Webby, Chris - Dark Side Lyrics

You're fulfilling your destiny Anakin
Become my apprentice, learn to use the dark side of the force
I will do whatever you ask

[Chris Webby]
You've now been welcomed to the evil side, better start small
When the dark calls, better play it how the cards fall
This is hard ball, spit so cold your car stalls
Webby got that dark side shit, Darth Maul
Sith lord, super Shredder with a big sword
Jaws in the flesh, you’re a kid up on a kick board
Nighty night for you the second that they let the shark loose
Little footed punks ain't ever fucking with a sharp tooth
Webby gonna take 'em to the dark side
Ain’t nobody messing when the bars fly
Every single one of us going to hell
So why not make sure we all fry?
This my spot and I call 5′s
Gotta chick next to me hog tied
Every single bitch in the vicinity better duck for cover
The fucking second that the dog bite
Ain't nobody crazier than Chris
I’ma fuck the game raw and have a baby in this bitch
So just follow to the dark side
GPS, type it in
And you will never end up goin' home again

Take a walk into the dark side
I don’t know just where I'm going, but so far it’s been a hell of a ride
Welcome to the dark side
There’s a devil in all us all you gotta do is just let it inside
Welcome to the dark side

[Emilio Rojas]
It’s 2012, and I'm boning everything raw, I'm fucking the world in it
I'm running and AIDS clinic on a mission to get a new girlfriend
And I'm in that waiting room I got em edible arrangements
Cuz nothin' says let’s fuck with no rubber like fruit bouquets bitch
No WWJD (nah) everyone of my brothers are crazy (nah)
It wasn’t my mother who raised me (nah)
I come from the gutter that made me, huh?
From the Roc where the blocks is bad
And kids go to school through Zombie Land
Even though them all live in Crombie Land
And nah they don’t get drunk they hit Molly man
Meth heads on they death beds
Chicken heads livin' for their nest eggs
Her mother was strugglin' with addiction
So she been into drugs since she breast fed
So depressant and they ain't no exception
No cold edge, just co-defendants
Vacant buildings with their full attendece, with vacant stairs, you got no expression
Take you there if you want, I got demons boy they do haunt
Seein' people havin' that tone, now that’s the reason we all flaunt
I was born with nothin' I’ma die for somethin'
Otherwise I done been alive for nothin'
I earned it all they provided nothin', even if I have to join the dark side and touch it


Your arrogance blinds you, Master Yoda
Now you will experience the full power of the dark side

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Webby, Chris Dark Side Comments
  1. Fallout

    Does anyone know where I can buy the tank top he's wearing?

  2. bruce marshall

    Every single one of us goin to hell so why not make sure we all fry :)

  3. P- Skate

    I'm listening to this in 2019 and I have his disc

    Jake K

    I have an autographed copy that he had signed for me when I had met him back when he was on tour with tech n9ne

  4. Jon Rue

    So we drive a SortaKaravanwaggon. It can fly in the space n sky, 4x4 drive so we can take paths not traveled n ones dat rrr. It is submersible so we can explore even the deepest trenches. It's so tuff we can explore lakes of fire!!!

  5. Curtis Byers

    I’m a huge Star Wars fan so I absolutely love this song I’m more into metal but Chris webby is an amazing artist

  6. kyle L s.e7e.n

    #Track #7

  7. Anxiety 420

    Chris webby should Collab! with Anilyst! Gonna be dope!

  8. Jake K

    Who's listening to this in 2018? My favorite Chris Webby mixtape!

    Doug Davis

    2019 still bumping webby since 09

  9. Mack Kruk

    @fortheburbs This needs a part 2!!

  10. Frank Gladding

    been listenin to this ninja since he started. been to a few shows bought him a shot at sin city in CT im from the 860 he did a backstage freestyle with my boys from the 585 after a show too that was pretty dope . Definitely top 5 dead or alive

  11. stoney blaze

    step threw this portal people judge me cause I'm not normal just because I'm not formal so it been hard to stay focus Mary Jane hokous pokuse give me something to touch this

  12. instrumental king

    Thanks for the info, it was needed.

  13. Super boy

    so fucking lit


    Love This song Webb! Nice N Dark! I love bumbin this on the 12s rolling through traffic, People Be Turnin their Heads! haha


    Happy 4 years!

  16. Jason Ritchie


  17. peter voss

    check out lewis budz

  18. Bailey Dupie

    when I first heard this tape I was a bit younger, and under appreciated the whole thing. only listen to like 3 songs but now I love each song wow I was naive

  19. mac mittens

    I feel rojas is looked over


    No At All Hes A Beast

  20. Damyra Edgell

    I love you Chris webby !!!!!!!!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😘😘😘😘😘😘

  21. sNNNNNable

    It's . . . . GooooOOOOOOd  lol

  22. Joseph Smith

    Best rapper I have heard by far

    James Slocombe

    Listen to Kendrick Lamar, he's representing LA Compton

    Michael itsYAboyMB

    Rittz is by far the best lyrical rapper IMO

    Senad P.

    @James Slocombe
    Yup, listen to this guy.

    Kendrick will blow your mind, but listen to Webby's new shit. It's just as good.


    @Michael Bryant Kool G Rap>

    zacho cracy

    Kendrick is overrated. He has club beats and weak bars.

  23. Steven Valles


  24. MJ Allred

    Webby is gonna fuckin save rap, Fuck mainstream

  25. Michael Cobbs

    This is good.

  26. Dane Leyden

    nigga? are you black? racist bitch

  27. xXLuckyy_13Xx

    nigga u gay as hell!! no body wants your AIDS infested ass.

  28. Schco Kkjaok

    Welcome to the dork side.

