Webbie - Six 12's Lyrics

[Talking - Webbie]
Whaaat!, Young Savage-Trill E-N-T
Man I ain't stoppin till it's over
I got that bass in this bitch, don't it...Look

[Verse 1 - Webbie]
I ride down ya street you can hear me in ya den
shakin niggas walls when I put it past ten
G shit I ain't even gotta rap it
I like to play the songs with alot of slap in 'em
the amp turned up so it sound like this
my girl ask me why I like it loud like this
I got the five 9's across the back and I bet
you never seen a nigga with the pound like this
I ride by the club and everybody get loose
the hoes get to tootin, all the niggas get to bootin'
don't nobody try me, know I'm quick to get to shootin'
I'm known around town as that lil'nigga with the music
yeah I'm doin all good, and the cake not bad
I ain't lyin if I try it I can break my glass
the police pull me over, and they raid my cash
mayne they be wishin they could take my ass

[Chorus - Webbie]
I got six 12's (you can tell)-I got six 12's (you can tell)
I got six 12's (you can tell)-I got six 12's (you can tell)
I got six 12's (you can tell)-I got six 12's (you can tell)
I got six 12's (you can tell)-I got six 12's (you can tell)

[Verse 2 - Webbie]
Mayne I really be trumpin, mayne I really be beatin
you can hear when I'm comin, you can hear when I'm leavin
I got it hooked up the sickest, so ain't no sense in competitin
and yo'shit is the cheapest, you might blow out ya speakers
and we blowin and all, I got warrants and all
done looked down at the phone-I done missed a few calls
me and Boosie was thuggin, ballin out on them rims
he was tellin me somethin but I couldn't much hear 'em
'Cause the music was bumpin, I can barely much see it
'Cause we smokin on somethin that we just got from Korea
all the haters was watchin, guess they was checkin the paint
all the bitches was jockin, they look at us and faint
we done came to the top but niggas thought that we can't
mayne this lil'nigga trippin he done waste all the drank
on my brand new interior you know the leather and mink
but I'm way past freight so that ain't nothin to me

[Chorus - Webbie]

[Verse 3 - Mouse]
Now when I cut it up the H, you hear that boom, boom, bow, blam
I block around the club they be like ooohweee, godamn
everybody lookin tryna see who I am
cut that number nine on when I play that(?Tripbam?)
two supercharged amps with that air condition fan
the pipes sound good and the motor is a man
lil'mama wanna ride but I've sort of made plans
I gotta go get my cousin Dougie Fresh up out the can
then I'm goin' scoop Webbie, he goin to park the drop top
just got my '94 Caprice up out the chop shop
six pioneers mounted up in the block box
me and Chev fuckin give a fuck if a cop watch
old jams make them old folks wanna pop lock
check me if ya want get ya stupid ass glock popped
everywhere a nigga ride gotta be top knotch
we don't play a song up in that bitch if it ain't got knock

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