West, Kanye - Diamonds From Sierra Leone Lyrics

Diamonds are forever
They won't leave in the night
I've no fear that they might
Desert me

Diamonds are forever (forever, forever)
Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe
Diamonds are forever (forever, forever, forever)
The Roc is still alive every time I rhyme.
Forever ever? Forever ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever?......

Close your eyes and imagine, feel the magic
Vegas on acid,
Seen through Yves St. Laurent glasses
And I've realized that I've arrived, cuz
It take more than a magazine to kill my Vibe does
he write his own rhymes, so sort of
I think 'em
That mean I forgot better shit than u ever thought up
Damn, is he really that caught up?
I ask if you talkin' bout classics, do my name get brought up?
I remember I couldn't afford a Ford Escort or even a four-track recorder
so its only right that I let the top drop on a drop-top Porsche
- its for yourself that's important
If a stripper named Porscha and u get tips from many men
Then your fat friend her nickname is Minivan
Excuse me,
That's just the Henny, man, I smoke, I drink, I'm supposed to stop I can't because

Diamonds are forever (forever, forever)
Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe
Diamonds are forever (forever, forever, forever)
The Roc is still alive every time I rhyme.
Forever ever? Forever ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever?......

I was sick about awards
Couldn't nobody cure me
Only playa that got robbed but kept all his jewelry
Alicia Keys tried to talk some sense to them
30 minutes later seems there's no convincing them
What more can you ask for?
The international assholes nah
Who complains about what he is owed?
And throw a tantrum like he is 3 years old
You gotta love it though somebody still speaks from his soul
And wouldn't change by the change, or the game, or the fame,
When he came, in the game, he made his own lane
Now all I need is y'all to pronounce my name
Its Kanye - But some of my plastic - they still say Kane
Got family in the D, Kin-folk from Motown
Back in the Chi - them folks ain't from Motown
Life movin' too fast I need to slow down
Girl ain't give me no ass, ya need to go down

Diamonds are forever (forever, forever)
My father Ben said I need Jesus
So he took me to church and let the water wash over my ceaser
Diamonds are forever (forever, forever)
The preacher said we need leaders
Right then my body got still like a paraplegic

You know who you can call you gotta best believe it
The Roc stand tall and you would never believe it
Take your diamonds and throw 'em up like you bulimic
Yea the beat cold but the flow is anemic
After debris settles and the dust get swept off
Big K pick up where young Hov left off
Right when magazines wrote Kanye West off
I dropped my new shit sound like the best of
A&R's lookin' like "pssh we messed up"
Grammy night, damn right, we got dressed up
Bottle after bottle till we got messed up
In the studio, where really though, yea he next up
People askin' me if I'm gon' give my chain back
That'll be the same day I give the game back
You know the next question dog "Yo, where Dame at?"
This track the Indian dance to bring our reign back
"What's up with you and Jay, man, are y'all ok man?"
They pray for the death of our dynasty like Amen
R-r-r-right here stands a-man
With the power to make a diamond with his bare hands...

Diamonds are forever (forever, forever)
Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe
Diamonds are forever (forever, forever, forever)
The Roc is still alive every time I rhyme.
Forever ever? Forever ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever?......

Diamonds are forever (forever, forever)
Diamonds are forever (forever, forever, forever)

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West, Kanye Diamonds From Sierra Leone Comments
  1. Ginger Ape

    Prague 🙏🏼

  2. Greg Bydanov

    Who's here after watching 'Blood Diamond', starring Leonardo DiCaprio?

  3. Dominique Speaks

    December 28 2019

  4. Ely Ohio

    2019 December,I miss this kinda music,it's the best in a car wit like 4 12s or 2 15s

  5. R R

    Kanye West is king 👑

  6. nakiaj20

    2019 and still here 😎

  7. melv fasttrack

    Sick tune

  8. Apiwe Makuluma

    Here in 2019!

