Weezer - Summer Elaine And Drunk Dori Lyrics

Oh, she left me there
She left me all alone
Oh, but I don't care
No, I don't mind at all
What really happened?
I got distracted
I suck at getting off the phone
Boy in the bubble, saying I love you
I should have written her a note

Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
When I'm feelin' lonely, I don't want to go
Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
Wish that they would show me, I can't let them go

She swam away, and flexed her mermaid tail
She was out too deep, when lightning struck the bay
Good witch or bad witch, God is a woman
I wish I hadn't played the prude
She touched my ankle, Paranoid Android
I felt it in my molecules

Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
When I'm feelin' lonely, I don't want to go
Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
Wish that they would show me, I can't let them go

Slender and tall
They whisked my worries away
Sweet piano melodies play
Feet crushing Sauvignon grapes
I hear them whispering, whispering, out at the pool
Remember when we were only sixteen
You made me believe in God
But when I finally wake
Both girls are gone

Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
When I'm feelin' lonely, I don't want to go
Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
Wish that they would show me, I can't let them go

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Weezer Summer Elaine And Drunk Dori Comments
  1. cum ejector

    I had a dream about the most incredible girl. Her not existing brought me back to this song.

  2. Kevin Pinkerton cuomo

    Does anyone realize this sounds like lithium

  3. Tech Metal


  4. Andres Giovanardi

    Such a great song!!! I like Weezer from their very beggining...I'm 40!! Greets and e-hugs from Argentina!! Hep Hep!!

  5. Eyenbrows

    Slightly reminds me of the stokes at the start

  6. Dr. P Lankton

    What really happened? I got distracted. I suck at getting off the phone.
    Aint got nobody. aint got nobody, aint got no one to really love me

  7. Rivers Cuomo

    Came here from Sound Exploder.
    Finding Dori.

  8. Salty Barnacles

    hey sam

  9. John Sison

    That crunchy guitar at the start instantly made this song one of their best.

  10. Pacific Rain

    THIS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ_cheYAxEA

  11. Michael Barratu


  12. Steve W

    Definitely heavily influenced by Nirvana's Lithium. SO GREAT that Nirvana's influence is living on after all these years!

    sonic jet


  13. Sam Black


  14. Becca Partin

    Did anyone else notice the LA Girlz body builder in the picture?


    Becca Partin oh my god you're right

  15. 2010 Corolla

    The first 8 seconds seems like it would have hope to be a Pinkerton type of song (not including lyrics but definitely including ROCK AND ROLL BITCHES) nevermind it could be ok but still the terrible raditude vibes are still there a little

  16. Brandon Huerta


  17. Brandon Huerta

    Is it just me or does the beginning of the chorus sound like he's gonna start singing "The Good Life"? :)

  18. Summer Elaine and drunk dori when I'm feeling lonely 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃😂

  19. alphakub

    My favorite track from the white album, reminds me of "Up The Junction" by Squeeze!

  20. Luis D. Abad T.

    Does anyone knows the meaning of this song? I have days trying to figure it out but idk. This is one of my fav songs of my fav Weezer album (and one of my favorite albums of all time)

    Becca West

    Check out Song Exploder’s podcast about it :)

  21. Ryan Fox

    Absolutely love this song. Great riffs, cheesy chorus- classic Weezer

  22. VarynDar

    The fucking CRUCH on these guitars 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  23. Sonny Etchell

    One of the best Weezer songs ever made. 1:57 onwards is just bliss.

  24. John Conner

    Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori was my immediate and overwhelmingly favorite song from the White Album. As I first listened to the album, a found a couple songs (#1 and #4) catchy, but not enough so that I took notice of their name, let alone feel compelled to immediately replay the song again. The fact that I wasn't being instantly hooked by any songs was making me feel increasingly disappointed. Then, I heard Summer Elaine. I was hooked, yanked, and thrown in a pot of euphonic bliss. With bopping head and unbridled smile, I replayed the song three or four times before listening to the rest of the album. I then listened to the whole album again with a new appreciation, and those other tracks that I had found catchy (California Kids and Girl We Got a Good Thing) sunk their hooks deeper into me...and a few others managed to penetrate and grab hold as well.

    HOWEVER....I am not completely happy with the structure of this song. I would have like to hear a shorter bridge, a 3rd verse and another round of the chorus. I think that the melody of the verse and chorus is far superior to that of the bridge.

  25. MyRamona

    History will be so very kind to this record.

  26. ChrisTheSheriff

    Its like if everything I loved about Green was put into a song.

  27. Jackie25637488857657

    Weezer are at their best when they write what comes natural without trying to replicate modern pop sounds. This is true Weezer song writing at its best.

  28. Donny Lemarq

    This song gets pretty boring around the 3:25 mark

    Zachary McCollum

    Donny Lemarq oh I see what you did there two claps for you 👏 👏

    Katelyn Purdy

    you’re so clever , marry me

  29. JustAnotherGuy

    1:58 sounds a little bit like tally hall.

