We Came As Romans - A Moment Lyrics

All the lies don't hold me,
But they're sinking in my skin,
Coursing through my veins
And the truth eludes me,
Losing sight of it again
Save me from myself

Close my eyes, see my life

Have I lost my way?
I hope this is the last time
Am I here to stay?
Nowhere left to hide

There's always a way to find the reason in a moment
Yeah, moment, yeah moment
To find the reason in a moment
Yeah, moment, yeah moment
To find the reason

There is truth inside me
But it feels out of reach
Will it come to me?
And you'll walk beside me
I'll see things that you see
Will you wait for me?

Close my eyes, see my life

Have I lost my way?
I hope this is the last time
Am I here to stay?
Nowhere left to hide

There's always a way
To find the reason!

Save your future for me
Save your time
Save your future for me
Save my life, save my life

Save your future for me
Save your time
Save your future for me
Save my life, save my life

Close my eyes, see my life
Close my eyes, see my life

Have I lost my way?
I hope this is the last time
Am I here to stay?
Nowhere left to hide

There's always a way to find the reason in a moment
Yeah, moment, yeah moment
To find the reason in a moment
Yeah, moment, yeah moment
To find the reason in a moment
Yeah, moment, yeah moment
To find the reason in a moment
Yeah, moment, yeah moment
To find the reason!

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We Came As Romans A Moment Comments
  1. Joe Wiedmeier

    Fun wired face maybe Kyle reads this comments in the a heaven in a moment moment moment in a moment! Moment

  2. Matthew Killingsworth

    RIP Kyle another great soul gone forever

  3. ReD DuCk

    Miss u Kyle 😂😂

  4. OMFG ZH

    Favorite song.. Bring me back to the days

  5. Starship Two

    Rip Kyle😔

  6. Rachael Simpson

    This is my baby nephews favorite song

  7. Jackson Weddle

    I think this is a great song for those suffering from depression and contemplating ending it all. It inspires people to find a reason not to do it in that moment. Beautiful song really.

  8. Stefano Cinquegrana

    There's always a way...

  9. Tim Kast

    I really did not want to find out this way. Why do we keep losing our legends

  10. Jack D.

    r.i.p. Kyle Pavone

  11. ANN1H1LAT0R 69

    Who else is here at 666k views🤘🏼😈😂

  12. Lucas Benavidez

    Love and miss you kyle

  13. emo Supremacy

    Kyle, you are the reason in a moment..I will keep pushing <3 RIP Kyle Pavone gone but never forgotten

  14. Lakeviewcars


  15. River

    💔 Kyle
    ❤️A Moment

  16. Barry McCockinner

    RIP Kyle 😞😞 this is one of my favorite songs by them, only second to broken statues..this song brings out the best of his vocals in my opinion(no saying they are bad in every other song). Proud to be from the same state and less than a couple hours from where WCAR began..

  17. K M

    Was this song about his drug abuse o.o always loved this but seeing it in a different light now

  18. Detective Ryuzaki

    R.I.P Kyle. Sing with the others

  19. Stupid Gorilla

    The only thing I want rn is Kyle being ressurected to his body...
    Kyle plz respawn...
    I am a big fan of u
    U r inspiring guy...
    Wtf man

  20. Stupid Gorilla

    I open my eyes and now you are not here .
    Kyle man wtf... You make me wanna KMS 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  21. Shawn Ballot

    I will always hear your voice first when i look up We Ceme As Romans kyle. Because this is the first song i play b4 i rock y'all fkn set!! 🖕💛😄🤘 I Love You Man.

  22. Saber Bot

    Rip Kyle 💔

  23. ayeeshah

    I miss kyle :-(

  24. אברהם Fuentes

    I will remember your voice 4 ever my brother kyle , RIP. "Close my eyes ,see my life" .

  25. Jamon Kytee

    we will miss you kyle.

  26. Silviu the piercer

    RIP Kyle :(

  27. Bloody X

    My favorite song by them
    Rip Kyle ❤

  28. xnena s

    R.I.P Kyle Pavone ❤️

  29. Kimberly Chavez

    We will forever miss you Kyle!

  30. jonathan amner

    R.I.P kyle

  31. Alexis Briviesca

    First Song from WCAR....