  9. Lawrence Sam

    Late Registration was a Masterpiece

  10. Tara Birch

    Christmas evening partying listing one of my favourite tunes : 2019 ,

  11. Michael Traina

    That second verse!!

  12. What's Trending

    I just came here to listen to that epic piano part

  13. 5280z007

    " Thee Blood di!amondss!!"

  14. Vyse500

    It's the rock 🙌🏾
    #i miss the ol kanye

  15. Jimmy Edwards

    A grand masterpiece real intelligent

  16. Devin Piper

    Opens it with a quote by himself 😂

  17. Lauren K3LISsa

    If you sold all your stocks and shares, we'll that bitch
    well, this ain't it.....😂

    Ya wanna ere from my black 🖤 soul?
    nah, there I'm covered....

    Rafael Nadal is king.

  18. Graphic Visuals

    Wow, just realised this was a thing.... WTF!? What a butchering.

  19. De la Coor


  20. De la Coor


  21. De la Coor

    Wei=cnemnoJolie Detta vanny 9 million

  22. De la Coor

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwbEuzJCnqI&app=desktop=i melas Allegra cole side de la coor

  23. Frank Matthews

    Before he went stupid!

  24. Sean Dearth

    The narrator sounds like the black African version of jack black Nacho Libre

  25. kc Jones

    I know I'm late
    But this is the greatest video of all time !

  26. CastleDragon78

    Now they woke

  27. SuperHellhawk

    ‘Then your fat friend, her nickname is mini van’ 🔥🔥🔥

  28. random staff

    this song is so underrated

  29. Lil Benz

    Big K pick up where young Hov left off
    Right when magazines wrote Kanye West off
    I dropped my new shit, it sound like the best of

  30. Julia Softsister

    Hey Prague 🥰

    Lil Benz

    Julia Softsister hey

  31. 323

    hands down a gem.

  32. Cleopatra Narlis

    Watch the movie Blood Diamond with Leonardo Dicaprio. It explains everything.

    Lil Benz

    Cleopatra Narlis nah

  33. Twon Thomas

    “I’m a diamond in the rough like a baby in the trash”
    -Lil Wayne


    Do not post that pathetic excuse of a rapper on here.

  34. Cindy Rolle

    The white man was enriched off the diamond trade by exploiting Sierra Leone and the African continent. Hopefully, the diamond Kanye bought Kim was not a blood diamond.

  35. Neville Brow

    I truly wonder if the rebels are black?

  36. kathrine kathrine

    Hurts like hell

  37. Alexander Manuel

    How many Blood diamonds Kanye have?

  38. julian wilton

    Really good.

  39. Desjardin Crump-Gibson


  40. David Savage

    Kanye really quoted himself in his own video 😂

  41. troyblue


  42. perc nowitzki

    *T H E B E A T C O L D B U T T H E F L O W I S A N E M I C*

  43. joey mack

    This beat is insane! Kanye west is a genius.

  44. GP Love

    Damn, I miss this Kanye

  45. Tévy-Suzy T.

    Kanye is forever forever foreverrrrr

  46. Mohsin Ansar


  47. BlaxKid22

    "My father been said I need jesus so he took me to church and let the water wash over my cesar"

  48. dt28469

    This song has been brought to you by De Beers Diamond Jewellers

  49. LightSource

    Only Kanye can make a song about blood diamonds be all about himself

    total greninja

    Listen to the remix with Jay z. This version is just him spitting to a great beat.


    @total greninja I have. JZ dropped the ball on that one. Seriously slept through the entire session

  50. Emma Isabella

    Guyz you have opportunity to get views likes from *AUTHENTIC VIEW$ (.) C0/\/\*

  51. Ocean City

    Desire- under your spell brought me here

  52. Sam Bailor

    I just realized this was shot in Prague

  53. Ayodele Aledare

    The grand piano works is everything!!!

