Wertz, Matt - Snow Globe Lyrics

La la la-la, la la la-la, la la la-la ah la-la
La la la-la, la la la-la, la la la-la ah la-la

There's a window into a magical place
Where I've always wanted to go
And am I dreaming or am I awake
I don't know it just feels like home

'Cause Santa's always on the way
It's Christmas morning every day

Sometimes I wished I lived in a snow globe
Where the wind blows
It's wonderful
And every single time that you shake it
You'll make it
So beautiful

La la la-la, la la la-la, la la la-la ah la-la
La la la-la, la la la-la, la la la-la ah la-la

Candy canes, they grow on trees
And snowmen come out to play
Everyone lives in a gingerbread house
What a shimmering holiday

Come with me, yeah take my hand
To glitter blizzard wonderland

Sometimes I wished I lived in a snow globe
Where the wind blows
It's wonderful
And every single time that you shake it
You'll make it
So beautiful

La la la-la, la la la-la, la la la-la ah la-la
La la la-la, la la la-la, la la la-la ah la-la

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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Wertz, Matt Snow Globe Comments
  1. Emman Screamo TV

    2019 anyone?

  2. David Snow

    I don't think this song gets enough credit. I'm also probably the only one listening to this in July.

  3. SigandGibbs

    Always look forward to Pandora playing this song for me at Christmas. Such a good feel

  4. Vickie Thompson

    Great song

  5. Monica

    My first grader sang this at his Christmas concert, along with a little dance the teacher made up. It was so cute. Our new favorite Christmas song

  6. Sienna Thompson

    The singing sounds so good and the cookies look so good!!!!!!!

  7. perry derogatis

    Amazing stuff

  8. Jolena Medina

    This is my favorite Christmas song, you cannot help but feel so happy when you listen to it! I heard it last year and the radio does not play it, they must not have heard it before lollI requested Warm 106.9 to add it to their play list.Merry Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year!!From Jolena's Grandma Leann

  9. kenchuvich Morcozo

    A friend just recommend this song to me. He's working at a radio station. This lighten up my day after hearing this. Thankyou. Totally a feel good song.

  10. Emily W

    I love this song sooooooooo much 😍😍😍😍😄😄😘😗😙😚😉😆😋

  11. Zornji

    Came here because of Pandora

  12. Haitham Albazi

    we sang this song in our school infront of everyone

  13. Random Name

    Only checked this out bc of the Pandora ad. anyone else do this

  14. starcloud s

    am i the only one who just heard this on the radio and thought it was catchy???

  15. Roblox Gaming

    Hay Matt my French teacher is singing this song and other people and me to her name is Connie

  16. JaylaTT Smith

    This song. Is amazing

  17. ToeKneeAre

    Matt Wertz sent me to Ellie and Jared. :) Thanks for continuing to be my #1 fav Christmas music video, Matt!

  18. Emery Navarro

    love it

  19. Makeda Phillips

    This song is played in every Anthropologie during Christmas.

  20. Carmel Cake

    My music teacher showed the whole class this 😂 BUT GOOD SONG 10/10

  21. Carmel Cake

    It's a really good song tbh

  22. Almitaskater

    Christmas is my favorite holiday! When I heard this song, I listened to it year round! I couldn't get enough!

  23. Lisa Carden

    🎄❄️💞Thank you!!! Merry Christmas💞❄️🎄

  24. Almitaskater

    Best song in he whole universe! Can't stop commenting! Keep up the good work!

  25. Almitaskater

    Can't stop watching it!

  26. Almitaskater

    THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS SONG THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPPPPLLLLEEEEAAASSEEE make more awesome songs!

  27. Denise Spurlock

    Ellie and Jared wanted me to check this out.  Love the song.  Keep it up.  Merry Christmas and God Bless Matt!

  28. Lashonte Blunson

    They play this song at my job all the time! I love it now❤️

  29. Lil Pinky

    I have to sing this song for school ;-;

    Lil Pinky

    @Yusemiri Ramirez oh cool

    Yusemiri Ramirez

    @Lil Pinky yea

  30. Benjamin Colvin

    This song is so good. One of my newest favorite Christmas songs!


    I agree!

  31. Amerìca Hernandez

    I Will sing it at my school

  32. Derek Yang

    I was screamning like loud

  33. Ashley Jo Kuhn

    Ellie and Jared sent me! Great song :)

  34. R&O gxng

    best song ever

  35. Rocio Bejarano

    Im going to sing tjis song in my SCHOOL!!😀

  36. Celestia Franco

    my step sister is singing this for school

  37. conanbdetective

    Old Navy sent me here.

  38. Angelina Plasek

    Love it!! Heard Jared sing it on Ellie + Jared's channel! :)

  39. Armando Uribe

    fnnnnnnnnnnn love you dude hahaha this is awesome


    Favorite christmas song


    Ellis and Jared got me here

    heather mcelhannon



    I know right! Soooooooo beautiful!

  41. Felicia Moniq

    I really like this song!

  42. Abbegayle Myers

    Ellie and Jared sent me! 😊

  43. Brent Gerhart

    Halfway to Christmas Day 2016!

  44. Aleeza Fawad

    I came from Ellie and Jared!

  45. Andrea Bond

    I'm so in love with this song! It's beautiful!

