods

  5. Brooklyn’s Finest Red hook! 718

    This beat is savage!!!

  6. Craig Davis

    The Escorts-Ooh Baby Baby!!!

  7. OJ Cosby

    This nigga really think he Rae tho 😂😂😂

  8. Sekou Carson

    remind me of souls on ice by Cali rapper late 90s

  9. Steve Brown


  10. zenus x Wop

    thank God they gave HIP hop


    hip-hop ain't dead she relocated to Buffalo New York.. Immaculate with a half a brick
    Bag the fish, then I scramble like Kaepernick
    Niggas know my repertoire😃😄🤐👏👏

  12. J Harris

    shoot outs in bally left his brains on the suede joints ...yo lord i think im muthafukin hit🔥🔥🔥

  13. Luke Cage

    Yo! Diz f#ckin beat iz off da hook....pause.

  14. Yohanan Love

    My God! This to dope! Wtf! Help me please I can't stop listening OMG!

  15. Lah Joyner

    A lot of rappers talk about getting drug money..that can't all be lying👑

  16. RayDOit


  17. Ivan Santiago

    I got that wicked type of flow that Tommy Hill can't even figure....Merk...S/O griselda

  18. Ninofortune

    When i first heard this i fell in love but after a year i have no clue what hes rapping about i understand 39%or his lyrics no prob.. then we get spoiled with benny and con.. very understandable rap..

  19. jay long

    The cover made me listen...ive been fan sense...i havnt been a fan of music sense Drake...😁 these brothers gone be dat next wave...😎

  20. Scenery Aesthetic

    Style so dope, Versace brains on the stairs

  21. David Muhammad

    grams, clothes, guns....yawn....next

  22. Las Vegas Carnivore


  23. Joe Whitaker

    One of a kind and unique 🎤 delivery's 🎧

  24. T. SOMBRA


  25. E.S. Emcee Suspense

    my fucking JOINT YO!

  26. niklo jave

    Griselda Records must travel all around the world.... Come to Paris.

  27. Sam simone

    Yoo i broke my TV listening to this 💩💩💩..WORD..🤯🤯🤯🤯

  28. Craig Davis

    True Hip Hop For Life Man!!!

  29. Craig Davis

    The Escorts-Ooh Baby Baby!!!

  30. Skeptastic

    This shit is instant energy

  31. dede riri

    bravo mec

  32. Eric Carter

    Crack muzik Griselda niggas skrrrr boom boom boom🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  33. OG Gorilla

    the boy gunn been fuckin nice!

    -drizzy red

  34. olfact94

    Hip hop fire 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Rasheed Fly-Nation

    Thank God facts

  36. joe mcginnis

    Immaculate with a half a brick

  37. hiphophead555

    Ahhhhhhh it's gonna do my fucking head in where daringer sampled the last few keys of that piano loop. This is so hard!

  38. joe mcginnis

    bar for bar gunnas illest track

  39. Jermaine Shan

    No one is gonna ask why Eric B?

    midnight marauder

    There's rumours that Eric B was a hustler and known as a infamous street villain in New York And funded the paid in full album. They say he wasn't actually a "DJ" just played the role to step away from his criminal history. Supposedly Rakim was one that did the producing and scratches throughout their career.

  40. joe mcginnis

    thank god he gave us drug dealin



  41. Tony Bandanna

    in your home were da work

  42. Sabrina Akritids

    That was crazyy

  43. Jeep 24

    I love the styling in this song, West a beast

  44. Tray Day

    praise God for these bruthas right here!

  45. William Natale

    On repeat 🔥🔥🔥 this piano loop is ridiculous


    I can't stop listening to it...

    beber lestickmoo

    this piano give the charme of this intru!!! this is 36th chamber mentality!!! but every one cant feel it apparently!

    Sam simone

    Yoo i broke my TV listening to this💩💩💩 ...WORD🤯🤯🤯

  46. Grimy Ghostface

    Whenever I want to hear relaxing piano music, this is what I'll come to.

  47. Life’s Truth

    U can hear the Wu in him.

    Chess Chess

    no sale out word

    Diplomatic Immunity

    He got more fashion than rae in every line.. he topped rae..

    Brooklyn’s Finest Red hook! 718

    This guy sounds like Ray but lyrically... fuck no!!! No comparison. Bar for bar. Westside got dr Seuss raps and ray got that Einstein rap!!!

    Brooklyn’s Finest Red hook! 718

    How does anyone compare him to Raekwon? His raps don’t even rhyme and when they do they like Dr Seuss 🤦🏼‍♂️ at bat cat dap... the beat is fire tho!!!

