We Came As Romans - Vultures With Clipped Wings Lyrics

This is an end, so I'm starting again to return to form

I never found peace, but now I'm fighting a war

All the vicious and greedy left me blind and confused
My illusions so grand but my reality skewed

I tried to be what they wanted, a hollowed cut puppet
Lying to myself to carry on like I loved it
They use my effort to feed
They sleep while I bleed

I've caught every vulture
I've clipped every wing
I've caught every vulture

Starve, you won't feed on these dreams again

This is an end, so I'm starting again to return to form, return to form
This is an end, so I'm starting again, reborn

I never found peace, but now I'm fighting a war
now I'm fighting a war

All the vicious and greedy, their collapse was deserved
With delusions so grand, this is what they have earned

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We Came As Romans Vultures With Clipped Wings Comments
  1. Zach Ivanouskas

    Easily one of their nastiest videos. Nastiest album to date. Too bad kyles gone. RIP. Gonna rip shit up in the pit for him at Worcester 🤘🤘 🙏

  2. Paul Cray

    This is such a banger 🤘🤘

  3. Murder HeWrote

    Same drummer?


    kyle you will always be remembered bro. I first started listening to yall in 2011 and will never stop. wcar will always be in my playlist

  5. Eieka Kay

    They always have fire lyric videos

  6. praduga rama Sagardi

    Semakin dewasa. This is class!

  7. Bruiser Bunny

    rest in peace kyle go rock out in heaven now buddy with the rest of the metal legends <3

  8. Naki Value

    RIP Kyle is band still going did they get a replacement

  9. Caleb Johnson

    Oh. That video was before the death of Kyle Pavone.

  10. Camille Gonzales

    I'm pretty sure that this song is about going back to their old sound, as reflected on some of the interviews that I've watched and read. Hence, "This is an end, so I'm starting again to return to form." The song is also about not conforming to anything that dictates the band's actions, by "catching and clipping the vultures' wings".

  11. Michael Gutierrez

    This song sounds awesome they came out in a new album this whole band give it thier all in this album

  12. Jon Babcock

    Kyle bless you're family and the band, this band was amazing for many years so thank you for the music you guys have entertained us with

  13. Jay Burris Wayne

    One of the best metalcore albums out there.

  14. Wizard D

    Bass player fuckin going in!

  15. Arthur Joshua

    RIP Kyle

  16. Gamax Vamp

    I really fucking miss Kyle Pavone ;(

  17. RORSeries

    Now Kyle is singing with the angles rest easy Kyle.

  18. real stay


  19. GoldenToast

    I can’t listen to this without feeling sad, rip Kyle you will be missed :(

  20. TheBandxtWhoLaughs

    R.I.P Kyle ♥️🙏

  21. Tyler Masse

    See you later Kyle, Rock in Paradise.

  22. Erika Von Drachenberg

    Rip man you will be miss 😭


    You left with a big part of my youth. Impossible to forget you, you gave us so much. You made us feel so much through your music ... I would prefer never to say it, but stay in peace my brother, you will always be a star for your loved ones and your fans. From France, one of your fans. Bye.

  24. Parker Green

    Rest In Peace kyle

  25. Joseph Cooper

    I've known this band for years and I've never seen them live, but I was planning on seeing them live next time they performed near me. It's so sad that I won't be able to see Kyle in person. Rest easy Kyle, you've helped me through alot.

  26. Noel Schuster

    god please take lil pump and give us kyle back

  27. lovemysw

    R.I.P Kyle😭

  28. susueu djdjdh

    Rest in Peace, Kyle❤️🤘🏼

  29. ReVolution [ High Quality Gaming ]

    R.I.P Kyle <3

  30. nickwick35

    So sad we'll never hear that incredible voice again. RIP Kyle

  31. Carolina Gauto

    ultimate video of kyle Pavone...💔☁😇💝

  32. Jean's Gaming


  33. The A Series

    RIP Kyle

  34. Justine Roy

    RIP Kyle Pavone ☹️

  35. The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    R.I.P. Kyle.😢😔

  36. Jeremy Farkas

    Sad day. Kyle you will be truly missed. Thanks for all the great memories. Rest in power

  37. MetalBreakdown

    Rest in peace Kyle, we will miss you :/

  38. Patrick Bateman

    Kyle died. Holy shit!!!!!

  39. GradyRho92

    R.I.P. Kyle. We lost a great vocalist today. One of the best in metalcore scene.

  40. Edna Omol

    RIP Kyle. You'll surely be missed

  41. nick cain

    Love you Kyle ❤

  42. Arthur Menezes

    R.I.P. Kyle Pavone †

  43. Michael larson

    Rest In Peace Kyle. I’m so tried and heartbroken so many people this year are dying, the ones with the greatest talent. You will forever be remembered with loving eyes, I promise you that. ❤️

  44. Kuroi Namida

    That fucking sucks, that Kyle passed away so young.

