Weird Al Yankovic - food medley as performed in 1985 - 12 Lyrics

Wanna whole lotta lunch!
Wanna whole lotta lunch!
Wanna whole lotta lunch!
Wanna whole lotta lunch!

Way down inside!
Woman, you need

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Weird Al Yankovic food medley as performed in 1985 - 12 Comments
  1. Keith Pixton

    Where have these medleys been all this time?

  2. Tom Schuszter

    What is Doctor Doctor about ?


    YoloSwag food

    Tom Schuszter

    BroForce426 When dose he mention food? Also what is it a parody of?


    YoloSwag I think it's about food poisoning, and it's a parody of Doctor! Doctor! by The Thompson Twins

    Kylie Pollert

    The Thompson Twins also sing "Hold Me Now" from "The Wedding Singer"

  3. Nicole Rice

    i need burger king from night ranger weild al your fucking assome dude

  4. Rattmaster86

    This is genius 

  5. terracottapie

    Nope. Weird Al performs medleys of parts of songs in concert, that didn't work out as full songs for one reason or another. "I'm In Love With The Skipper" is another one.

    Kylie Pollert

    Instead of "I'm in Love with a Stripper"; that song was played all the time at my middle-school dances, and girls would go crazy!

  6. Einso

    Oh so this is Don't you forget about meat. I've been searching everywhere for this song, but I guess there is no studio version?

  7. algonacchick

    He wasn't at the time, and he's more a vegetarian these days.

  8. Vahan Nisanian

    Funny how Weird Al sings a song about how meat is awesome, when he's a vegan in real life.

  9. flipysrevenge96

    4:31 is amazing! I <3 don't you forget about meat! :D

  10. RabekaJo

    posted 2 yrs ago...are you going to fill that site up soon with the database? or what? not to sound rude just curious

  11. Ca11ingBird101

    Weird Al is cool......

  12. ClassicGarth

    Ha! This is a trip. I think Al has really improved his vocal technique since then.

  13. Kevin Miske

    You were at this concert? SWEET! tell me more please!

  14. ieatpoopforlunch

    Don't you forget about meat was AWESOME!!!

  15. Sylvain T

    Make me steak number 3


  16. Kevin Miske

    Thanks! Nice to see this back on youtube again. Although I own this. Lol.

  17. RadioFreak

    Weird Al Rocks!!!!!