We Came As Romans - I Am Free Lyrics

Open road has endless ways to move along
Hearts of gold can sometimes turn to stone
I live my life with the best intentions, always meant this
Oh, I keep my mind, never fenced in, always open ended

I keep my mind always open ended

I am free to be everything you're, everything you're not
How can I welcome you with open arms, with your hands around my throat?
I am free to be everything you're, everything you're not
How can I welcome you with open arms, with your mind so closed?
Don't bring me down, don't bring me down.

I walk alone, it doesn't mean my heart is absent
I'm building roads and bridges while you're burning them down
And your heart is absent laying where you left it
I'll reconcile, but you'll fight me harder, fight me harder

I keep my mind, always open ended,

I am free to be everything you're, everything you're not
How can I welcome you with open arms, with your hands around my throat?
I am free to be everything you're, everything you're not
How can I welcome you with open arms, with your mind so closed?
Don't bring me down.

How can I welcome you with open arms, with your hands around my throat?
How can you open your mind, when you have it set in stone?

You'd rather cast me out to sea facedown afloat

I am free to be everything you're, everything you're not
How can I welcome you with open arms, with your hands around my throat?
I am free to be everything you're, everything you're not
How can I welcome you with open arms, with your mind so closed?

Open roads
There's endless ways to move along
Hearts of gold, can sometimes turn to stone
I live my life with the best intentions, always meant this
So, I keep my mind, never fenced in, always open
So, don't bring me down.

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We Came As Romans I Am Free Comments
  1. Sam Core

    Not bad.

  2. Todd Brown

    R. I. P Kyle Pavone

  3. Jacob Fields

    this album got me through a lot, sad to see you go. rest easy kyle

  4. Berto Espinoza

    Rest In Peace

  5. Singed420SnowinIt

    Why is this shit blocked in Australia, I mean I have a VPN so you guys can go fuck yourselves but still why the hell would this be blocked...

  6. maryem513

    tight song 2 thumbs up and a like =]

  7. Kurtis Clark

    sounds like donnie from asking alexandria singing with them??? is it?

    Giorgos Vata

    you mean danny and no its not :P 

    Kurtis Clark

    i did mean danny my bad and ok wasnt sure than for the info

    Giorgos Vata

    No prob mate ^^

  8. Maya Mahato

    @CarolynRobinson no haha i just read it wrong

    george Estephan

    lol don't explain yourself to an ignorant fool. Makes no sense to.

  9. Prof Pwnalot

    best album of 2013

  10. havoren

    Seriously, the chorus is just so fucking awful when it comes to sound quality. It just sounds so messy...perhaps even more messy than Capture The Crown's debut album.

  11. Maya Mahato

    HEARTS OF GOLD, and sometimes turds of stone.. im going to go look up the lyrics now..

    Chris Dix

    Best comment ever....

    Gabriel Smith

    It's 'sometimes turns to stone', idjit.

    Carolyn Robinson

    Are you autistic?


    @Carolyn Robinson Are you ignorant? I'll answer that for you, yes.

    Poofah Loofah

    Dang it, man! Now every time I hear this song I'm going to think "turds of stone." I wish I could just unread that comment. XD

  12. brad j

    This fucking song though.

  13. whitechapelmusic123

    Album of the year!

  14. Endless Bridge

    Guys check our band...

  15. Endless Bridge

    Great band!

  16. Maya L

    They deserve so much more attention then they actually get ♥♡♥

  17. Sean Rho


  18. Brayan Baez

    One of the best bands yet.

  19. theBOSpaladin101

    It's called constructive criticism. I can say what I want, and it's true.

  20. Eric Reske

    after those days where I struggle to find meaning in anything in or around me, all I have to is blast WCAR, and bam. therapeutic results.

    Sir Skooma

    Eric Reske for real dude I was depressed asf a few days ago and listened to WCAR especially this a moment and hope brought back a smile


    I LOVE Hope!!!

  21. mattswita

    not true just by sheer ratings on amazon

  22. shard gunner

    2nd album was the best actually

  23. mattswita

    This group is great check out Abandon all ships they have the best vocal twist special effects fineally we came as romans came out with a awesome cd 1st 1 bad ass 2nd not good 3rd best ever comeback.!!!

  24. outlaws9295

    Every song has a meaning, the ones without lyrics are just more open-ended than those with lyrics. Lyrics are good to have but they aren't necessary. Amazing instrumental work is easily more important than meaningful words. If you don't have awesome instrumentals to go with what you're saying no one will want to take the time to listen.

  25. theBOSpaladin101

    Says the guy with an ISS profile pic. Lyrics don't make a good song/album. This album is shit compared to TPAS and their second EP. It was more complex, had actual riffs, and not drop B strumming and chugging throughout the entire album. They strayed too far from their roots to appeal to a bigger crowd. In other words, they sold out.

  26. Revan —US

    My interpretation of this song is that it's about bullying...

  27. Eric Gromalski

    Agreed 100%. I've played WCAR for so many people, and they've all ended up buying albums. Even girls that call it "screamo" have come around. Keep up the good work WCAR

  28. havoren

    I completely agree! However, I don't think that ANY of the songs are terrible. They're amazing and perfect! It's the producing of the album that I don't like very much. Joey Sturgis was perfect for this band. If they just stuck with him for this album, I would have enjoyed it more. Or maybe WCAR dropped Joey Sturgis because he held them back from being more creative. I don't know...

  29. Aaron Gilbertson

    This new album is beyond awesome WCAR is my fav band of all time and they are badass live

  30. outlaws9295

    For this idiot that i'm replying to, music is not just about the lyrics. Lyrics can be played on almost any instrument you can imagine because when it comes down to it, they can easily be changed into instrumental sheet music. That my ignorant friend is how instrumentals are made. Lyrics are not needed to compel emotion or ideas in a song. The instruments should be able to do that and if they can't, then you are not listening to true music.

