We Came As Romans - To Move On Is To Grow Lyrics

I've been sleeping on stones...

My mistakes are easier made a second time.
And I can't move on since I've closed my eyes.
Since I've closed my eyes.
I've cut off myself from everybody else.

To move on is to grow,
Yet I haven't been able to accomplish either.
I know the way to go,
Yet I can't bring myself to move forward.

I've been sleeping on stones and they've formed to my spine.
My once straight back, now a crooked line.
I've broken no bones and I appear to be just fine.
My life's been emptied from the inside.

Every decision is easier made a second time.
Every decision is easier made a second time.
But once you start down one line.
The distance becomes greater to change your mind.
To change the way you're living your life.

To move on is to grow,
Yet we can barely accomplish either on our own.
We know the way to go,
Yet we follow those with their eyes closed.

I've been sleeping on stones...

We've been sleeping on stones and they've formed to our spines.
Our once straight backs now just crooked lines.
When we all wake up inside the beds in which we lie.
We will wish we had stopped the first time.

When we wake up to the lives that we've created.
We'll see we built nothing, but destroyed it.
So turn around and head back the way you came.

I'll follow you, encourage you
I'll follow you, encourage you
we'll be steadfast in our way.
And as we make it back to where our lives branched off.
We will take the path we should have taken all along.
Once you start down one line.

The distance becomes greater to change your mind.
To change the way you're living your life.

To move on is to grow.

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We Came As Romans To Move On Is To Grow Comments
  1. robert amaya

    It must be so nice to have these songs to the family. They can listen to them whenever and hear his voice over and over. Rip to u Kyle. And rip to my dad Steve Mark Riley died on my birthday in a motorcycle crash January 12 2019. Almost been 1 year since I lost u

  2. Roz Hugo

    Miss you Kyle 😞

  3. Irina Gesse

    Rest in peace our clean voice angel. I miss you everyday, I love you forever Kyle.



  5. Clifford Bunton

    2019 is almost gone and Kyle's voice still carries me forward. God I miss you so much...

  6. Jay Witting

    I miss the days when it didn’t hurt to listen to bands like Linkin park and this :/

    Clifford Bunton

    It does hurt, but for me it's the only way to release the pain and the tears. I'll play To Plant A Seed or anything similar, pack like 3 bowls of 🔥🔥🔥🔥 green, smoke and just let the tears fall. It makes me grateful that I didn't kill myself in 2015 even though I wanted to almost every day. I was mentally and emotionally abused by my mother as a kid which led to me being homeless and in my early 30s, had basically given up on life. Sought out therapy because I knew something was wrong mentally but didn't know how to explain it, and eventually moved out of the hell hole I grew up in to a quieter town 20 minutes away. 4 years later and I still have issues but therapy has taught me to understand what my triggers are and how to better deal with them. Bands like WCAR have literally saved my life. I play their music almost daily on repeat for hours...

  7. Ryan Armitage

    One of the first ever metalcore bands I got into, thank so much Kyle rest easy my friend.

  8. Travis White

    Thus goes to show that even the record labels can't get the lyrics right. (Description) nevertheless, RIP Kyle and kudos to WCAR for keeping his legacy strong.

  9. Taylor Jensen

    Whenever i'm feeling down, somehow I end up back here. Thank you Kyle for all that you gave us!

  10. Slider617

    So sad how drugs had to take such a talented guy.

  11. Gulyás Dávid

    "' i've been sleeping like stones "...

  12. Ryan Gee

    Kyle ,you were much stronger than this why you do this?

  13. Tony Gonzales

    People’s music hits different after they pass away. 😪. RIP Kyle

  14. Ilse - sama

    I love this song sooo much. Definitely my favorite from WCAR.
    RIP Kyle your voice was truly angelic and will be missed ❤️

  15. Rafael Altez

    The way Kyle sings these lyrics with a smile moves me a bit :') . R.I.P

  16. B3atJam

    RIP Kyle!

  17. val3

    One year today. <3 Miss you Kyle. Thanks for saving my life.

  18. Sten Vaine

    We Came As Romans is my favorite metalcore band. It breaks my heart to know that the greatest metalcore clean vocalist has passed away.

  19. Aaron Wilson

    Such a beautiful song. RIP Kyle. This song helped me through a really tough time many years while deployed overseas... their music has touched many lives.

  20. Boatz Scremoz

    WCAR fans from thailand 💕

  21. Parker Farrell

    Damn I miss the golden years for this genre

  22. Christian Tucker

    Love this song thank u Kyle for being a good singer RIP man i miss u man u are in better place now.

    Fallen Pho3nix

    @Dr. Rockzo Rude

  23. Shawna loren

    Im gonna miss you bro

  24. Rahul Bhatt

    3:20 That melody always gives a goosebumps

  25. Rosiane Maria

    Gostei,uma das mais pesadas.

  26. WhamBlam

    Just found out from the comments that Kyle Pavone died of an overdose...He was 28 and his girlfriend found him. Wow.

  27. Dillon Thomas

    Lyrics are wrong

  28. Brian Nair

    que trolazo


    Who 2019?¿???? 🤘🤘
    Hi from Perú 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

  30. MaybeSomeDayX

    This song will die with me. One of the first songs I ever felt emotionally attached too. RIP Kyle. Thanks for making some of the best music in the world.

  31. codycw015

    R.I.P Kyle....

  32. Desmonetização Do Youtube

    Rest in peace Kyle Pavone

  33. RedpillOverdose

    I’ve been sleeping on stones...

  34. Mohamed Mujamil

    So peaceful to ears

  35. Royer Asencios

    ♥ RIP ♥Kyle Pavone ♥ Forever ♥
    🇵🇪 🖤😝😎🤘🎶🎸😢☹️😪

  36. Nerd Gears Review

    Gone too soon R.I.P KYLE! you will be greatly missed! your voice brought me here.

