We Three - Lifeline Lyrics

Can you call my lifeline cause I give up
And I'll raise my white flag and just give in
Cause I'm barely breathing, got no reason for grieving, that's just how I feel
I'm just trying to be real

Wish I could turn the switch on,
Leave it on all damn day long,
Get it tattooed on my arm
Just because they told me not to

Wish I could turn you all off
Say it without going soft
But we all know that I'm not
One to tell you you have got to

Shiver, feel it, take it, break it, make it what you wanna
Lose it, choose it, find it, mind it, bruise it, use it how you're gonna
Shiver, feel it, take it, break it, make it what you wannna
Lose it, choose it, find it, mind it, bruise it use, it how you're gonna

Can you call my lifeline cause I give up
And I'll raise my white flag and just give in
Cause I'm barely breathing, got no reason for grieving, that's just how I feel
I'm just trying to be real
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
I'm just trying to be real

Wish I believed the things I pray
9 times out of 10 they're too cliche
What I wouldn't give for a replay
2AM and still no sleeping

The numbers and figures don't add up
But I'm not really sure if it matters
Cause lately life's full of disasters
5AM and still no sleeping

Shiver, feel it, take it, break it, make it what you wanna
Lose it, choose it, find it, mind it, bruise it, use it how you're gonna

Can you call my lifeline cause I give up
And I'll raise my white flag and just give in
Cause I'm barely breathing, got no reason for grieving, that's just how I feel
And I feel the pressure to be perfect forever, that's just how I feel
I'm just trying to be real
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
I'm just trying to be real
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Yeah yeah
I'm just trying to be real

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We Three Lifeline Comments
  1. jd33jd

    You three are TOO AMAZING to not be bigger!!!!!

  2. Ingrid Mendes

    I wanted to see The girl with the bigger parts of the song a little. Their voice is spectacular, it covers everything😉🤘🏻🔥♥️🇧🇷

  3. Korben Chesnut-Petry

    Thank you

  4. Ava Reed

    for every song he is singing the whole time and it’s almost like he’s in charge so i think her vocals should be louder

  5. Ahmad Lisan

    I dont know that you guys are gonna see my comment or not.But The Only Thing I can say is Please Make more songs.For Us,We Fans.I'm 14Years Old And You Guys songs are my Favourite.I think I'm in love with you guys songs.I Just Beg You Guys Please Make More Songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=

  6. jolas nicolas

    Im a super super fun of your band and song my gosh so much emotions and feels so real

  7. jkprmn

    Why this video only got 1.1M views? It deserves more

  8. Ammar Majuerae

    i feel the gazing into the camera is a bit intense. But overall, the vid is pretty sick! I agree with most of the comments, (make her voice louder) Her voice is amazing but we can barely hear her! I think you can make the video less intense if you pretend like no one is around and kind of lose it as the song progresses. (Not in a violent way, but like kind of move like youre releasing a bunch of emotion) Rock On!!!


    What an amazing family, Your mother would be soo proud of you guys.

  10. Carlos Aquino

    Complete in love with you guys and your musicality. God bless you all! James 1:17
    Cheers from Brazil

  11. Mike Taylor

    You don't need agt but iam glad you were on it because I would not no how great you guys are love you and wish you all the best talent like yours can't be held back I see good things for you

  12. Lisa

    My dog died and the next day I heard this and started crying, I love you guys so much you helped me. Thank you ❤️❤️♥️

  13. A N J Tree Service LLC

    I listen to you guys everyday. Thank you for the beautiful, meaningful music

  14. Dana Jones

    Ok I'm obsessed.

  15. Bruna Maria

    I Love you guys💖💖

  16. Savannah Nibbe

    Love this song. Hits me deep

  17. Cummene Diary

    Salam dari Indonesia. Saya juga baru kehilangan ibu saya bulan ini karena penyakit kanker payudara.

