Webby, Chris - CT 2 Shaolin Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
It's lights, camera, action, run it and still rappin'
Lyrical tornado, twister, Bill Paxton
On two E pills, three vics and six aspirin
This bull's running plays on the court like Phil Jackson
I am mad raw, fucker, better back off
Punch line pros, we leaving you with a cracked jaw
Down in MIA sniffing on some bath salts
Eat your fucking face off and spit it on the asphalt
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Call up Rick Grimes and aim for the head and shoot at least six times
Connecticut to Shaolin, show 'em what the bounce is
Coming with that fire so you better bring an ounce, kid
It's that motherfucker fucking panty stuffer, listen to the real can't stand the others
Cop a lethal weapon like Danny Glover
Walk into the woods bust rounds at Bambi's mother, uh

[Verse 2: Method Man]
Live and let die, I get it like I spit it, we ride like an AMG, get it? G5
Five, Michael in it, got the key to the city
We vibe, no commercial interruptions, we live
Warning, see now that you have entered the zone
Professionals at work, do not attempt this at home
All I need's a verse and a minute when it's on
I'll be begging like a convict for minutes on the phone
Up until they throw me in a box, or catch me in the trap, trying to throw away the rock
I'm a product of the block, a hustler, the product in the socks
Serve a customer, regardless of the cops
Regardless of the guap, still a legend
On fire, cause I'm hot, y'all are sweating, still denying that I'm not
In fact, Webby, I'm like the overweight lover, I'm that heavy
Minus the frames and fat belly

[Bridge: Chris Webby]
Thanks for that Meth, we do this man you know
CT to Shaolin, C. Webby to John Blaze
It's just that hip hop shit, you know, it's that
That raw emotion that you get when you get behind this mic, like you know?

[Verse 3: Chris Webby]
Suburban rap savior's back, slay it when I lay a track
The fourth Animaniac, the Timothy McVeigh of rap
They so concerned whit swag that they forgot about the basics
That's some shit I can't respect, I'll never hold my tongue or take it back
This is art, this is true, this is all I know
The only time I feel at peace is when I start to flow
I don't care if the masses think that my shit's hot
Cause this is raw, this is me, this is hip hop

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Webby, Chris CT 2 Shaolin Comments
  1. Jenna Marie Donaldson

    In 2019 almost 2020 this shit still bumps

  2. jayce gonsalves

    Anyone still bumping? Can't wait for this Boston concert

  3. Brian Stop triggering me why god why

    I got two quarters

  4. polonium-210 XXX

    so many legendary fts from meth to prodigy to slaine

  5. Da Villy Kids

    we just opened for webby in buffalo ny! check out our shit

  6. Michael Cobbs


  7. xCoreProductions

    The fact meth was up for this is a compliment to webby

    H. Bubblecrunch

    That's what's dope about Meth, he's a legend who respects talent and will hop on a song of an up and comer.

  8. Leo

    Method as always bodies a nigga on his own track lmao!

  9. gta2076

    webbies nice yo, wu tang forever!

  10. RAKM

    this should have 6 million views

  11. Witheredful

    Webby needs more songs like this to pop.

  12. Peter Rico

    Webby good, Meth JOHN BLAZE!!!!!!

  13. Evan Browning

    Chyeaaa MM & webby

  14. madSHKRILLZerrrrt

    lol thats one of meth's many nicknames

  15. Alec Bell

    Like this if you've been with Webby since day 1!

    Richard Harper

    Guess only me and you bud....

    Devin Barcelona

    @Richard Harper and me

  16. Kayla Thompson

    This song is so sick.

  17. officialreasoning

    who the fuck is john blaze?

  18. Aldo Roemer van Opdorp

    holy shit i saw chris webby featuring method man, and i knew, that had to be fucking dope :O and so it was

  19. Alyssa Overton

    I've honestly not yet found a song of Chris Webby's that I haven't liked

  20. J Noel

    Method man wont lose his streetcred you stupid fuck

  21. CSillyElephant

    LOL, a studio gangster. I suppose you're a fan of Drake and Lil' Wayne.

