Webbie - 2 Smooth Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Webbie]
Couldn't wait to get more shit from Trill E-N-T huh
Bad Azz and Young Savage keep it so street huh
but we been doin this for awhile but it ain't sleep time
gotta send these motherfuckers platinum two or three times
we fly in cloud nine,who'd ever figure we pop
and it be me in the ole drop and the rims don't stop
Yeah a nigga came up,sixty thousand on the watch
but they got niggas still stuck,and a nigga ain't forgot
alot of niggas gettin shot so keep yo pistol
I ain't twenty one yet I still keep this one
and if you got love for him watch yo nigga
you can let him slip,I'm tellin you this you gon'miss him
I love ole girl,but been a minute since I kissed her
but she keep it real so knowin her she ain't trippin
slowed up on drank,and I don't get too tipsy
cause bein off guard in B-R is too risky
ask me what I want up out of life,be specific
money,power,my niggas-Yeah that'll be teriffic
but it's really all a dream that's why I'm just livin'
Ya'll mind too little to even feel what I'm spittin
Ya'll haters'll kill to be sittin where I'm sittin
I'm just so real that's how I'm gettin it how I'm gettin it
you can say what you want,but money talks-stop whisperin
Trill,Young Savage ain't doin damage-ya'll silly

[Chorus - Webbie]
I'm 2 smooth-you can't do it like this
you ain't foolish like this,jewels like this
pool like this,I ain't full yet I ain't with the bullshit (on the real...check me out)
I'm 2 smooth-like how you walk like that
talk like that,all soft like that
I'm a straight Mack,Cutless or Maybach
hop in lay back,I'm a bring you straight back-I'm 2 smooth

[Verse 2 - Webbie]
Young Savage,big dog status
Judge Johnson let my big dog have it
can't sleep bad dreams,I ain't never had shit
so you can come and try me,I'm blastin
didn't smoke cigs,now I need another pack shit
bad nerves I think I get it from my Daddy
straight factory ain't even get the(?daverns?)
a hundred fifty gotta nigga neck flashin
nigga know me well every hood I pass in
V-12 under the hood I'm smashin
I done seen good,nigga I done seen bad shit
heart full of heart,full of Purp got me laughin
06 and 07's all Webbie's,I ain't laughin
Young Savage comin ready ever album
bounce up in the club no shirt,no hassle
lookin for a gutta bitch,I see her I'ma snatch her

[Chorus - Webbie]
I'm 2 smooth-you can't do it like this
you ain't foolish like this,jewels like this
pool like this,I ain't full yet I ain't with the bullshit (on the real...check me out)
I'm 2 smooth-like how you walk like that
talk like that,all soft like that
I'm a straight Mack,Cutless or Maybach
hop in lay back,I'm a bring you straight back-I'm 2 smooth

[Verse 3 - Webbie]
A nigga had a blast last night
man I was smokin big blunts,countin big money all last night
got alittle ass last night from somethin tight and right
the way she suck pipe,think she was mixed with white
D ain't wanna change hoes,so I switched with Mike
it ain't nothin to a nigga,ya lil'bitch,ya wife
all them stories niggas sayin better get shit right
I'm Young Savage,Trill fam in this bitch for life
that ain't right,hatin cause we ain't livin the same life
you fight ya ole lady,I fuck her the same night
my ring and that shit you be drivin the same price
nigga you ain't never seen real diamonds in real life
ya'll fake ass little rappers I'm watch ya shit
half of ya'll talkin about it and ain't really did it
I never say you little niggas name cause I'm really serious
get to trippin we can wild out like Tupac and Biggie

[Chorus Till End]

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