We Came As Romans - Through The Darkest Dark And Brightest Bright Lyrics

Through the trials,
And the gaps in the tree
From what once was a seed,
To what we've grown to be

Through the trials,
And the gaps in the tree
From what once was a seed,
To what we've grown to be
Travelled miles,
Across the oceans and seas
Nothing's out of our reach,
Living positively

Whoa, whoa...
This is our song to remember,
Whoa, whoa...
All the places we have been
Remember every dream, the things we said
Our hope will never end
(Remember every word we said)
Whoa, whoa...
This is our song to remember

Through the darkest dark
And the brightest bright,
We walked this path together
Through the hardest parts
Of all our lives (all our lives)
We carried one another

Heads high, arms locked,
We move on
Keeping close to where we began
Open eyes, don't stop,
We stay strong
Tracing back to where our roots grew in

Whoa, whoa...
This is our song to remember,
Whoa, whoa...
All the places we have been
Remember every dream, the things we said
Our hope will never end
(Remember every word we said)
Whoa, whoa...
This is our song to remember

This is our song to remember
This is our song to remember

Never stopped moving forward,
Never forgot what we're made for
Always changing, but always true
A tree stands strong, but not without it's roots

Never stopped moving forward,
Never forgot what we're made for
Always changing, but always true
A tree stands strong, but not without it's roots

Whoa, whoa...
This is our song to remember,
Whoa, whoa...
All the places we have been
Remember every dream, the things we said
Our hope will never end
(Remember every word we said)
Whoa, whoa...
This is our song to remember

This is our song to remember
This is our song to remember

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We Came As Romans Through The Darkest Dark And Brightest Bright Comments
  1. Adam Crowl

    Thank god for this band

  2. Nathan Seah

    Rest easy Kyle, damn. Heartbreaking.

  3. Rafael Andrade

    Rest in Power Kyle <3 :'(

  4. Alejandro Fierro

    This and Tracing Back Roots are my fav songs on the album... and this album is so awesome in so many ways

  5. It'zjustme Av

    yes theryre amazingfull its good to und a balance!!

  6. Randelle Starry-Night

    we came as romans has a fucking special place in my heart.

  7. Cam

    1:06 that god damn synth is just brutal. I rarely like synth in metalcore but DAMN!


    It's so fucking tasty

  8. Ima Bjorkman

    love it

  9. Josh Hayes

    This, and ghosts are probably my favorite songs off TBR. They sound similar to their old stuff but with a slightly different feel to them.

  10. Nmkze 44

    FUCK...ing awesome!

  11. Justin Rogers

    Most of the songs on this album are just meh, but I really like this one, along with tell me now and hope.

  12. Angel Regis

    Best fucking album!

  13. Ritual Boat

    Estan obcecionados con los arboles? xD

  14. D.O. Esquire

    Their music has helped me through some tough times. When I felt like I just couldn't go on anymore and I wanted everything to end, I turned up WCAR and it always made me feel better. Love these guys <3 

  15. rhilsdorf2291

    Lol the chorus reminds me of Hawthorne Heights.. Def like this song though. 

  16. Rick Young

    i enjoyed this more live but its still good

  17. Breanna

    I like this album and its quality. Fuck me, right?

    juan clavel

    Yeah, this album is great

    juan clavel

    Yeah, this album is great


    i have to agree ,this album is pretty tight,lyrics ,vocals and instruments are all on point imo

    Sly Wolf

    yes fuck you

    Ray G

    maryem513 most studio recordings typically are tight
    thanks to metronomes lol

  18. Stevie's Universe

    That intro...smh too good

  19. VizardXVI

    I enjoyed the album.

  20. hmmownedu


    Youtube Adventurer

    1 year ago... If your still here, say something :)

  21. xWroth

    people who say the production is crap are idiots. you realize this was produced by John Feldmann. he's a fucking LEGEND in the music industry. he always brings out the best in the bands he records.

  22. Athanatos John

    I dont care what people say, in ever aspect this album as fallen short, lyrically dumbed down compared to previous albums, production quality, vocals, repeatative, and just boring. It kinda feels like they put no effort into it. I find it difficult to get through one song. Boring riffs and slow beats through ever song, wheres the creativity. Thats my rant but its just disappointing to see them where there are now cause they have so much talent and are capable of making better music

  23. Carl Resmondo

    Its not matter of opinion. People who mix or record can hear it better, because they're used to listening for it. Its honestly really aggravating. Their previous albums were mixed much better.

  24. Nicole Marshall

    i totally agree. I love this album

  25. ThrashLuiz

    give this guy a cookie!

  26. FooZaHHD

    This album is still better than what most of you would play. This album is really good, if you think about it. Music isn't only about instruments.

  27. whitecheddar12

    At first I regretted buying this album. I hated the huge change in how they sound and the at-face-value lack of their unique guitar riffs. This has become my favorite album. This is one of my favorite songs by them...ever. It beat out Conditions.

