Westlife - Nothing Is Impossible Lyrics

Isn't life strange
A total mystery
As we passed each day
Did you notice me?

And I know girl
You've been looking at me
And I know now
That you and me were meant to be
What would it take to realise
That in my heart
No matter what they say

No matter what they say
When it comes to love
Two hearts are inseparable
No matter what they say
When it comes to love
Nothing is impossible

Walking down that road
It's coming back to me
Did you feel it inside
A thousand memories


When it comes to you and me
There's so much more
Than they can see
And that's how it's meant to be


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Westlife Nothing Is Impossible Comments
  1. Ney Ploy

    Anyone 2020???😍

  2. Tien Dang

    This song was included on Coast to Coast album Asia bonus 2,001

  3. Tien Dang

    Nothing Is Impossible

  4. el el Batel

    what specific mean in b-side?

  5. Kev DCB

    Only Bryan Nicky and Kian have their solos..nice

  6. Nora Kabugatan

    wow nice song idol

  7. Rosalie Marcial

    Brian, Nicky and Kian only right?

  8. Puspita S Nurkaton

    No shane and mark's voice in this song, am I right?

    Jenny Guzman

    Puspita S Nurkaton yes you're right only Brian

    ms. XD

    yes its because Kian, Nicky, and Brian composed this song :)

    Ryan T. Hughes

    Puspita S Nurkaton - his real name is Marcus not mark.

    Galman Ferguson

    You can hear Mark in the background towards the end of the song singing 'no matter no matter'

  9. Laura Christie

    You can hear Shane

  10. MsAnika28

    Maybe I'm wrong but I think it's Brian,then Nicky,chorus,Kian,Nicky,chorus and Brian.I thought that it's only Brian,but now I'm listening carefully and I thought different.Am I right?

  11. An Har

    super like.. miss you westlife!

  12. Annika Westlife

    Right now I'm just speechless....THIS IS MUSIC WHICH MAKES ME CRYING TEARS OF JOY!!! I love you Westlife xxx <333

  13. Juan Carlos Matienzo

    Contrary to most of their songs, you cannot hear Shane or Mark (the black-haired guys) here, only the blonde-haired ones (Brian, Kian, Nicky).


    Juan Carlos Marino dm


    Juan Carlos Matienzo s.

  14. Labs

    @TheJaneist33 I've heard their version of it of course :P and yeaah it's good but don't think it's really that different (:

  15. TheJaneist33

    @Lappedykker2980 hear "Greased lightning", you will be supprised.

  16. Annika Westlife

    Westlife are the best...4ever...

  17. 0tatiana0

    I miss bryan's voice

  18. Labs

    This song is diffrent from them, but good ! Love WL an today they are back !!!!