  29. Alex Ozburn

    definitely jog by

  30. IntuitiveMindsMusic

    If you wanna hear a dope artist look up Magnificent Kid "Eccentric"

  31. richardtc3

    "players grab ya cleets cuZ i wont settle for da feet" fuckin dope ripe webby for dedprez

  32. jkennerson123

    But you're not hot

  33. Tajmic Bailey

    Becasue the illuminati is real

  34. Tajmic Bailey

    Becasue the illuminati is real thats why real rappers arent famous

  35. LuciferzMinion

    At 1:05 all lyric sites say that it says "every single bitch in the vicinity better duck for cover
    the fuckin second that the dog bite" However is it just me or does it sound like the fucking second I jog by.

  36. LuciferzMinion

    Just an FYI you can't be have someone prove to your if you're hot. You are or you're not, it can't be proven, not to mention everyone has different "standards" for what hot is. What you should of said was my man tells me I'm hot or thinks I'm hot.

  37. Samuel Caramelli

    wtf she's ratchet wtf are y'all on

  38. Bratz

    she kinda looks like Marilyn Manson to be honest

  39. Hesku

    You're just plain stupid.

  40. francisco fernandez

    bad ass

  41. marcus myers

    Amanda they're not cats, they're just better than anything u listen too. don't comment if u don't like it damn.

  42. marcus myers

    this is sick as fuck webby ur da man bro! (:

  43. MysticVacuum

    Haha, i'm surprised she even has a man. Or maybe she's referring to her father.

  44. GarraTeen

    dude webbys not even signed to a label ur logic is fucked

  45. Otto Paajaste


  46. iamslovakin

    cause the mainstream media doesn't like lyrical rappers

  47. Gavin Jones

    Lets all vote her top comment down, lol

  48. Michal Martak

    Look this up and you will know why...Nicki Minaj - Dirty Money (Rare Underground Video)

  49. blake noxon

    hands are fun you gotta admit.lol

  50. tcg0786

    Your man must be into ugly bitches then

  51. Gavin Jones

    Cuz ppl are brainwashed fuckin zombies...

  52. Cortina

    you could've just said "thanks" instead of being a bitch about it but whatever works for u ok

  53. xXLuckyy_13Xx

    sweetheart i'm married. what happiness do you have other than your hand?

  54. EmSeeJdub

    I've heard him in one other song by Omar LinX a long ass time ago and he did hella good in that song too.

  55. xXLuckyy_13Xx

    I know I am, And my man proves it to me, so you dont need to.

  56. Ryan Johnson

    It's back then

  57. justin stuyck

    Taken down for copyright issues

  58. Rex Reeves

    Dope as fuck

  59. A M

    ay what up webby what happen with turnt up?

  60. TSmith

    Good one.

  61. Alex Gomez

    12 people are gay

  62. David V Pettus Poetry

    Well. For a song called dark side.. Its not dark for me at all. Lol cmon. Be more creative. Take note from Eminem Chris lmao. Listin to Relapse album. "Stay wide awake". Or Tech n9ne.

  63. tjmzts

    or emilio rojas climax freestyle

  64. justin stuyck

    Webbys dad didn't do the guitar for this song.

  65. xXLuckyy_13Xx

    how is nicki minaj famous, and not these two cats?

  66. Greg Maurice

    you speak like my ass

  67. sa DFADF FD

    god damn Emilio was good as hell... no joke, his verse was top notch.. Webby did his thing as always... and how about that guitar solo? good shit haha

  68. BardocktheGreat

    Great song, shout out to Webby but Emilio Rojas killed it!!

  69. Pfeiffer

    Yup definitely wanna see webby perform live with his dad on the guitar that would be dope

  70. Tom Moore

    What a crazy (awesome) guitar solo!


    emilio rojas go slaughters every beat he is on thats on if u get his lyrics

  72. michael hultgren

    yo not so good id rather do a fatty

  73. Tom Moore

    you kno it LoL hes probably been hanging out with patrick

  74. darknexis8

    Webby is a badass

  75. Mr.AhDu215

    Webbys nice, one of my fav rappers but im not feelin some of his beats man..

  76. thegiantsquidofanger

    yeah dude, he kills every track he hops on. he's so good. he's really aggressive with his flow. it's dope.

  77. Sean Holland

    Nobody's fucking heard of him? He did kill it though, props.

  78. Cameron Mccutcheon

    That guitar.. nuff said lol

  79. Jimmy Johnson

    damn, my 3 favorite things, weed, star wars, and chris webby

  80. thegiantsquidofanger

    you've never heard of emilio rojas? do you live under a rock?

  81. Billy Hulrey


  82. Sean Holland

    It's up there. They are all so much different though, like this compared to the underclassman. It's just too different to compare.

  83. tado767

    Dat guitar solo at the end, damn.

  84. mbball055

    Emilio has such a grimy voice. Good wordplay though

  85. CtatLdp

    I never said Webby was a sell out. I honestly think this is his best mixtape yet. So much meaning in it.

  86. Mike Barr

    webby also isnt a sell out

  87. Dana McKenney

    :)))) amazing!!!! Piss me off u ant famous as Mac Miller!!!

  88. CtatLdp

    I've never heard of the guy featured in this song but in my opinion he killed it

  89. jester reaper

    what about milk?

  90. Robin Ado

    dope as fuck

  91. Jonny Urban

    doooooopeee ass sonng!

  92. Dare Modgy


  93. Nathan morrone

    your flow webby (Y)

  94. Luke Luna

    It's datpiff.com

  95. Niko Roose

    the chuck as spoken

  96. Epic Fail

    I would kill someone to get his next album right now he is a FUCKING ANIMAL

  97. XxTheGreatDestroyerx

    love then end