Webbie - I'm Hot Lyrics

I'm hot nigga, it's my turn, I wouldn't touch me 'cause my hand might burn,
I'm cold, you already know you can go by, what you heard depending on what they told you.

[verse 1]
Man I knew it would be a day some bitch ass nigga cross and let whatever fuck him up to come and
Fuck with a boss what you think savage don loss it, now you don laid round and loss it and came
Across to the valter now that shit just gonna cost your time to kidnap some children time to shoot
Up some houses girl it's all about Webbie 2007 I'm out chea and I'm too little to hit and I'm too
Big to forget and I'm too slippery to hold and I'm too out of control I'm a phantom you lac I'm a
Chopper you mac I'm too fast of the casket I wipe my ass with a stack and it ain't nobody fresher
Who gonna wipe me down 'cause I'm on should've left this bitch on the dresser 'cause if they catch me I'm
Gone my fro too fresh for the throne I shook the world like a drone in the heat of the moment I
Give the streets what they want that's why my cake looking long a hater face looking long apologize to
My people for having 'em waiting so long

[Chorus 2x]

[verse 2]
Man, this shit gotta work for all my people in the dirt I'm gonna be bigger than jigga if they don't
Hit me up first
man, you all must got me confuse I take niggas by two I break niggas in two
man, you all fake niggas is through
I hear your album is poo, I'm just telling the truth
if it wasn't for heavy promotion I don't know what you do now
if I slap your in your face then bitch what you do probably nothing
be surprised than depend on your crew
I'm straight telling your don't mess with me put you all whole crew in Jeopardy niggas sweat
when they next to me can't let this shit get the best of me you all been waiting on my single
'cause I'm cold and I'm friezing
I been counting big money lighting big blunts with my finger
I'm no longer a dreamer yeah that shit all in the past focused on cash use to kick hoe
Niggas all in they ass collaborate with everybody time to get it from trash and if you think I'm
Talking about you fuck it nigga I am


[verse 3]
you just ain't understand me
you so factory I'm candy boy I'm simple you bambi plain and simple
I'm jamming and I wasn't made for these cameras bitch
I get paid for these cameras if it wasn't for that
you could've have 'em but I gotta make some happen my money good like it look I keep it hood like it look
I'm in the hood you can look man baton rouge off the hook man what's a thief to a crook don't
Let them pills get you wooped you gonna let that kill get you killed my savage life album killed being
A gangsta I'm guilty I get my chain over women I'm hot like fresh biscuits they just wanna little
Titties evisues or dickes 22s or 6s I mean they both hot but which one the sickest every city I
Visit they be like they gotta get well here it is first week I'm tryna do a half million but if I
Don't to me it don't really mean nuttin 'cause until you seen the savage you ain't really seen nothing.


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Webbie I'm Hot Comments
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    Mr. Pettaway

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    Keshia Pettway

    Maybe my husband did 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Mr. Pettaway

    @Keshia Pettway either way we all still listening in 2020

    Keshia Pettway

    I do too lol

  7. Darius Williams

    Until U Seen A Savage you ain't really seen nuttin!!! #My Part!!!

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    Man I'm from Detroit but my niggas had me feeling myself back real untouchable when this shit had drop back in the day 💯 classic shit..

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