We Are Twin - The Way We Touch Lyrics

I've got my hands
around your neck,
my lips up on your chest
You love it how I need you boy,
oh dare I say the rest
The people they can stare, I don't mind it, I don't care
as long as we together we got love extraordinary

When we were by the ocean
and you turned to me to say
Girl don't you ever go
and try to change
no matter what anybody says
If you would be my best friend,
than I would build a home
Where the both of us
can live alone,
where you can
grow into your own.

You'd be the best that I ever hoped for
I love it how I can't resist the way you are
The way we touch
If we are a match, I'd give you everything I longed for
I love it how I can't resist the way you are, the way we touch

You got on a hook,
from the moment you said baby
If I faint from over heating call the martial Mr. Davy
I'm running out of breath, I feel it in my head
I can't go on without you boy, let's hit the road to live

If you would be my hero,
than I would be your girl
You could have me
anytime you want
Even early in the morning sun
I only have my chevy
and the keys to my heart
oh, take me for a ride
to the moon
I forget the world
when I'm with you

You'd be the best that I ever hoped for
I love it how I can't resist the way you are
The way we touch
If we are a match, I'd give you everything I longed for
I love it how I can't resist the way you are,
The way we touch

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We Are Twin The Way We Touch Comments
  1. Finding the Truth

    What happen to them??? 😭

  2. 50K No Vid

    Weight watcher like 🔥

  3. Ridsnake

    Ich habe meine Frau bei diesem Lied kennengelernt ❤️ Immer wenn wir es hören errinern wir uns an diesen Tag ☺️

  4. RemcoLiam

    Whatever happened to them? Cant find anything. Loved the music.

  5. loveanpeace4eva

    Heard this song on danish “Moby’s vegan radio” on TuneIn for BOSE on the radio this evening. Have it on repeat. Her voice is so beautiful and the music just makes you feel good!

  6. Emil M

    I didn't know Delos had a "Planet Rock" section in the park as well.

  7. Guilherme Augusto

    BR 2018 ❤️

  8. em?

    i miss these two. :(

  9. Dallas Doughney

    Sarah Paulson tweeted about this song back during Freak Show and it's been one of my favorites ever since :)

  10. mervangrande

    Wer ist auch wegen weight watchers hier xD

  11. Ted Heldt

    Top Voice, top song.

  12. Guy Mayhew

    Song from S01E03 of Extant

  13. Carsten Stäbener

    geiler sound

  14. ccash11

    I love this, a great song and the band having fun. Don't understand the negative reviews.

  15. Lamps 8

    Ich verstehe immer: I am a Hooooooe :D

  16. AlphaBandit

    great song ! thx 4 these 4 minutes in my life !

  17. Yusabi

    She sounds like a little bit amy winehouse

  18. Thula Scharmberg

    Love her Voice! That's a great Song!! ^-^

  19. Kai

    Lied ist echt klasse, voll der ohrwurm

  20. Katharina Reis

    She looks exactly like Nelly Furtado!

  21. Buffalo_Soldier

    Video kill the radio stars ...

  22. Didier reidid

    bruno mars au féminin j'adore !

  23. Marian Lemmermann

    That Song is quiet Perfect and it reminds me on my wise Friend who always supports me in a mentale way. I am so proud of him and I Miss him when he is not there.

    Alexis Bssnt

    Marian Lemmermann That's so cute ☺️

  24. Cornelia Kokkinos

    Wow das nenne ich mal einen Song der fröhlich und einen tanzen lässt danke euch Wheight watcher Werbe Fuzzis

  25. mrscookiejarthethird

    Her blush/contour makes me so angry wtf was her makeup artist thinkinnnggg. Anyways, love the song!

    Alexis Bssnt

    mrscookiejarthethird Now that you said it i can't unsee it

  26. david lenir

    incroyable ressemblance entre la voix de la chanteuse et celle d'un des freres goss du groupe britannique BROS,magnifique à ecouter,timbre assez rare

  27. Christophe Greneche

    Très bon morceau, mais toujours pas envie de faire un régime :)

  28. Celia Hbt

    cest grace a la pub weight wather que je suis là

  29. Hop-Hop

    Weight watchers qui fait prendre du poids à une musique

  30. Omar Joseph

    the fact that songs like these get 500 k views in 4 years just blows my fucking mind, this song is golden its stuck in my head

  31. Artur Frank

    Danke an die Werbung und an shazam :D

    Meelli Minaj

    Artur Frank hab gedacht bin die einzige die es durch Shazam gesucht hat 😇😂


    Ich feier dieses Lied so hart einfach nur geil ^^

  33. CFTS95

    La pub Weight Watcher m'a amené ici

    Tapuata Lenoir

    David JFMM jaja same!!

  34. Elaine Atherall

    The first thing i saw was here nickers !!! :/

  35. Max Deschler

    thanks weight watchers haha😁

  36. Joe Care

    Man versteht das Mädel kaum....

    Joe Care

    Josi H.
    Diese weight watchers Werbung hat mich kirre gemacht... ich hab nix verstanden. Mittlerweile habe ich verstanden was sie will 😂

    Lola Cortez

    Hahahaa ich dachte ich bin die einzige

    Gueney Atal

    vielleicht, weil es englisch ist...

    Lola Cortez

    es ging hier aber um die AUSsprache ;)

  37. Hanna Maria

    "Du bist fett than i ever hoped"

  38. Dr_Lutscher

    thanks weight watchers

    AimeAcheCey MHC

    Dr_Lutscher and Shazam xD


    Dr_Lutscher is halt einfach so xD

    Juma Siea

    Dr_Lutscher -- Yeah 😂😂

    M K

    Dr_Lutscher Dein Name killt mich

    sackeberg raffer

    AlinaX XMarie eh

  39. M K

    She looks a little like Amy winehouse❤

    Laurence Beaussart

    Helin Live yes and Nelly Furtado


    Helin Live she Sounds a Little Like her


    she looks much better :)

  40. Cindy Rodriguez


  41. Georgina Lovatic

    Awesome !

  42. doeeyeddoll

    This song is amazing!

  43. Kenjamin Garnett

    It's a shame they no longer make music

    Leendert Pretorius

    i didnt know this. it makes me sad.


    its a shame she didn't open her legs for squad. otherwise squad wouldn't have split :(


    HellaHipHop they split because she wouldn't fuck them?

  44. Christopher Wilson

    Oh yeah? Well...I AM THAT I AM!

  45. Martin Stavrovsky

    How do I not know you guys!? Fuckin' A!

  46. