Westside Gunn - Black Hitler Intro Lyrics

[AA Rashid:]
Deal with clothing, yeah, you heard?
Yeah, it got me fucked up
Niggas could eat one, you heard
Nigga, nigga told me I look like 12 Months a Slave
Heh, heh, you don't know culture, heh, nigga
My outfit look like I steal, stupid
I don't support nothing, bitch, I steal shit, nigga
They brought me on a slave ship, cocksucker
All, all Jews and white people owe me money
All of y'all owe me some money, you stole my culture
And you comfortable with all of this black on black shit
That's why you got everybody confused
I gets white back on my white shit
Look, how many conflicts niggas got?
I know who my enemy is, nigga
Yeah, I have robbed more white people than you can imagine
White bitches too, I will rob the shit out of a white bitch
Yeah, and I'll beat her ass too, when I was little
Yeah, if you play with my robbery
Nigga, listen to BIG album
That's the ethics of my community, bitch, you heard?

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Westside Gunn Black Hitler Intro Comments
  1. Asmoothjawn Atta

    Peace to the God AA want him in the Chi real bad type

  2. Jacob James

    There was truth to everything said. The real jews are black.

  3. T Bankston



    where this sample from?

    Jacob James

    No sample just homie talkin

  5. Kosmos de Kosmopoliet

    Study dr Tony Martin


  6. Michael Dewitt

    They got it worse then your kind ever got it not all white boys ancestors slaved you fucks mind hade to give our wife over to the English army if you did not no I'm Irish and the other side was force to fight for there lives some royalty. But we came over here late you fuck but that is the Indian in me no owe you a punch through your skull law raw aaah

  7. mindless monk

    You mess with my robbery I'll beat yo ass.

  8. Ned Slanders

    This is pure excellence.

  9. kev will

    AA dope

  10. Michael G.

    Trash. Fuck you and your culture.

  11. s b


    mindless monk

    @hueykream he's crazy but not a liar.

    Dimension Omega

    Take your white or uncle tom ass the fuck outta here then cause you don't know shit about reality black people have to go through, stay scared of the facts instead of researching and learning you stupid bitch.

    Jacob James

    @hueykream he's speaking facts the real Jews (Judah) are negro

    Jacob James

    @Dimension Omega relax bro u sound emotional like a female. We dont have to always be impulsive as black men. Thats the trait of a woman.

    Asmoothjawn Atta

    Jacob James yo daddy was a woman


    Where can I find the original interview

    Jacob James

    Was no interview just homie talkin his talk

  13. Dark x

    He just talk

    Dimension Omega

    He just facts

    SAM K

    lol ik this dude is like a special education roc marciano

  14. Isaac

    Hardest intro i eva heard

    Bil Bransun

    Isaac Facts...I wanna see the face of bill o.reilly listenin to this.and the KKK wizard.

    James Schultz * Est.1982

    No doubt... As the late, great Patrice O'Neal said, "White America is lucky we're a forgiving people... Cause, the way they do us, we should be flying planes into buildings all the motherfuckin time."

  15. TheyCall MeTony

    “Nigga told me I look like 12 months of slave”