  46. Eloise Wainwright

    Ellie and jared sent me here

  47. Imlivingmydreams12

    I love this song 😍❤️ ellie and jared sent me 😄

  48. angelcat19

    I first heard this song at a Value Village store xD

    Krystina Tran

    @angelcat19 I found it on iTunes! It seems everyone else saw it on Ellie and Jared though.

  49. Rhiannon Urso

    Ellie and Jared sent me :) Love this! :)

  50. Ronni Choi

    Ellie and Jared sent me! :) 

  51. Abigail Macy

    Wow this song is so beautiful! Sends chills down my spine... You have a great voice!

  52. junelainehawes

    ellie sent me!

  53. Matt O'Sullivan

    eliie and jarrod sent me!! :) 

  54. PiandBooks

    Jared sent me!!! 


    Ellie and Jared is the reason and this  is a great song all the best Matt keep up the good work :D

  56. sarah b

    Sent from Jared + Ellie Mecham channel(UK). This song truly needs to be up with the Classics you hear every year. I hope you get DISCOVERED BIGGGGGGGG TIME SOOOOOOOOOOOOON. It will be one of my Xmas songs from now on. Spread the WORD


    Totally agree! I have been walking around my house humming this song for the past day. Definitely making this a song I listen to every year around the holidays. 

  57. Erna Friðriksdóttir

    Ellie and Jared introduced me to this song. Absolutely love it!!!

  58. Ashley Preisler

    Came here from Ellie and Jared!!

  59. Moon Maiden

    Ellie and Jared sent me:) great song!

  60. Katharina-Sophie Pracht

    Hey Ellie and Jared send me :D They were so right this is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard :)

  61. Laura Rodrigues

    ellie and jared sent me here :D

  62. Jessica

    Ellie and Jared sent me :)

  63. Carolyn B

    Love it! Thanks Ellie and Jared!

  64. Trisha B

    Ellie and Jared sent me. Love your video!

  65. Rachel McVay

    Sent from Ellie and Jared

  66. Shannlynne

    Great song! Ellie and Jared sent me!!!

  67. Mary-Anne Slaven

    la la la la la lala

  68. Mary-Anne Slaven

    Hello, Ellie and Jared sent me here, they done your song it was funny but now I want to see the original and I tell ya what, this is awesome, such a pretty song, I love it, thankyou! from Australia x0x0x0x0x0x

  69. Joanie S

    Ellie and Jared sent me here. I LOVE you your song. After lessening to both of you singing it. I'm a fan. What I like about the song is its a feel good song. It makes you smile when your singing it.THANKS SO MUCH.

  70. Laura-May Irvine

    I'm so glad Ellie and Jared introduced me to this song! I love it!! :)

  71. Holly Tree

    Jared sent me! Thanks for the great song and vid y'all!!!

  72. Cindy Camacho

    Love from Ellie and Jarred!

  73. S Wilson

    Sent from ellie and Jared, great song!

  74. Candice Rouse

    Ellie and Jared sent me! :) love the song and the video!!!

  75. Gia

    Awesome song!! Ellie and Jared sent me!

  76. Anonymous

    Such an awesome song! ellie and Jared did an amazing job singing this!

  77. Malorie G

    Ellie and Jared sent me! Great song!

  78. Lauren Ryan

    Ellie and Jared sent me and that is the best thing that I have ever seen! 

  79. Jóna Maria Thomsen

    Sending some ellie and jared love for you! <3 love this song! merry christmas!

  80. Seth Show

    Thanks Elie and Jared sent us

  81. Mandy Wilcox

    Ellie and Jared sent me :)

  82. Memories of Mrs M.

    Happy holidays from Gerrmany! Sent by Ellie & Jared

  83. Brittany Jimenez

    Sent here from Ellie and Jared. This song is awesome! Sorry I didn't know you until now. Not a big fan of Christmas music. If I heard one, I've heard them all... Until today.

  84. Anna N.

    Wow what an amazing song!!! ;)

  85. Stephanie Schumacher

    Cute song!Ellie and jared sent me here. ☺

  86. Madison Ahlquist

    Ellie and jared said that this video is awesome so I looked at it and then I realised it is awesome fantastic and magical

  87. Janny Huynh

    Jared and Ellie send me

  88. Gena Thomas

    Sent by @Ellie and Jared ! I wanna go crawl in a snow globe now!!!! La la la la la

  89. chev.

    this song plays at my work all the time!

  90. Charisma Jane

    Ellie and Jared sent me too :) love this !!

  91. Yasmine Pollet

    I am seriously in love with this song!!! Ellie and Jared send me and I am so glad I found this song!!! It makes me very happy ♥

  92. Anna Sullivan

    Jared and Ellie sent me here!!! Love this song!!!

  93. Nicole Rousseau

    What a fun song!! Great job !!!! Ellie and Jared know their music!

  94. Marie Mac

    Okay, now this is a song that will stick in my head. (that's a good thing) Cute video and song! Ellie and Jared sent me.
    ~~Seasons Greetings~~

  95. Kathleen Frazier

    Ellie and Jared sent me...wonderful song. Great job.

  96. Nichole

    Sending some Ellie and Jared Love. What am awesome song!!!!!

  97. D&M VLOGS

    Really love this song! Great job! I heard from Ellie and Jared. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

  98. Marlene Rose Bocanegra

    Live it! Ellie and Jared sent me!