West, Kanye - Skit #3 Lyrics

This was founded years ago
By broke slaves, years ago
Who did not have, years ago
By broke brothas in the 20s, years ago
Who did not have when we could not eat
Hmm, remember that?
Eating all of our cereal with forks because we wanted to save the milk, do you remember that? Hmm?
Do you remember all those Christmases when your Mama walked in the room and pretended she was the tree, huh?
Remember that?

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West, Kanye Skit #3 Comments
  1. netran0

    hey mama hits different going in off the final quote in this one

  2. Reboomer

    Kids: "Yay Christmas is next week!"
    Ghetto mother: *internal screaming*

  3. Devin D

    Why is there no comments


    Brotha, we too broke to afford data for these comments

  4. Fire Demon00

    Years ago

  5. _RoB05 _


    SAmeo 45

    @Rawdawg 18 so we back in the mine

  6. Bob Fizcling

    Hey what’s up yall

  7. Joan

    eating the cereal with forks to save milk xD

  8. Isaak Cronje

    I’m here to make the comment section more lively