    Rusty Britches

    Webby? Webby never claims to be a gangster. He just uses drugs.

  22. Quin Musik

    You have no idea how features work do you? It costs a certain amount of money to feature anybody on a track. Anyone could feature Meth on a track for the right price, but i guess still meth has to agree to do it but i guess that's something cause he thinks a lot of the new rappers suck.

    Rusty Britches

    How much do you think webby paid? He was dead broke at the time. Maybe he agreed to smoke mef up. XD

  23. Mark Brittain

    yea call up Rick Grimes, and Aim for the head and shoot at least 6 times ! - Awsome Walking Dead Reference.

  24. Andrew Ramirez

    So fuckin nasty

  25. Austin blegh

    dont forget chris webbys collab with kmk

  26. Andrew Ramirez

    Webby kills it on that second verse. Its that rawww emotion ooooo

  27. Gavin Jones

    Webby n' Method Man, never woulda thought.

  28. Zachary Ricardo

    If you guys can check this out i promise its not a let down.

    I'm Zach Ricardo, i'm 18 and i rap.

    I just dropped a Taylor Swift Never Ever remix music video definitely worth checking out. there are blow up dolls in it.

    Youd be changing my world by just liking this comment and getting it seen.



  29. Unknown Legend

    Hahahahha illlll

  30. spoose1

    @anthony clarkson because he's a lyrical giant just like meth, meth didn't do it if he didnt want to either

  31. Rob Istheman

    wu tang clan aint nothin to fuck wit and apparently webby aint either

  32. Son Anthony

    How the fuck did this guy get a track with Meth?

  33. jester reaper

    second favorite,,,,,,lol jk

  34. Dustin Craig

    I love all Meth's shit from Enter The 36 Chambers to the movie How High. He's my personal favorite rapper.

  35. Jack Jaillet

    Lyrical tornado

  36. HipHop 4ThePeople

    they should do a video... and put some more wu tang in it.

  37. joe picc


  38. Gus

    That's what the fuck I'm talking about, Webby! Shiiiiiiieeee, got yourself a song with the one and only, living legend, hiphop entrepreneur, Method Man. Congratulations, man. If you haven't made it yet, you're pretty fucking close!

  39. iTOUCHthingsBRO


  40. Chris Carhart

    Method Man>>>>>

  41. 10Enjoi01

    only looked at this song because of method mans name

  42. JulastixGaming

    Just enjoy the music, don't have a flame war with each other....

  43. George W

    Your a fucking loser and he Webster more like fagster

  44. Mook Squad

    lyrics on my channel and lots of other webby songs plus some from bars on me

  45. misterguy100

    man i cant believe he has a song with method man...thats so fucking sick dude... method is a living legend of the real rap of the 90s man. you make it for sure when you have a song with method man. for real

  46. Leith Brown

    meth won't reach tical or 36 chambers good again but so cool to see this collab he still did pretty good on this track

  47. Emily Rose

    what...webby and method man

  48. Justin JJ

    DO YO THANG!!!!!!!

  49. Justin JJ


  50. Dhal1972

    Tell him to hack 93.7 because they need to start playing some webby.

  51. linglingjr

    soo good

  52. ByJohnPaul

    Chris Webby & Method Man? my dayssss, too epic <3

  53. EatSleepShitHipHop

    Webby needs to get on GetBusyCommittee or join AOTP

  54. Evan Spiker

    Honestly, I hope he never signs. If anyone can prove it's possible to do on your own it's Webby.

  55. NEMtv

    my comittee

  56. NEMtv

    fuck outta here

  57. NEMtv

    lol i dont think they are....feel liike punchin chris webbys lucky ass

  58. SlickthaMC

    webby fucking kills it

  59. kush8893

    lmao doubts bud

  60. Evan Spiker

    He's obviously good enough. He wants to make it by himself. Without the industries help.

  61. Evan Spiker

    Exactly my point.