    RIP Kyle... 😭 💔

    Kelly Swearingen

    Alexis Briviesca May he fly high 😥💕

  32. remmy workman

    rip Kyle

  33. wallydiver61

    We miss you, Kyle....

    aj 1616

    So much ♡

  34. Mason Pittman

    RIP man. Was a great time meeting and getting to talk to you and the band a couple years ago

  35. Jackson Kelley

    RIP Kyle

  36. Kleiren dug

    RIP Kyle Pavone....
    We missed you..

  37. Jade Ledford

    This was the song that got me into WCAR so long ago. Rest in Peace Kyle, you changed so so many peoples' lives and we love you and miss you more than words. When I heard that you had passed I had to sit down because I was crying so much. Thank you for everything you did for us and for helping so many people. I love you 💗

  38. Luke Greco

    Rest in peace Kyle. :(

  39. Ace Omen

    RIP Kyle

  40. Fabuloso

    Ironically this song being called “A Moment” The chorus sounds a lot like Rebecca Blacks “My Moment” vocally. okay bring on the h8 m8s

  41. Jonathan Peace

    Have I lost my way, I hope this is the last time.

  42. Jailan Kelly

    Here from hydrate any one ?

  43. Mackenzie Cannon

    still one of my favorite songs since 2014

  44. Mackenzie Cannon

    I discovered this band back when I was 13 and went to their concert back in 2014 but never got to see them due to an accident I got into half way through one of their opening bands' performance. I want so bad to see these guys in concert because I spent over $100 just to wind up in the hospital

    Bryan Lenihan

    Mackenzie Cannon I hope you were okay and recovered 100%

    Los The Ghost

    Mackenzie Cannon hope you got a chance to.

  45. Kily

    like si viniste por pulz!!xd

  46. Léa Blair

    décidément je suis acrooooooo !

    Paul Legendre

    Moi aussi, j'adore quasiment tout ce qu'ils chantent

  47. adian streich

    find the reason in a moment

  48. Luca Schmieder

    so ein geiles Lied! :D

  49. HaZardous BarZ

    My philosophy of life

  50. kevin wright


    Noah Dement

    +Franscine Garcia I love you

  51. Carley Love

    This song is incredible. Very well done :3

  52. Lauren Wilk

    my favorite part of the whole song omg

    Talon DeAngelo

    +Lauren W I completely agree!!

  53. nootnoot7

    this is their worst song man hate that part where dave yelling yea moment

    Sam. [샘]

    You suck. This song is amazing.

    ainsley h

    +Sam. I agree this song is fucking beautiful ❤️

  54. samuel Sánchez

    Hahahahaha me gusta mucho esta cancion :v

  55. WhiteStar31396749

    B3NG B3NG

    Alec T

    Бэнг Бэнг

  56. Tyler Stalinescu

    Chiodos and WCAR have the coolest album covers.

    Tyler Hoffman

    Born of Osiris and TDWP have pretty badass covers.

    Tyler Stalinescu

    @Tyler Hoffman Just checked out Born of Osiris. Their covers are really good.


    Try ring of saturn bro!!!,damn good too

    BuryTheMaker SilentGrin

    I'm Bored Within Destruction has unique

  57. Johnathan Chacon

    They are steppen up!!!!

  58. いちごみるく

    WCAR is my favorite band <33

  59. David : 3

    I like this group! ^^

  60. joee

    Ah this song 💘
    WCAR might be the next band I fall in love with.

    Matthew Allen

    I think I agree! All I've been listening to for the past 2 days.

  61. SpeechlessHero

    Song name?

    Ohiostate Buckshot

    your kidding right??

    Emme Quinn

    @Fx SixSixFour I love you


    @Ohiostate Buckshot you're*

  62. Bob james

    This song makes me feel the way I did when I first heard roads that don't end <3 oml the feels

  63. Juanita Kiehl

    That voice tho

    Axel Sanjur

    gordo friki

    Josema Rodríguez

    @Axel Sanjur xd

  64. Alex Albillar

    Favorite song ;3 <33

  65. Evan Porter

    Anyone else notice that random duck on the left

    Evan Porter

    @Tyler Stalinescu Oh hey thanks. You too.

