Westlife - I'll See You Again Lyrics

Always you will be part of me
And I will forever feel your strength
When I need it most
You're gone now, gone but not forgotten
I can't say this to your face
But I know you hear

I'll see you again
You never really left
I feel you walk beside me
I know I'll see you again

When I'm lost, I'm missing you like crazy
And I tell myself I'm so blessed
To have had you in my life, my life


When I had the time to tell you
I never thought I'd live to see the day
When the words I should have said
Would come to haunt me
In my darkest hour I tell myself
I'll see you again

[Chorus x2]

I will see you again
I'll see you again
I miss you like crazy
You're gone but not forgotten
I'll never forget you
Someday I'll see you again
I feel you walk beside me
Never leave you, yeah
Gone but not forgotten
I feel you by my side
No this is not goodbye [x3]

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Westlife I'll See You Again Comments
  1. Arinaitwe Ivan

    believe or not but this is the best band of all times

  2. Nikie Oliveros

    i always like this band including The Beatles

  3. Alicja Kujawska

    Bardzo wzruszająca piosenka. 😢😢😢

  4. Luis Fusato

    Parabéns Westlife! ILL see you again, maravilhosa música.
    Adoro vocês, uma música melhor que a outra.
    Sucesso sempre!
    Luis - Piracicaba - São Paulo - Brasil.

  5. Dotto Peter

    February 2020 any one else??

  6. Sharon Wilton

    Here in February, 2020.

  7. Coordinacion de especialidades

    FEBRERO 2020!

  8. Perfectly Imperfect

    Amazing song. It makes me sad, though!!!
    Mark and Shane sound perfect, too!

  9. Mo Au


  10. lina ms


  11. Philip Hartley


  12. Paula Poulson

    ❤ this song by the lads makes me think of family I've lost I just know that I'll never be able to listen to it the same when my mum's gone as she wants it playing at her funeral .

  13. harjono siburian

    Februari 2020 😍😍😍

  14. heavencent1959

    My Dad just passed away 1-31-2020 and I have always loved this song. Now it is so fitting... I miss him so much and looking forward to the day when I can see him again..

  15. Banca Talens

    Omg this song is really so beautyfull and the voices of Shane and Marc are so intens that it makes me cry. Love Marc the most because his voice is like an angel💗💗💗

  16. lacson mohammad

    The Legend gone but not forgotten

  17. Julie C


  18. Geng Albia Jumalon

    I miss them so much...watching 2020 🥰🥰💖💖🇵🇭🇵🇭 goosebumps...🙏🙏🙏

  19. Kher sengdala

    I wanna cry miss you mom

  20. pickles mad

    Last time I heard this song it broke my heart just as it's doing again now, I heard it at my Dad's funeral in 2017 and all I can see is his coffin going behind the curtain, I love you Dad and miss you so much it hurts, it seems as tho it was only yesterday I lost you. Sleep tight, you are my hero 😭😭💔💔💔💔💔

  21. Nathaly Mineblox

    2020 Brazil?

  22. Ellie Palmer

    So powerful
    I love this song
    I cry every time I hear it however the words give me strength to know I will see my entire family again in heaven
    I'm orphaned on earth but not in heaven, reunited in God's garden


    #8#24 RIP..

  24. The Power Of Emak Emak

    Now 27 January 2020...
    I'm always sad when I listen this song...😭😭😭
    Always Love You Boys...😘😘😘

  25. Märshmå!!øw


  26. Edna Mae Cabañero

    I see you gain...Weslife..😍😍😍😍

  27. Annemaire morgan

    Hearts broke 😢

  28. KLB X

    I lost my nan on the 6th of January it was the hardest thing i have ever experienced and this was the first song at her funeral ❤️❤️❤️ but i didnt get to see the start of her funeral unfortunately due to traffic but i only missed a song which was this one i saw everything else and my family were surprised by my mum with my nans voice recorded and it was the best thing ever

  29. W K

    Guys, when you are come back again to Jakarta of Indonesia in your world tour 2020?