  62. giantz26

    They both killed it!!

  63. Chuck Ortolano

    Scumbag has dis-honored the American Flag!

  64. Jake Abel

    I agree with you except I think mission statement is good.

  65. Steven Brown

    then you didnt listen to the words go listen to his old shit and get off these videos

  66. Mook Squad

    lyrics to this and mission statement on my channel

  67. SlickthaMC

    i did in the fucking previous comment asswipe

  68. SlickthaMC

    webbys punchlines have gotten softer END OF STORY hes still great but he was best at around best in the burbs

  69. SlickthaMC

    a true webby fan knows webby isnt nasty hes NICE!!! just sayin... anyway hopsin IS nasty bruhh

  70. Steven Brown

    no one cares your a loser

  71. misterguy100

    umm no? dude... hes just as nice as ever lol not every single song on every single mixtape is gunna be a classic. or his best. he goes hard on everything he does. so idk what your talking about lol. webby is nasty. period. he has a song with method man... you cant argue his success or skill.

  72. Greeny1310

    CT rep, tho. <3

  73. Kayla

    "The Timothy McVeigh of rap" Please explain to me how he has lyrically devolved. go ahead Ill wait.

  74. Kayla

    Lyrically devlolved??? LISTEN TO THE REST OF THE MIXTAPE DUMBASS Namely Mission Statement

  75. SlickthaMC

    im glad hes making money and hes successful now hes just lyrically devolved a bit hes best on best in the burbs where he was completely sober while writing it he thought of better lines and hes more on top of his game and also that whole say a line and the saying a word to make it a metaphor without adding a like or as AKA Hashtag rap that everyone else does is really annoying and he should stop it which seems like he somewhat has but ya hes just gotten less creative thats all

  76. Jackson


  77. BintonMusic

    because this is on bars on me dumbass

  78. Richard Thomas

    Rostrom Records, indi for lyfe

  79. Jordan House

    who is mac miller signed to? hes independent lol

  80. byBurnsy

    method killed it

  81. BintonMusic

    listening to bars on me right now !

  82. Alex S

    datpiff prepare to be crashed again in 45 minutes

  83. dreamweaver964

    i believe webby will never change. he does too much for his ninjas to change for a label.

  84. Austin Khoury

    Well, I want him to go mainstream, but if he gets a record deal, it's good for him, but the label might make him change the way of his music. Look at Mac Miller, he was a pretty damn good rapper. Then he got signed, and now his music licks ass crack.

  85. Esteban Harris

    They both go in Nuffin said

  86. ViZzoHD

    are you guys realizing whos on the track with webby.......

  87. CTZN

    ha if he sucks then how come his supporters are the biggest supporters...smh

  88. Mike Gigs

    Someone isn't a real fan.

  89. menano23

    how is this mainstream? lol this is ill as fuck

  90. Sean Kerr

    I know, i'm from Jerz. Shoulda went up

  91. chantiaunique

    I'm guessing he's from Connecticut? CT stand up! I love my hometown.

  92. Sean Kerr

    Alright, if you're doing a song with Method Man you're making it... if you wanna say Chris Webby hasn't "made it yet." Not mainstream at all, will never be played on the radio and is not that pussy Drake, Big Sean, and Rick Ross. Just cause webby is 23, or 24 whatever does not mean a deal is not coming. It's already set up in the future, he just doesn't know it. Look at Action Bronson. Did not start rap til 24, and now he's gonna be the next Biggie Smalls. It's raw emotion, yall dont know

  93. 2kcky

    wu tang clan gonna fuck with you in your sleep tonight for that

  94. linglingjr

    you are a complete idiot

  95. Garzooka

    PLEASE do not comment on this video thinking you know everything about Chris and his choices in the music industry... The 10% of us who do find it VERY frustrating... enjoy the dudes music all you like, just don't post your idiotic comments on this channel...

    Richard Harper

    Garzooka damn bro I wonder if you are a mumble rapper supporter now of days