  18. Adrian Player

    More people need to see this song

  19. jkprmn

    I think this is their best song yet. Heaven's in the second place.

  20. Boss Boy gaming

    My teacher wrote that song🔥🔥

  21. Kaitlyn Scherger

    I wanna buy the whole album!!

  22. Renier Bernardo

    A baixista é foda demais!
    Aumentem a voz dela por favor!
    She is amazing!

  23. Lola Valentine Cosplay

    An anthem for those struggling with the day to day. Seriously amazing guys!

  24. Gracie Panimbagon22

    Since the moment I listened to their first song, my heart just melt every single time I listen to their voices.

  25. Sagitarius 12

    I love you...really love you..😢

  26. Gingersnaps Asmr

    Love you Joshua 💚 your so talented but all of you are the best x

  27. Allen Gayo


  28. Kiki Addy

    it would be amazing if the female voice was the major voice in one of your songs. her voice is amazing from what i can hear. thnx . love your music

  29. nicholas herberger

    I can't stop listening to this song it is the best but second is so they say

  30. katie hyden

    i’ve had it on repeat for days now. my anthem. my escape. it puts me in my feels but ultimately brings me back better and stronger. thank you We Three

  31. Sapiah Binti Pardi

    Anyone else who got goosebump

    I Survived The Muffin Joke

    I have more goosebumps than skin

  32. Pyper Finger

    I'm in foster care and I'm only14

  33. もっさん


  34. Valerie Sabatino

    I'm so happy that you continued to make your beautiful music together. Siblings that sing together, stay together. After my father passed away 😢 from COPD, our family broke and fell apart. I loved you guys on AGT, I'M SO EXCITED TO HEAR YOUR HEARTFELT AND ONE OF A KIND MUSIC. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS.

  35. Brianna Textin Stories

    Love you guys!!!!♡♡♡♥️

  36. Taylene Spence

    I belive that you guys should have won AGT, your songs have many meaning for different people and most of all I can connect to all of them. You guys are amazing! Never think otherwise.

  37. Leanna Walters

    I love you

  38. Hunter Jarred

    Saw you guys on AGT and then forgot about you. The other day my teacher was playing this song and I didnt even realise it was you until I looked the song up

  39. eden privan

    Pray for the souls who disliked this

    I Survived The Muffin Joke

    Nah, I'm pretty sure they just turned the screen upside down so they could like it twice... that's the only reasonable explanation!

  40. May Bobby

    Honestely they need the girls voice to be louder like are they serious

  41. Juliano Silva

    Parabéns aos três

  42. Kavosseaye Music

    I love y'all keep the passion and please never stop making this good music and touching all of our hearts 💓

  43. Jona Tripoli

    We need to more of Joshua's voice plss

  44. Dub Beast

    AWESOME the drums was awesome

  45. Stephanie V

    Love this song ❤️

  46. iced rays

    Yo they life 2 hours away from me wyf

  47. TCubillas

    What a great trio! Since the AGT days, it's an intangible that they have which led me to believe that they'd make it in this industry. I pray that this long road takes them to success and happiness.

  48. izaias almeida

    I'm from Brazil.
    I loved your performance at America's Got Talent.
    I became a fan.

  49. Kaitlyn Pierson

    I don't think I've ever related to a song so much in my life ....this song speaks my life. I've always struggled so much and just kept getting through stuff. This song brings tears to my eyes and causes me to remember everything, but then I remember how I got through it all. Don't ever give up on yourself!

  50. Galactic Zap

    Okay, on AGT you guys said that your father was in a band with his siblings. Now, I need to see your father's band and watch it side by side with yours.

  51. Maria Aniza

    Suas musicas sao lindas e inspiradoras amo vcs ...🇧🇷

  52. Josh Cramb

    Hey can we get another video of anything?

