Weezer - Trampoline Lyrics

I've never seen you before
But I know what you're thinking
You've got a knife in your back
And your witches are sinking

You're on my mind

I've never seen you before
But I know what you're feeling
You're running under the ground
And you're hitting the ceiling

You're on my mind

I've never seen you before
But I know what you're thinking
You've got a knife in your back
And your witches are sinking
Yes they're sinking

Trampoline (Trampoline)
You're on my mind

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Weezer Trampoline Comments
  1. DefLeppard1221

    The only thing Nirvana about this is the similar picking to SLTS and the drums, but this is too happy for Nirvana lmao

  2. Ava Pinkerton

    This like Nirvana with extremely lazy song writing

    Christian Rojewski

    Nirvana is shit this is was better

  3. Son Cosmo


  4. Christian Rojewski


  5. Darius Batista

    Its more Nada Surf than Nirvana for me. Still great.

  6. Scott Zaccagnini

    Awesome song.  Rivers is just unbelievable.  It has a Nirvana feel to it.

    James Flanagan

    That's what I was thinking. Could've been a track off Incesticide and fit right in!

  7. Brian Regan

    dope track
    so nirvana

  8. Jimmy Calhoun

    Not surprised this is from '98. Doubt the Rivers of today could write something this good.

    Glen Grinder

    +Jimmy Calhoun He's been living off aborted tracks for years now, but I'm not sure I'll complain as long as he keeps them coming


    +Jimmy Calhoun +Glen Grinder have you guys heard EWBAITE... there are some incredible songs on that album.

    its kickz

    Literally high as a kite

  9. TripodGRANNE

    I would of thought this song would of been at least a little more popular, i always get the trampoline part stuck in my head lol

  10. runnersdialzero333


    Skratch Therapy

    Kart Kobain, vroom vroom

  11. jazzhands144

    No, the rhythm is the same, but the chords are different.

  12. Angel Rincon

    i said what i said :x

    jkjkjk lol i dunno...he's.....he's just scott.

  13. Angel Rincon

    Holy cow what a boring song. Love you anyway Rivers and Brian and Pat


    Angel Rincon what about scott


    @orbitball Yeah what about Scott

  14. undead723

    this song reminds me a little of nirvana lol

  15. burntsugarcubes12

    your on my traaampoline!!

  16. DJ Ali



  17. lazrpo

    @rosesarentcool Considering DTFM is a compilation of unreleased songs from 1998 to 2009 (1994-2009 if you count the Blue Album version of Mykel and Carli released through iTunes), your statement has a lot of holes.

  18. lazrpo

    @Lightworker444 Because Jorge said that he was glad to see Weezer go back to their original style of music.

    Considering this is from 1998, it's not "going back," it's just an unreleased song that was worked on a bit in 2010, not a brand new recording like he thought.

  19. DJ Ali


    PS: am I mistaken, or was "Turning Up the Radio" new... ish" ?

  20. DJ Ali


    Why is that unfortunate? They just released Hurley earlier in the year. I think the idea was good. Why scramble to add a 'new' song to the mix?

  21. Nadav Suliman


  22. The Moose Experience

    solo sounds very pinkerton

  23. WhiteJeans

    That fuzzy solo at 1:22 just kicks ass.

  24. ZyxthePest

    @lazrpo It makes me wonder if this album was kind of like of survey for fans. The majority of praise seems to be for this song, so maybe the band will take note of that.

    But, seriously, this track is so amazing.

  25. lampaslocus

    Best track on the album!

  26. lazrpo

    @jorgefuzzomendez Go back? This is from 1998. The unfortunate thing about DTFM is that there's not a single "new" song on it, it's a compilation of unreleased material.

  27. ZyxthePest

    The first time I heard this song, the first words out of my mouth were:


  28. jorgefuzzomendez

    Oh man, such an awesome choice of 'em to go back to their "original" style of music. Saved my day :)

  29. oOCarrie

    Traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaampoliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine <3

  30. 123legodude

    this song it pretty good. i just got it from frostwire, and learned how to play it by ear just a few hrs ago