  31. outlaws9295

    Do you even know what Bowling for Soup is? This sounds like WCAR not Bowling for Soup. Get the fuck out.

  32. Braden Morrish

    T-pain visited them in the studio around 2:28 though. love you WCAR

  33. Daniela Bustamante

    *.* love it . . .

  34. emoxgod

    I think all their albums kickass

  35. Moonlight At Midnight

    I love Dave's voice. It reminds me of Benji Madden.

  36. Moonlight At Midnight

    I love WCAR. best album to date.

  37. János Benkő

    Dobby the elf from Harry Potter liked this!

  38. tmac

    this album kicks way more ass than the last one!!

  39. Song

    The only song by WCAR I've listened to before was Broken Statues. I decided to come back to them for no reason. I think I came back at a good time. :)

  40. Devin S.

    Mhm, been into core, left it for deathmetal. We Came As Romans releases their album. Back into core.

  41. juan villatoro


  42. Kyle Triggs

    Definitely one of Michigan's best bands.

  43. Kronchables

    stop what your doing and look at the goose.. thats a really calm goose...

  44. Ashlee Simoni

    I am ALWAYS blown away by their lyrics! I'm in love! <3

  45. Daniel Crews

    I'm sure Feldmann producing the album had a lot to do with him doing cleans now. that guy is an amazing producer...

  46. burnout1256

    he sounds so amazing with his slightly aggressive cleans :) I love it!

  47. Alexis Sanchez

    david does clean now??

  48. Gabriel Lundell

    Me too.

  49. Myztkl-Kev

    I actually agree, although they are being more diverse I prefer the heavier sounds from the previous albums.

  50. Gabriel Lundell

    You're welcome :)

  51. Austin Rudd

    Thanks for sharing (:

  52. Darrylopogas

    I am fucking obsessed with this album, it's so perfect and it puts the biggest smile on my face. <3

  53. Guilherme Domingos

    WCAR! Is awesome!

  54. dumbvlogger1596

    Why hasn't Dave done any clean singing before this album??? He's fantastic!!

  55. mattnagel83

    First time listening to this song and I have to say it explains the bad times in my life and how I got strong and broke free from the chains.(: am way better off now. Theses guys save my life and I personally thanked them when I seen them at warp. (: I love you guys keep making music (:

  56. Gabriel Lundell

    Of the three albums released today, this was the worst of them.

    Bryan Lenihan

    Gabriel Lundell What other albums were released

  57. Geek Weekly

    completely bad ass

  58. Cameron Sagey

    Totally thought it was gonna say something else instead of "throat" in the chorus lol.

  59. Bethy Vaux

    Love it!

  60. Brandon Rhodes

    what do you mean?

  61. Cooper Miller

    Dave's singing favors Alex from Atreyu's vocals

  62. Fernando Miranda

    Dave is such a badass!

  63. SomeRvndomUser

    is it just me or dose this sound like a bowling for soup song? :D

    Bryan Lenihan

    davud321 Does*

  64. Justin Mansfield

    How We Came As Romans isn't more recognized just baffles me. Each and every time they have entered the studio, they have come out with the most purest and heart filled music of all the artists out there. If any one has doubts about this genre just show them wcar. I can say they will always be pleased.

  65. Dj Hollowbeatz

    Jesus dave YES!

  66. Janna Bobier


  67. Rob Potestio

    I swear the introduction reminds of something I would hear out of one of the first Crash Bandicoot games and I fucking love it!

  68. Jerrel Carpio

    Throwing up the deuces in the album pic lol

  69. Per Hellman

    Where can i find lyrics for the entire album?

  70. Bo Bouchard

    It's pretty weird to hear Dave singing clean vocals, but GOD !!!!! <3

  71. feverxdream

    Dave's cleans your life

  72. Justin Weisel

    this band finally started to show some diversity.their previous albums all sounded the same.cant wait for the new album that comes out in 3 days!

  73. beau168

    @ryanbaugh51 +1

  74. controlfreq11

    I'm definitely guilty of using those programs for a single or two from other bands, but the quality is usually shit, so if people really want it and they want it to sound good they'll just buy it.

  75. William Faucett

    Woah. dudes. You guys both have it wrong. All of it together makes the music. Lyrics and instruments.

  76. Fred Gill

    Can I just thank Paul Romano for all of the great album artwork on every cover. Great album!

  77. Fred Gill

    Who cares about lyrics? Its about how the music makes you feel.

  78. AviaryEllipsis

    I agree, do they not realize that there are programs designed to extract the audio from YouTube vids? People have access to pirated copies before the album is even officially released

  79. itsthe JMOORE

    Dave's tone clean matches so well with Kyle's, but still his screams are sick too. This album has such a good feel about it, no songs alike, keen for release!

  80. Ryan Catbagan

    Dave's voice <3

  81. kendall cunningham

    Dave's voice! Love it!

  82. maddie anderson

    WCAR is perfect

  83. ChillyGrell

    I love the way the songs sound with Dave's clean vocals along with his screams and Kyle's singing

  84. C AN ADA

    Album is great as usual :}

  85. lovelybones

    absolutely loving this album

  86. D-Jay Sustaita

    This album is so fucking diverse. This is probably their best album yet. So awesome.

  87. Matthew Goulding

    They killed it when I seen them on warped! And the new album is sounding good so far

  88. Alex Mitchell

    Love WCAR. Diggin the new sound

  89. tobyGwright

    I don't whether its a good thing to have the albums released on YouTube first.. I personally like it, but would it affect sales?

  90. Brennan Patterson

    So do I
    I like this new album too.
    What about you?

  91. Berkeliumx

    i like tacos