  53. VX Adventures

    Trying to be real, yeah right playing a electric guitar in the rain in a small back alley in the hood! Seems fake to me! :-)

    Aira Harune

    It shows how hard it is to be REAL

  54. Art Art

    Still waiting for a new song I love you guys😘😘😘

  55. Nathanny Lutiane

    Simplesmente perfeitos 😍😍😍😍

  56. On The Brink Report

    Is that Chelsie Handler at 2:30?

  57. Sarah Rogers

    Idk how u guys do it wow

  58. Ryan Scott Mendiola

    Great song & vid!

  59. Bryan Gonzales

    pls.. write more song...

  60. Moraj

    My favorite act of AGT. And that’s saying something. You guys have real spirit. You make me happy in ways you couldn’t understand

  61. angel grace

    Congratulation We Three! I was just watching your audition and video during AGT when your video pop out. So happy for you all. Love the lyrics of your song!

  62. Mara Dyer

    I love you song guys.

  63. justine zambrano

    The girl is good too. Please let me hear her more louder.

  64. ekswAyZee yee

    all three have great voice but I really love the girl's voice..

  65. Ella Martell

    Anyone still here watching this over and over again like you e never seen it before

  66. krizia manrique

    Please make more songs!!!!! Honestly love you guys!!!

  67. JD Ma

    LOVE YOU 3!!!!!

  68. Hanan Majeed

    2019 and on , My favourite band

  69. Jeric Yutan

    This deserves a Grammy y'all. 💓

  70. Ronaldo Martineli

    banda maravilhosa e as músicas são lindas.

  71. John Raba


  72. Andersom Moura


  73. goku adi

    Love from Indonesia 🤙

  74. Victoria Roman

    I love your music guys

  75. Erica Aday

    I love We Three...their music is unlike anyone else out there but in the best way
    they are amazing ❤❤

  76. Brittany Major

    y’all are so real and i can feel the pain through the music! y’all are awesome no matter what!

  77. Ellie Becker

    Just saw them live in a small hometown show! Y'all were awesome!

  78. Cassie Webster

    Awesome video
    Good job
    Good song
    Great voices

  79. ketut putra kanaka

    Proud of you guys ... Amazing song from Bali Indonesia.....

  80. Keki Keeks

    I don't like the fact that the sister's voice is so low.
    her voice needs to be louder and not so much in the background

  81. katie mcleod

    this song hAS HELPED SO MUCH and i will forever be grateful

  82. farwa rizvi

    you guys are really amazing!!! new fav band for sure...also i could hardly hear the girls voice please make it louder

  83. Arini Mayang

    This is me(✷‿✷)

  84. jessica hill

    I bet your mom in heaven is even more happy about your guys gift I love the songs u guys have and I love them so much I listen to them all the time I love you guys never ever give up on music please keep going I love u guys ❤️❤️❤️

  85. lanaswhitemustang

    Been hooked on them ever since I saw them on AGT

  86. Hart. Argent

    What’s the lead singers name

    Aichou Diallo

    We three

  87. Anna Pratiwi

    pleasee make another song

  88. SSS JJJ

    I love your music guys...

  89. Jefferson costa

    Show demais

  90. jerrie thirlwards

    You guys are amazing..you guys deserve more recognition because you're all talented❤❤

  91. huriye kantar

    I still get the chills when I remember you guys on AGT. You guys are awesome! Your mother would be so proud of you guys ♥️

  92. Darcy Fuller

    I absolutely love the songs I've heard from these guys. And the lead singer is gorgeous.

  93. Tatum Edwards

    This is how i feel but you all gave me hope

  94. Jerome2697

    This songs awesome ngl

  95. RmNaNtCbScRrN

    Verse sounds exactly like Girls Like You of Maroon 5, the Bridge part before Cardi B
    This is just a generic pop song, and his dad whos probably helping them write this knows it

  96. Yugina M.

    I saw you for the first time at AGT. You are great, I love you ♥ Greetings from Germany :)

  97. Gsix Zes

    Finally an honest band! Thank you