  54. Jermaine Whidbee

    One of the reasons why He will always get a pass for any missteps!!

    White Alliance

    Yep. Musical genius... But not so good in public lmao

  55. nikasr

    “What more could you ask for? The international asshole”

    Kanye still at it

  56. kathrine kathrine

    Not okay

  57. Dynamic Records

    A True Prophet From God ! Absoloute Genuis !

  58. future millionaire

    ALLAH IS FOREVER not diamonds

  59. future millionaire


  60. Rick Villanueva

    The slider. Like topiccal island in the ocean is make up for men like yessdii. So I know how it is toss toss because of all of the make up. So it tisssssss. Like a mothiid.....********07D

    Rick Villanueva

    Excuse the typo ss

    Rick Villanueva

    Together to be. Gray-green...

    Rick Villanueva

    LMFAO omgosh getem!!!

  61. Zivayi Chirambamhanda

    Real Kanye, before 'Ye

  62. sholo14


  63. Louie Guadalupe

    If my land was free from all crime.like not persay like I don't want people dieing but a psychopathic murderer I'm for the death penalty.like I'm not sure about rap although I will say yes to people if they feel as if rap is worth it cus I do too it's just I hate death most of all .I mean I get that people around the world make money off drugs but still believes enough people around the world don't like em to the point we're there routing for Amrica to be drug free.it mite be a hole world out there but to say as humans America doesn't sell drugs anymore should be celebration of strength within the shadow.jusr one places with no crime. Cameras on every corner no blind spots anywere. You have your money spots, the privacy of your own home, in public bathrooms.nobidy can watch the atm or banks your money's safe.but all your kid's are guaranteed safe. Best show of mankind I'd ever see.if not"Colt life"we never do win mankind don't.

  64. Louie Guadalupe

    So in my comic 100 people are everywhere.some are roge in there own way.like Illuminati anyone can be with knowledge so can the 100.100%means unstoppable in one's self.like a person of Fame or elas were but then that's the true 100%thst always land on its feet as for 100.like you mite be 100% today but no true 100. Like mister west in my comic.see he was apart zof 100 till he started to go against all life in a form or two.so much so he skipped himself past 100 and found failer towards his commitment to world Peace.but at the same time it's war in my comic and west is one the best agents 54 has.FBI forever.down with world war 3.Loudine is the people and dose infact ask for no consideration from the US other then he don't vote or allow war mongers. Democracy rain rap song by rappper Dictator Lou iconic image /aka for the people talk not fight less dictation\decisions to cut rights and send me to war without my consent are not allowed at all.if you thought about forcing me to war your forced by the dictator both ways so don't matter.you won't send me regourdless and we'll see how's stronger if I'm natural pick as war Lord. If I'm leader your leader told you no war.the world deside as we eradicate terrorist psychopath gangsters and Crim in the wake that never was ww3

  65. Louie Guadalupe

    Yo ok this mite be the most gangstersst shit out there.like Kanye West makes this song all about rocks(AKA diamonds) and still wears em and gets em for his own family.like a version of Eric Andrew and he's really laughing about all the money he makes as drug dealer and gangster to the point we're he only care about his streets and not Africa(like behind closed doors he's like ya die for my diamonds nigga). Combine that with his Donald Trump hat will you looking at project 100 in comic 3d of my series and put the character that's just like Kanye West.his 100 came out wit the hat he's been working with the FBI from day one.undercover.episod he already told tbe people what's his excuse.cant be to look good cus that's just wrong. Gang gang.the one evil 100 with out back up.the few the none the peoples resolve. Personally I'd never wear another diamond I made this song but I'm not that gangster.shit I like white gold to be honest and she can get a meaningful birth stone or something.im poor he's rich I guess so the times must be sweet to get to be alone and laught about his victory over the diamond community.or not he mite not of ever put one on agine after.would be pointless to start now, if so I'm a look it up if he ever wear diamonds again after this or not. Gangster ass track dow I myself hate diamonds now.like there's no way mister west is racist I my option somehow by the fact his gangster came out with diamonds. Like what all black group is going to except him if there fighting people that are under cover.like I said he told people and still puts em on his own people like with wearing it or not wasn't the message to begin with.crazy.maybe I'm just looking to hard.