    Nor Easter

    Yes Indeed! Some 'Ol Wu/Killarmy ish!

  48. Gary Anderson

    A ounce to a qp
    the good shit we calling it lucy
    Trying to keep it juicy juiced up
    The 38 call that the juice piece
    Some do the both yo we do the streets

  49. Elizabeth Brooks,Bolin

    topshelf shit cant wait to pound it on a home system ddddaaaaammmmm klc out

  50. eddie barrios

    This shut so fire

  51. TheGoldeagle99

    Do these guys sell their songs in the Google play store?

    please por favor

    Yes in fact they do but not their entire catalog some are exclusive to YouTube

  52. TheGoldeagle99

    This song is ill. Westside gunn & Conway gaining more notoriety

  53. kenny R

    Everything these guys do is dope 2 yrs str8 lov it got thst old school feel but they got there owen sytle Derringer on fire

  54. mark oconnor

    Beast of a beat, beast of a Rapper..

  55. Bil Lionaire

    my favorite joint ive heard him do!!!!

  56. Salvador Muñoz

    versace's brains on the stairs

  57. King Samuels II

    I challenge anybody to find a poorly produced Daringer track


    I could do that ....

    Nicky Mirks

    clammyclaude 🧢

    Road Negro

    @Nicky Mirks whole year bro he still aint find one lol

    Enrique Suazo

    @Road Negro he still looking

    nick grover

    clammyclaude he doesnt have one youre an L

  58. Frank Harris

    This my kinda shit.

  59. West Adams213OG

    Horse teeth ass nigga

  60. Xavier WMI

    like to see him team up with Ghost Face,would be a great collabo!!

    Josh Zickefoose

    Xavier WMI mannnnnnn I was thinking the same... Homeboy must’ve listen to supreme clientele his whole life

  61. Mass Trauma

    Brutal bars

  62. bell yp

    this that work damn

  63. Curtis Banks

    this nigga rough cold as ice word Smith ent

  64. Ferrara Muhammad

    loop that shit over and over FUCK

  65. Mike Eison

    Westside gunn and Conway part of shady army 👹😈💃🎹♩🎧

  66. Mike Eison

    shady signed this dude and conway!!! hell yaaa



  68. Blackseed1978

    Trash !

    Ty Foster

    This shit is fire.

    Chess Chess

    like ur moms funny ass nigaa

    Chess Chess

    yealike ur momz funny ass nigga

    Adam Passano

    Kill your self

    Jona Hill

    This shit is real coming from a real Nigga suck ya mum you're not entitled to an opinion bit cheaper nigga

  69. Mark Anderson

    lethal! real Rap shit

  70. Alex Fatal

    thats the real shit. god bless i find you by luck.. i sick of those SWAG bastas. keep it gansta

  71. DementedEX



    i get them dips and pull ups to this........muthaphakin fire nigga

  73. Mikey Armijo

    pirex for measurements....


    Nice to hear some lyrical illustrations, fawk that mumble rap autotune garbage #hiphop

  75. DRC 85

    is this a sample ? or a old beat?

  76. DRC 85

    hip hop aint dead

    Perri Macc

    Dave Blvnko just on the radio,

    Elizabeth Brooks,Bolin

    Dave Blvnko thankyou and it willneverdie


    the resuscitation

    Chess Chess

    bt it will b if dumb niggas spit right

    Anj B

    Nas was wrong, hip hop is still alive

  77. slickpulla07

    This shit so dope i had to upload it myself

  78. khaled alotaibi



    khaled alotaibi he from buffalo, my dude!

  79. Rickey Thomas

    in South Cac bumpin this, this shit is pass RAW

    Quake SRK

    Rickey Thomas same here


    I'm from philly but Iam putting niggas out Nashville TN on how we move in the NE ..with this Buffalo NY shit! 💯💯

    Billie Dave Hart

    JAPAN Gadson Thought I was only Philly Nigga 💯

  81. Inna Attic Crookz Beats

    Conway (The Machine)-Dream Reflections Produced By: (Inna Attic Crookz) 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVAa-gWotPU

  82. attuti

    This shyt is a movement!

  83. Morgan Murray


  84. Bridges Howard

    sickest Shit I've heard lately

    Quake SRK

    i see you converted

    Sam simone

    Hip Hop Head i broke my TV listen to this shit

  85. joe mcginnis

    Fuckin dope, rawww. That real shit. Keep it up gunna

  86. Danny J

    This that real N.Y. Hip hop. 100