    Tyler Stalinescu

    @Lavaalamp Reference to Romeo and Juliet possibly?

    Kelsey Chao

    lol thank you to you as well. i suppose we both have great taste in music.

    Adrian Calderon

    Just in case nobody told you, that's a swan


    Yes, it’s a ducco 😂😂

  66. Unknown

    Have I lost my way? I hope this is the last time. Am I here to stay? No where left to hide.                    But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent, and do the works you did at first. If not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent. Yet this you have: you hate the works of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who conquers I will grant to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.’  Revelation 2:4-7

  67. Charlotte Mobley

    We Came As Romans >>>

  68. Ryan Nichols

    Anybody excited to see these guys live in Toronto?! :D 

    Beckii Rawrr

    What there coming to Toronto your kidding?! Where the fuck have i been, do you have a link?

    Ryan Nichols

    @Beckii Rawrr
    Check it out! :D


  69. david lopez

    liked them since i can

  70. Ritual Boat

    No quiero hacer spam 
    pero si te gusta el core y quieres ver subtitulos y letras puedes pasar por mi canal

  71. kiera9102

    Is there a band that sounds like this song right here? I know that sounds like a stupid question but I think Wcar sounds so pretty when they are just singing

  72. Isabella Brown

    They're such a good band

  73. Justine Carney

    I love this song so much!!!

  74. Joe Trach

    This gets me thinking about her idk why.....

    Awe Dolocks

    Probably because of all the moments you've had with "her". This song is called "A Moment" lol

  75. Emily :p

    Love this song <3

  76. Desere Garver

    We came as Romans has definitely stepped up their game on their songs, ive been a fan since shapes came out. love wcar. <3 saw them at warped too

    P Z

    Well said ;)


    I thought they were going to be a bit full of themselves like most bands but I saw them walking through the crowd. They're really devoted to their fans and they were signing a bunch of things for people. I got to go up and chill with Kyle a bit. :P

  77. Bryce Peschel

    This song is sickkkk

  78. Tyler

    dat chorus tho

  79. rockyourselfout123

    Well I never got a chance to really listen to We Came As Romans. I finally did, and I'm very glad! Great music AND lyrics! And they're message is very unique yet still positive.

  80. victoria cruz

    ahh great song!

  81. angel ortiz

    Who would thumb Down this vid apparently you ain't here for the music so why waste time to thumbs down or maybe you never had a moment in your life idiots


    @angel ortiz Dude, Even though I love this song I almost thumbed it down after reading your comment. But after loving this song since they let out tracing back roots I upped it. lol

    Sad Black Man

    or maybe they didnt like the song. an absolutely wild thought i know, but hear me out!


    @Sad Black Man crazy i know. I dont get why anyone even makes pointless comments that will get lost forever.

  82. Camila Canadá

    had to make this music video !

  83. Danny Harris

    Great at Warped UK 

  84. juliansxe Méndez

    quien me puede ayudar con la letra de esta song en español ?

  85. Nallely pintor

    I fell in love c: <3 ^_^

  86. Chris Shad

    This song is perfect

  87. FrostBullets

    Love this song !

  88. Steven Pifer

    Hey let's write the same songs and play the same style-genre as we did the last 3 records people will like us then. No, goes to show your ignorance in music. You have to evolve and create new boundaries or you are just a waste of space as a musician and will eventually die off. The greatest musicians of history in every genre did not achieve the title by playing the same shit.

    Steven Pifer

    btw this is prolly  my fav song on the new record, I'm not sure though. 'I survive' never get's old being a old underoath-thealmost fan.

  89. J Karelis

    I love this song

  90. Hajriani Sabri

    The song I love most from We Came As Romans.

  91. Mia Escobar

    Every band changes their style at some point. If you don't like it, then too bad and get over it because you're opinion won't change anything.


    I love your profile pic xD Tony is too adorable c:


    Dude, moving from dreams (worst album ever) to some remaks from it on To Plant a Seed (MUCH BETTER) to The newer diffrent sounding album Understanding what We've Grown to Be, then to this one. New style less screaming, new tech sounds. Just saying, they have changed so much since Dreams

  92. Proactive Ponderer

    These guys are freakin amazing, give me good vibes and remind me of my strength