We Are Twin - True Love Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I just can't sleep without you boy
A full set of stars are out tonight
I wear my heart out on my sleeve
I put it there for you to see

And we just keep on hurting
Keep on burnin' through
And we just barely made it through
Through we thought we were through
But what we need is

True love
Keeps us going
True love
Keeps me turning
True love
Keeps me going on and on...

[Verse 2]
Go on take me for a ride
There's no one else but you tonight
I can barely hear the words you say
The way your eyes speak for themselves



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We Are Twin True Love Comments
  1. Omar Joseph

    Well, shit. I still cant find a bad song from them

  2. ExquisiteMano


  3. Antinéa Villalba

    Je ne connaissais pas, mais ça me plait, très agréable, autant la voix que la musique...dommage que je n'en sache pas plus, ne parlant pas anglais...peut-être Gabi Christine, la chanteuse?

  4. RaZexTemplate

    reminds me of Portishead, great voice n music, luv 'em

  5. Kirk Albers

    Haven't heard soul like this from a female vocalist in a very long time!  Love this group!  A rare find that blows me away each song I hear!!

  6. gcgarner

    I love you guys.

  7. Pablo Pozo

    a bit of a reminder of adele. however, a bit more of a happier mood. :) love it. 

  8. popjunkii

    Wow. I am really, really digging this band!! The EP is only $2.99 on iTunes! Downloading as we speak.

  9. Selena Sheereh

    love them so much

  10. HungryBang


  11. Phillip Ricks

    Great music. TRULY MAGNIFICENT

  12. SovandyBoy

    Why isn't see famous yet? Her voice is awesome and this lyric is touching.

  13. Peter Parker

    This only the beginning

  14. Sanquenetta Dinkins

    That's it. I'm sold. New fan! Love her voice