  30. Ange M

    Lost a special someone in our life who sadly couldn't beat Cancer dedicated this song to him we all miss you loads Paul xx 💔

  31. Sajjad sarker

    I miss you wastlife 😢😢

  32. Ang Softball All Star

    I am!!!!!!! I lost my nanny may 24th 2019 and this song popped up and wow it’s perfect for my nanny (my beautiful angel ) and I !!!!!

  33. Luis Fusato

    Parabéns por essa música: ILL see you again.
    São maravilhosos, uma música mais linda que outra.
    Pena terem desfeito o grupo.
    Luis - Piracicaba - São Paulo - Brasil.

  34. Cheryl Mccrone

    This got played at my cousin's funeral today.

  35. Joanne Blastock

    I lost my mum and my uncle 3 years ago my mum in February and my uncle in November of the same year I miss them but as the song says I will see them again

  36. Kevin Plaskett

    Watch Nicky's response to Shane plucking that note out of the air in the middle 8. You'd be so bloody proud if that was in aid of your dad. I love so many different types of music, but this has to be one of the underrated performances there is.

  37. hope

    Chris I"ll see you again

  38. Mauricio Mille

    it was ten years ago isn't????

  39. J o Lawai

    I'm missing my father terribly. I hope I'll see him again

  40. Dinar Rosdiana

    January 2020

  41. Shaun Dowling

    Shane filan is amazing

  42. James Wilde

    miss you mom xxx your always in my heard and head forever.
    i'll see you again xxxxxxx

  43. Daan van Dijk

    If they don't play this at my funeral I'm not going.

  44. Jamey Raine

    I am still listening

  45. salama yusuf

    I'ii see u again😢😢😢😢

  46. Sylvie Pankert

    Who is listening in 2020.?january.


    I listening is my fav, group.


    This was the music from my dad's funeral.

    Jessica Welsh

    Who is listening in 2020.? January.

    Ellie Palmer

    Me, Ellie, who has lost her entire family, alone & waiting to be reunited with my loved ones in heaven
    A very powerful song

    Norodin Abas Jr.

    Sylvie Pankert www dai buo MTV 9234 6789 &:@tiger?

  47. Yash

    The perfect song for all your funeral needs :p

  48. Christine Feeney

    What I would give for these boys to sing this at my funeral going out of chaple

  49. Isabella Anderson

    Good night, just listened to my favourite song ..sweet dreams!

  50. Ndeymoh

    I'm here crying in 2020....love from Kenya

  51. Isabella Anderson

    Once again I am listening before I go to sleep!

  52. Isabella Anderson

    I am listening as always, l love this song and usually listen to it before I go to sleep!..

  53. Siân Tame

    January 2020 anyone? 💖

    Jessica Welsh

    January 2020 anyone?💖

    Yanto Yanto


    Norodin Abas Jr.

    Siân Tame www dai buo MTV 3034 6789 &:@tiger?

    Banca Talens

    Yesss allways listen to Westlife❤

    Regina Neves

    February 2020

  54. heather quigley

    Another wonderful song very sad,

  55. Vivian Radabaugh

    One of my favorite song I'll See You Again Sung By WESTLIFE

  56. Mirella Ferro

    who's listening 2020?

  57. Gina Santos

    😍❤💋dezembro 2019

  58. Kimtea100

    2020 who is listening?

    Mary Robertson

    @Jessica Welsh I listen to this quite often I had it played at my husbands cremation x

    Joel Job Smile

    It's me! Best song ever...Love it!

    rosie Hey

    Kimtea100 me

    rosie Hey

    Mary Robertson this was played at my step nans cremation aswell

  59. Devulapalli Srikar

    Who else in 2020

  60. Avital Karmi


  61. Atuhairwe Emmanuela

    Tap if you still enjoy this type of music in 2020

  62. Linchang Li

    This song got me through the loss of my great-grandparents in the 10s. Still listening the song and missing them when the 20s are around the corner.

