Westenra, Hayley - Hine E Hine Lyrics

E tangi ana Koe
Hine, E Hine!
Kua ngenge ana koe
Hine, E Hine!
Kati to pouri ra
Noho i te Aroha
Te ngakau o te Matua
Hine, E Hine!

E Hari to moe moea
Hine, E Hine!
Marama ahua
Hine, E Hine!
I roto i to moenga
Mehemea he Marama
Ka tae mai te Reinga
Hine, E Hine!

[English translation:]

Plaintive all through the night -
Hine, E Hine!
Weeping till morning light -
Hine, E Hine!
From my care why try to leap
There is love for you
Mother's arms their strength will keep
Hine, E Hine!
See where there comes the morn
Hine, E Hine!
Long rays of early dawn
Hine, E Hine!
Shining to Reinga far
Where thy noble grandsires are
Nestle Aroha!
Hine, E Hine!

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Westenra, Hayley Hine E Hine Comments
  1. Stephen Farthing

    I can play this with the tin whistle. But after having the battle of my life to sort out Pokarekare Ana. This is certainly wonderful and poignant, I have no enthusiasm for try singing the song. I think that I could screw it up. And that is why I don't want to do it.

  2. Messy Mama

    Shut up now!😠🥀

  3. Messy Mama


    Stephen Farthing

    Messy Mama - oi! Unfair! Jack it in!

  4. Katerina Kempb

    Beautiful maori song, sung by a beautiful young lass, with the angel voice💖🌹🌹💖

  5. Marie Larsson

    This fits her voice perfectly.
    Its a beautiful song and Hayley makes it even more wonderfull

  6. Maxwell World Wide Historical Films


  7. Ronald C. Uehara

    Maiden, oh maiden!  Elder's voice part seems quite moving - so full of parental care.
    It's obviously also full of pain.  Maiden, oh maiden!   Missing in this version.  

  8. Dave Mann

    beutiful thanks for sharing this vid i think she put this over realy well mant thanks regards dave uk

  9. lovelycelticopera

    my favorite version. There's no talking like in the original UK version and the acoustic version is a little boring.