  30. ARiELCdia

    Esta canción tenía que ser un single.

    El Malardo

    ARiELCdia estaría bueno escucharla con Rivers como solista o en acústica.

  31. Enrico Mazzone

    the last part of the last chorus is so fucking fresh, powerfull and energetic !!03:08 !!!

  32. Enrico Mazzone

    poor surfer :D

  33. Enrico Mazzone

    i just wish that might be Mikey to whistlying

  34. Enrico Mazzone

    bridge to chorus sounds so brilliant ! congs!

  35. John Mistretta

    This is lithium with different lyrics love it tho

  36. Oakwood Recordings

    Finding drunk dory

  37. gubba987

    i love the transition from this to L.A. Girlz! i wish they played it on tour 😭

  38. simon dennett

    Here from this. love the process!

  39. Brandon Gallego

    i thought he said sooner or later you'll adore me lol

  40. Thomas Serruques

    I have a hard time picking a favorite song from this album.
    Maybe because I listen to the whole thing in repeat.
    If I had to pick one it would be King of the world because of Kyoko Cuomo's comments on Genius

    d'ailleurs straits

    wow that's deep

  41. Living dead dolls junky

    Did they reference a radio head song ? With the whop P A

    Living dead dolls junky

    Paranoid android

    Tynhe's Old Channel

    1:28 Weezer has done a cover of Paranoid Android before

    cosmicwaffle 69

    i love when contemperaries are fans of each other. I wish Nirvana and Pearl Jam would've worked out... they would've been so good together.

  42. 123friendslover

    Found this song on Song Exploder! Weezer was explaining the process of writing this song. Very interesting

  43. JF L

    Weezer is back


    and now theyre gone

    Lizzy M

    And they're back again

    Ava Pinkerton

    @Lizzy M You don't know that you know what happened with Can't Knock the Hustle last year all we can do is hope.

    Lizzy M

    @Ava Pinkerton Wait what I probly sound stupid but I don't know what you're talking about.. Sorry

  44. Atmos

    Love it! Perfect summer jam.


    Over half the album is the perfect summer jam.

  45. Raquel

    I love this song so so much! Definitely my favorite off the White Album 💞

  46. Raphael Red

    The key changes and Brian's Backup make this the Pinkerton one, obviously.

  47. Dan Mitchell

    Lovely bridge

  48. Joe Retro

    This is one of those Weezer songs that I could've sworn I've heard on the radio before, but it only just came out. Super catchy. A hit for sure.

  49. hoss

    One of my favorites, I LOVE the guitar's chord sequence throughout the track, especially that solo.

    Stevie Z

    On a recent podcast Rivers said that he lifted it from "Walk Away Renee" and that he lifts most of his chord progressions from songs he likes....which is genius.

  50. Nicolas Diaz

    vengan a argentina por favor.

  51. Felix Vazquez

    great song

  52. Johnny

    The chorus is amazing

  53. Man In Magenta Wig

    I don't know why fans are complaining that the chorus's chord changes sound bad - it's just a variant on the Pachelbel 'Canon' (or "Basket Case" if you must) chords.


    +King Andrew to listen to me whine

    Jaden Krahn



    +Man In Magenta Wig lol people are complaining? My Name Is Jonas and No One Else both follow the I V vi IV pattern.


    It's from Walk Away Renee by The Left Bank

    Patricio Fernandez

    I don't like the sudden modulation, I wish they'd kept that progression in the original key.

  54. jesus osornio

    One of the best of the album 😀

  55. boy goo

    I hear lithium at the beginning


    i googled weezer lithium this video came up

    sonic jet



    During the recording of this album and EWBAITE, River's actually used a tribute model of Kurt's 1996 Fender Jaguar. The tone sounding like lithium make's sense, song writing was also inspired by them because he was such a big fan of Nirvana.

    Rubén Alejandro

    Well Rivers is actually Kurt Cobain

  56. scott

    this and endless bummer are the best on the album. what about y'all?


    Idk if I can pick favorites

    Danilo Florenzio

    This and Wind I Our Sail are my favourites

    Aubrey Pressley

    I love this and Jacked up.

    Mr. Yeeteson Peterson

    California Kids, Do You Wanna Get High, and L.A. Girlz

  57. ZyxthePest

    I love the Brian's little "oooo!" after the "she touched my ankle" lyric. Perfection.


    +ZyxthePest and also the "doo doo doo doo doo" after "sweet piano melodies play" at 2:04


    1:02 after the upbeat OH! you hear him in the left headphone o-o-o-ohhh love it every time

    Raphaël Edde

    yeah it's like the "bye" in Undone at the "the go, bye bye" lyric

  58. Matthew Cha

    remember when we were only sixteen

    Leroy Burns

    That part of the track is so pleasing


    you made me believe in god

  59. J.C Camarillo

    nice song

  60. AnnihilationNow

    This is sweet

  61. reeEeeEeEeeE

    Also good album

    Monster Mash

    Great album.