  63. Barba Ward

    Wonderful and meaningful song. Brought tears to my eyes. Missing all loved ones that have passed away.

  64. rd Erickson

    Y'all sing real nice - and you clean up pretty good too. :)

  65. signaturearts group

    Miss mom

  66. Madelon Franssen - Loomans

    So beautifull 👌🏻

  67. Angela Pleaugh

    Just lost my mom today (december 26 2019) so in shock. Cant believe it still. She will be missed so much. I love you mom always.

    Annell Cohn

    I'm so sorry for your loss! Know you will see her again with NO pain completely HEALED!! GOD'S PROMISE to HIS children!!🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤GOD BLESS YOU and GIVE you PEACE and COMFORT!!❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹


    Sorry for your lost..

  68. Bernadette Rogers

    Shane is best singer always no matter what

  69. lily rose

    Such a beautiful song been listening to westlife for years I liked them at a small age 💕 nothing/nobody could ever beat them there the best ❤❤💞💞💕💕

  70. أمي عبدالله عبدالله


  71. james Dela cruz

    Lost my father to cancer , always listening to this song 😢

    Jennifer Parkey

    Went up

  72. lianding puii

    24th Dec 2019.....8:35 pm,

  73. Mercedes Villaverde

    Excelente 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 desde Perú muchos Éxitos saludos cordiales.

  74. Pronika Prok Fride Sitohang

    i'm cried a lot when i realized the meaning of this song....hiks...hiks... hiks.... i'm so touched

  75. Margareth179

    This is to you mommy... I Love And Miss You Everyday...Rest in Peace..💖 💖

  76. Ivy Kaunda

    My favorite band .....

  77. Ivy Kaunda

    I will see my mum again

  78. Ivy Kaunda

    Lovely song.....I just love it

  79. Isabella Anderson

    Still listening on December 16th 2019....my favourite song before I go to sleep! ..have listened to it a ‘gazillion’ times!..

  80. trine kollstein

    Thinking off My granddad

  81. Mary Margaret Reyes

    Listening to this again when I heard about the death of Shane Filan's mom. RIP :(

  82. Zualtea Rokhum

    "I'll see you again "

  83. zane ezekiel

    Dec.16,2019, anyone, i watch this because of the news that shane's mother did passed away yesterday 😢😭 my deepest condolences.

    Ma.Romelyn Masilang

    Me too 😔😢

    zane ezekiel


    Ang Softball All Star

    zane ezekiel which one is Shane?

  84. lakwat sero

    walamg kupas lalo pang gumaganda boses niyo😍♥️

  85. shiela kapembwa

    Nick and kian are so strong to even stand and sing they are so professional

  86. shiela kapembwa

    Omg I can't express how I feel right now .its like am listening for the first time

  87. Alletta Van Den Berg

    This is a awesome song and the best one yet

  88. Sharon Song

    this lovely song was played at my ex husbands funeral

    Sharon Song

    RIP Franck

  89. Gavin Maritz

    Great vocals

  90. Fabrice Multiservice


  91. Bumblebee889466

    13.7.19 :`( Ruhe in Frieden, Papa! Wir werden uns wiedersehen!

  92. Mailan Lasagi

    Dear, I'll see you again :)

  93. O K

    The last scenes high five jajah

  94. charmaine saccary

    This got me through the most difficult time of my life. Thank you .I just lost my 44 year husband. Hope this is true

  95. Imelda Sylvana

    December 2019 from Indonesia :(( ♥

  96. Shirley Brown

    Me December 2019 brilliant song

  97. munachimso nuella

    I love you so much mum and I hope to see you again
    You left me so soon, you shouldn't have
    I miss you so much and I hope you miss me too
    Continue to rest in peace wherever you are

    Jennifer Parkey

    I am mad

  98. Sabrina Butler

    I will always remember you,,good bye,December 1st,2019 for now,,all hope is lost,,,but not,,,gone..