  28. Joe Lisenby

    honestly, this album had terrible production quality. just listen to the overall quality of UWWGTB then go back to this album. it has too many mic peaks and the overall sound isnt even clear. terrible production, great music.

  29. Jordan Berry

    Opinions ... In mine I F**KING LOVE THIS ALBUM

  30. desii mariee

    In love

  31. Alex Mitchell

    We Came As Romans put everything they had into this album!! They are only getting more and more talented. They have gone a bit softer and strayed away from the intricate & heavy guitar parts to put a focus on the vocals. The lyrics are the most important part for them, as they provide hope and amazing advice for life. I was first very bummed about their sound change but I really get it now. They are amazing!

  32. Nathan Bozeman

    I love the lyrics to the song. Makes me remember them all the way back to To Plant A Seed when I discovered them, having them be my favorite band ever since, and to see where they are now makes me so proud of them.

  33. Set Sights For South

    its about being a true fan of good music, not being a blind follower of a band cuz you fan boy it

  34. cgleason92

    I don't know how anyone can hate this band. You people are fucking crazy.

  35. John DiCianni 2

    all artists go through stages literally compare every hardcore album 1st to 3rd. if you dont know that ur obviously new to this music

  36. Robert Hand

    Favorite song on the album.

  37. Alex M

    Sorry I forgot you can do better. Sorry I forgot you worked from the bottom to the top. Sorry I forgot that they write all their songs about you. Sorry that you can't accept the change they made.

  38. Kyle Spitznagle

    Captain Cannon!

  39. Fabian Moreno

    dude, most of these comments are i love this song and the other half i hate it. now if your gonna bag on the entire album then listen to something else man, ill listen to a thousand wooooahhhhhhs alllll day before i go to the bullshit everyone else is producing on the radio bro. its not that bad. they could have taken theyre earnings and said hell no more albums. but they made another so we didnt have to listen to the garbage we would resort to.

  40. Paulo De Card

    My favorite song this album !!!

  41. J J

    Cmon guys stop giving so much crap to this band. Sure the album isn't perfect but at least the meaning behind they're music is still good and they are not just talking about useless things like lil wayne or rappers like that.

  42. Ronnie Koutny

    I'd say if anything, they improved. Theres always going to be people like you trying to be hipster like saying that there old stuff is the best, but this album is a change for the good. I love it so damn much. The only thing i miss are the high vocals David did in their first album, but still. The whole point of WCAR is the deep meanings in their songs, and I think they did much much better this go,

  43. mister kadou

    You can shut up.

  44. Jetro Eribal

    No dude. Make a music of your own then post it on youtube. Now say that they've recorded it in a garage if you created better music than them.

  45. Brendon Robinson

    How do you not like ear sex? Kyle's voice just fucks me so good every timme. Stop looking at the little things. Shit, if we all looked at the little things.. How many of us would there be? No one.. because.. every girls vagina looks like it could grow teeth at any second.

  46. Guardyin

    Check out Confides new album

  47. croix bruns

    its called change you cant stay the same and expect to move forward they're just trying to get more fans by sounding a little lighter and different many people think this album is good and music is just an overall opinion so it can't sound good or bad

  48. Alex Zver

    Honestly, I like this sound they have with this album. I do prefer the heavy sounds of the past but this isnt bad. I like it, and I'd probably spend the money on it. They put on great live performances, and im seeing them in November so I hope to hear more of this album live. And then meet them the same day and tell them how much I like this album.

  49. cameron verspyck

    i agree that this isnt their strongest album so far and there are a few to many "woooaaahh's" but i can say that the instrumentals are still pretty sick

  50. XMageOfMetalX

    LegionCore just released a good review on this album!

  51. tenaciousfilm

    I found the lyrics and messages to be really dumbed down in this album. At least compared to their other albums.

  52. Prod. Kin.6

    This album was sick af!!! WCAR>

  53. Redhero39

    In my opinion it's not all about how they sound, it's about the message they are trying to get across.

  54. Izzy Somerville

    Personally, i think they're a good band, good production, good lyrics and really thought out the structure of the album as well. Good on them!

  55. The_Iceman

    They make music for themselves foremost, you can't tell am artist what to put on his canvas as someone said, just sit back watch and enjoy if its good

  56. The_Iceman

    @Penguinsandtacos, you ever think they might be tracing back their own personal roots and expressing them differenttly lyrically and musically, you talk about their new lyrics being shallow and that's not even close to true, but your comment and analysis is, it barely skims the surface. I personally enjoy all their albums, but this one the most because of the diversity. You people think you understand them and can call yourselfs true fans and judge them, you don't know how far from right you are

  57. Alex Mitchell

    This song is sick! And this album as a whole is next level!! WCAR FTW

  58. Jackson McIntyre

    Well I see what you're saying. And it's compressed as SHIT. But I like this song in particular. I personally love it.