    Yes that's the hole title to seen in my movie.

    You read this then see spectacular special effects with all kinds of boss stuff.i mean who's he working for if not himself.great talent scary at times cus he really mite just be telling people stop fighting it's sad but someone gots to live perfect freedom with out death and it's not Africa with a man like mister west.

  66. darcanjel7

    Damn! Old Kanye come back!!!!!! We miss you!!!

  67. kthaanos

    Greatest hit by Kanye

  68. antonio travis


  69. umsie

    Your children's children going to be working for this man!!!

  70. M.A. Jer


  71. Shathani Ketogetswe

    Probably the greatest intro to a song ever made....

  72. pauline norwood

    I remember I almost crash the used hatchback during Kanye era on diamonds are forever I also drove the fresh hatchback shout out to my lawyer leone


    that's what i ran in that crib for if they didn't fucking burn it down like i heard otherwise if i had some in one of my cars of only mine tho and youres i don't care if i have copy of yalles tho


    them storage units are on tax refunds


    otherwise my stuff in storage around America i remember reprinting in locking them one of them cribs i a get chu yo shit back


    most of my stuff is in my own garage that own in l.a

  77. Joher Meah

    Kanye was a great MC back then. Especially between the 2004/05 period. His rhymes were intricate, he's more interested in flow nowadays.

  78. Rafael De La Cruz

    "Close your eyes and imagine, feel the magic. Vegas on acid, seen through Yves St. Laurent glasses"

  79. T I

    Fun fact: The original song used to just be "Diamonds" and by about Rocafella Records and himself only. In fact, this version is solely about that. In the remix, he changed some of the lyrics to talk about Sierra Leone and blood diamonds. Ironically, he had Jay Z to rap bragadocious rap over the remix while he changed some of his own lyrics to make them more conscious. Lupe Fiasco rapped over the beat about the blood diamonds and called the track "Conflict Diamonds." Lupe is also known to have written for The Black Album, so there is a connection there.

  80. And Bra

    the song is still aweesome but the message is more and more bullshit

  81. Charlie Kay

    Kanye is one of the most underrated artistes of all time.


    Charlie Kay yeah idk about that bro

  82. John Truth

    Someone was wearing a t shirt... Never Question God..... Wonder if that's what she got as an answer from her journey or someone else told her to wear it like a billboard to sent a polluted message to people, a message that appears to be sent by those who think they are God...
    Talking about blesphamy at its fullest.

  83. Lord prime

    Goddamn I miss Kanye west

  84. Ferenc Lengyel

    Stop the violence!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Steavy- E

    Who else is here looking to see a ”who else is here in xxxx?” comment? 😂😂😂😂

  86. Daniel Alexander

    Is it me or are these verses different from he one on apple? not complaining but i looked like a dumbass when I tried to lip sync lol

  87. Hernando Martinez

    This song came out since May 2005.
    (Volume 01 Level 04 5/12) 👙

  88. dyasious

    to be honest, kanye is one of the hottest men alive.

  89. Brenda Sanchez

    Kanye when he WAS WOKE!

  90. Mr. Chip

    not familiar with this track

  91. Clarence M

    007? I don't remember, but it has the sound.

    Elizabeth Timothy

    Yes, Sherly Bassey sang the theme song.

  92. Larry Turner

    Favorite song

  93. Dimitria Luna

    King 👑

  94. Ginette Trudeau

    Wow très bon bravo

  95. Will_THE_Warlord

    this makes me sad you know what i mean........

  96. Mulanga Masikhwa

    Why doesn't Kanye convert this to a gospel song.