  37. Kenji Inoue

    RIP Kyle

  38. Shakina Frink

    rip kyle :(

  39. Bjorn .Andersson

    Rip kyle i love you

  40. aRandomGamer

    Rest in peace homie, we came as romans was my first show and your lyrics will always hold a place in my heart.

  41. emi sukur

    the first song i heard from u Kyle..and knew this band..rest in peace bro..

  42. lifegonewrong

    1:30 euphoric.

  43. Josie PeanutButter

    They were so young, they were so vivid. They were so young, awake and driven...

  44. Alan Sayavedra

    Esto es mejor que BMTH , Asking Alexandria , I PREVAIL y Oceans Ate Alaska .....

  45. Stealth Pool

    I’ll be seeing you guys in 5 days and I can’t wait. I know you’ll be there Kyle, sleeping on stars ✨

  46. iwanna duck

    I remember these dudes playing at the hayloft with i see stars im 2007ish. Everyone hated them cause they were dicks. But damn thats decent music.

  47. A R

    Omg Kyle 😭

  48. Castlekreep

    God damn that mother fucking build up to filth (1:30-1:58) makes my blood boil with passion. They were feeling every fucking word during the filming of this video!!! Fuck! WCAR=goat

  49. Doug Ghost


    RIP Kyle Pavone

  50. Francis Taquin

    Montreal please !!!

  51. Royer Asencios

    Alguien en March del 2019?
    RIP_ Kyle Pavone Forever.😥😭
    Saludos desde Lima Perú 🇵🇪 🎶🤘😝 yeah!! ♥️

  52. CJ 7

    I really wish I was into them during high school and middle school. I discovered them in late 2017

  53. *DARKVOID*

    Rest easy Kyle. You will never be forgotten you beautiful soul

  54. shodaime hokage

    another legend has been passed away. thank you for the good music Kyle
    you'll forever be missed :(

  55. synyska

    RIP Kyle Jenner.



  56. Eieka Kay

    First song I ever heard by them when I was 13 there music has such a special place in my heart Rest In Peace Kyle pavone

  57. Rocky Lepa

    It feels like turn back to 2011

  58. Ari Sohn

    Still thinking about you Kyle. RIP.🤘

  59. dylan parrott

    Kyle you may be gone but never forgotten no other vocalist could replace you in WCAR

  60. 紘亦呂

    listen in 2019.02

  61. whutch gaming

    Rip kyle

  62. Rudi Setiawan

    thanks for older album Kyle and friends...

  63. Nathan Nemeth

    The first song I listened to in 2019. What do you need to move on from?

  64. Liam

    December 27th 2018
    R.I.P Kyle Pavone

  65. TerrVazz XXX

    2:07 and 2:58 power crab"

  66. Elisabeth Larsen

    Merry Christmas everyone. Listening to this masterpiece while preparing food for the kids. Takes me back, oh how I love this.

  67. Dan Rojaz

    Fuck yes

  68. Sara De Coninck

    Instant love, omg can't believe I never ran into this band before xo

  69. hide

    So many years has passed

  70. Alan Fierro

    Con esta canción siempre te recordare❤

  71. Alpha • XXVIII

    Still missing you Kyle, the nostalgia hitted me hard, you'll not be forgotten, we love you Kyle ♥

  72. UnfathomedFears _

    This song, for a long time, cured my sadness whenever it hit me the most. Kyle's death makes it hit even harder, and that's why I continue to come back to listen and remember the good and bad times. As they say in this song, to move on is to grow, and that's what I plan to do. RIP Kyle, and I hope you're in a better place.

  73. Adrian Tay

    can i watch videos with no dead people? its so sad.

  74. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    We will never forget you Kyle
    God bless your soul

  75. Cory Eskes

    We love you Kyle. Thank you for everything

  76. vonjager

    Had no idea Kyle died. Wow. Been listening to this song for years and still love it. What a shame and waste of some damn fine talent. Rest in peace, Kyle Pavone. Sleep on stones no more.

  77. MrGaableenz

    I used to listen to this song years ago to get some extra energy during long melancholic autumn nights....looking through binoculars to the stars in a silent dark room. RIP Kyle.

  78. Bjorn Ironside

    Getting an older I See Stars vibe...Also R.I.P Kyle

  79. Red Raven

    The song that got me into these guys. It still is one of my all time favorites. After Kyle passed away, I came back to this song and the whole album. Their music has helped me through a lot and it will always stick with me. RIP Kyle.

  80. Shadow Mexican Panda

    Rest in peace kyle

  81. jim bob

    this song is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment, RIP KYLE PAVONE.

  82. Guy Wire

    RIP kyle

  83. ffion parry

    Rest easy kyle💖

  84. Niko Ortez

    RIP Kyle. Kill it in heaven bro!

  85. Erik Jason

    Kyle was such a talented man with an amazing voice, rest in piece...
    He left this world but he still living in the music he gave us.

  86. Klovod

    Rest in peace :(

  87. eli joe

    First WCAR song i've ever heard, and still the best. Rest easy, Kyle.

  88. Nizzl Neonblut

    One of my favourite songs <3 R.I.P. Kyle :((

  89. Jebust Christ

    Rest in peace you beautiful bastard. Thanks for the music. It meant and helped me more then I could ever express in this little box.

  90. Даниил Гаврилов

    Кто от Моисея?

  91. Cody Smafield

    So fucking sad he is gone god damit

  92. Yuri ATL

    I love you forever Kyle

  93. Josiah Pierce

    Rip Kyle love you bro

  94. Chelate Parrish

    Kyle you will be missed🖤