  59. emoxgod

    that's why they are my favorite band

  60. tenaciousfilm

    Having cool names for your albums is one thing, but making a mediocre album is a different story, focus on the actual music itself kid.

  61. TheAntManChannel

    i hate how people love smart ass comments like yours.. you think you know better about putting an album together than these guys? get out.

  62. Jeffrey Kyle

    Regardless of how their sound has changed I still love them. I admit I really miss the older sound, but these guys have been one of my favorites for around 3 years.

  63. PenguinsAndTacos

    no, they moved on and shrunk. the music and and lyrics are both significantly shallower.

  64. PenguinsAndTacos

    so what if you're a true Tupac fan, but then Tupac starts writing jazz? Would a "true fan" still love his music, or would they love the music that made them a fan in the first place? Just think about that.

  65. PenguinsAndTacos

    The titles of their albums don't matter if they aren't actually correct. For example, this album does NOT trace back roots at all. That's like judging someone based on their words instead of their actions.

  66. Ryan Ratkowski

    I thought so at first too until I heard this song...since then i've gone back and re listened to the album being in different moods and I like it much better. Glad I gave it another chance.

  67. goofy4life760

    i've had this same thought. but then i couldn't but to think that all things die. so maybe their last album will have death or dying theme.

    i just hope the last song on their last album makes me cry

  68. Jon W. G.

    haha yes. Maybe it will grow on me.

  69. Jon W. G.

    ahhhh haha good point.

  70. tbush1994

    Dreams - To Plant A Seed - Understanding What We've Grown to Be - Tracing Back Roots. Guys, it's obvious. They're growing as a band. Literally. From first thoughts to understanding where we come from.

  71. Zom Plode

    Once the song started i was instantly pulled in. I really like this one C:

  72. Jon W. G.

    I thought the first two were 10/10 , this one, though I need to listen to it again, 7/10

  73. RJ Cruz

    Haha I love reading these comments and all you butt plugs putting your two cents on what someone else's music should sound like

  74. boozebruise9

    -what it takes.

  75. boozebruise9

    Let a band grow, fuck the wanna be critics. These guys got talent. Why be negative. They got

  76. Nate Johnson

    The only people that complain about the album are the people telling people not to complain about it..... just listen to the music.

  77. Roxas3510

    Everyone stop complaining to the people complaining about the album. Obviously they didn't change, this band is the same as they have always been. They're not going to keep making albums that all sound exactly the same, that's what bad bands do and their music gets boring. Just because someone said they think the album sucks doesn't mean it actually does, it just mean they don't like it. If you like the album, you like it. How other people feel about the album shouldn't matter to you. Opinions.

  78. burnout1256

    not sure whats going on with everyones thoughts on their new album. but I love it, theyre staying true with themselves and writing good music. so what if theyre using more cleans than usual, or whatever the case may be. if you love them you love them, if theyre just another band in your eyes, let it be.
    ive always loved we came as romans, their style and lyrics always got me. and this new album is doing exactly the same.
    play on guys

  79. phoebe

    I don't care how cliché this sounds. so many people are complaining about how they miss their old records but seriously if you honestly were a true fan of wcar you'd love them just as much as before.

  80. Brian

    What you heard was correct.

  81. rowritsdylan

    Dude I'm gonna be honest I haven't listened to but like 2 songs but from your comment and from what I've heard it is a pretty bad album

  82. Brian

    You mean this album?

  83. Jacob Collis

    I love how much they have evolved since they started yet sound the same which is sound awesome.

  84. Jordan Osz

    The intro is siicckk :) !

  85. Trey Sayer

    Who said anything about NOT loving their old? So keep your comments to yourself you ignorant fuck.

  86. Jaden Hodgson

    They are not "Electronica" or "Metal" or even "Metal core". They are We Came As Romans.

  87. rocksteady9988

    Great album, definitely a step up from their last one. Reppin the mitten!

  88. dlusk306

    Not true. I am a huge fan of this band but this album, as a whole, was a huge disappointment. The whole album sounds like it was recorded in a garage. The album is just not good. And how many "wooahhhhh's" can you possibly put in an album?. I love WCAR but they whiffed on this album.

  89. Matt Curtiss

    1:06 !

  90. Chris Shad

    this entire CD is perfect.

  91. Anthony Crescenzo

    who said they were? lol

  92. Djentle Russ

    LOL what the fuck are you talking about? I used to like this band, and they literally sound exactly the same. Same annoying sound as before. It's not even bad...

  93. Corey Rodgers

    The whole album is just pure gold.

  94. nickrogers1464

    In my opinion they arent shitty lyrics

  95. rowritsdylan

    So if they wrote a really shitty album that has horrible lyrics and has really shitty production you would still like them because you a true fan

  96. Kelly Nicole

    "to move on is to grow" and that's exactly what they did.

  97. Kelly Nicole


  98. TheAntManChannel

    this whole album is so great xp

  99. nickrogers1464

    If you're a true fan you will love their new album simple as that.