    May he jam in peace in the afterlife

  45. walts waltz

    Kyle Pavone 🌹🌹🌹

  46. Lalo Castano

    RIP Kyle Pavone

  47. Yuswianto Rachmawan

    RIP Kyle, you will be missed :(

  48. Александр Гончаров

    R.I.P. Kyle. You were not only vocalist but the symbol for every fan

  49. Mark Morales

    Great untill around 130, just skip 20 seconds or so..

  50. Gian Lisbey

    RIP Kyle Pavone <3

  51. Kade Sims

    Coming back to all of these videos after the passing of Kyle.. genuine tears..

  52. Cory Zupancic

    R.I.P Kyle 😭🤘

  53. painkiller666666666

    RIP Kyle...

  54. HoldingLizNE

    Rest In Peace Kyle, you will forever be in our hearts just as your voice will always be here in your life's work. Your home is in my heart ❤

  55. godofwar0678

    RIP Kyle!!!

  56. rbbtmsk _

    rip kyle :(

  57. Greifer

    Rest in Peace Kyle, you will be missed. :(


    RIP Kyle Pavone

  59. Victor Somethin

    God damn it, why'd you have to go :'(

  60. Sigi Peñafiel

    RIP Kyle Pavone :'(

  61. FISHY

    R.I.P Kyle

  62. Reymart Marta

    RIP Kyle 😢

  63. Justin Price

    Crazy that Kyle Pavone passed away so young. R.I.P.

    You will be missed

    Trent Wilson

    Justin Price 😭😭😭 this song is amazing 1st time hearing them I was supposed to see them in October with b4mv

  64. Shaker 74

    R.I.P KYLE 😥

  65. Validus

    Rip Kyle Pavone.

  66. killerhippo10

    cant wait to see this shit

  67. CENJOIthis

    Thank you all for your music u r the ones that got me into metalcore long ago and still proud to be a fan amazing new album

  68. P_JOSHY_P

    Jesus fucking Christ, listened to this once and it is already my favourite song. And I’m very fussy about music these days. 10/10

  69. Royer Asencios

    Debe suptitular en español también

  70. lvbi32890

    That intro! Damn so good!

  71. fattybutt96


  72. Matt Mullins

    This deserves WAY more views!!!

  73. Jacob Sibert

    Good God damn. Awesome tune. Gotta love tracks like this.

  74. John Parry


  75. Ben Wade

    wcar has the meanest fans tho..

  76. Andrew C.

    They need to keep it heavy, so much potential

  77. hopesfall2win

    oh did they finally get over their teen pop phase?

  78. Gabriel

    Hahahaha found myself in the crowd :D

  79. Paul Ingraham

    I'm sorry but I just can't dig the clean vocalist. He sounds good in other songs and in others, like this song, my only thought is WHY?

  80. IRanee

    I'm loving how alot of these bands are awakening from brain washed Bs we've been taught, something is happening this world is awakening there is hope.

  81. Madagascarian Islanders

    This is the Wcar i like.

  82. Edy 3066X

    Holy shit!!

  83. Andy F

    Okay now this is WCAR!

  84. truth654567

    This is beautiful.

  85. Bobaaganoosh

    Man, this is fucking lit, son!

  86. Josh Grimm

    Are they heavy again or is this just a trick?

  87. Ryan Rigby

    Thank you🙏

  88. Christopher A. Clark

    Omg so glorious 🤘🌮🙏


    2018 for Metalcore 😈

  90. survivor geek

    i never found peace, but now im fighting a war.

  91. Ethan Wonderly

    Totally saw the band ALAZKA's logo on the front of the kick drum. Awesome band from Germany! But odd that the WCAR's drummer is playing the kit with their logo on it, that's cool if he's reping them though

  92. The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    I never listened to We Came As Romans before. I listen to Asking Alexandria, Pierce the veil, Meshuggah, Born Of O siris. Etc... but this song was a entrance door to my heart.

  93. Mitchel Clay

    My absolute favorite song off their current album. Dang, this is such a powerful song! Thanks so much for making a video for it. I'm completely blown away.

  94. IRanee

    Why do Brazilians constantly say on every bands YouTube vids"Come to Brazil"😂

    R B.

    I don't know, just come

    Elijah Petty

    Bands like this usually tour the US the most, followed probably by Europe. South American tours are a lot less common, but fans in those countries want it just as much as we do.

    hector barrier

    Probably cause they live there....if u live in the u.s u dont as a band to come to canada...like wtf.....

  95. andres guzman

    Siempre será una muy buena banda 🤜🤛👍👏

  96. Elisha Long

    PRs will be set.

  97. Cherri Bird

    Can I just say this song is EPIC in its meaning and emotional delivery - not to mention utterly amazing to see and be a part of live. I can't wait for the Dallas date with BFMV and Bad Omens!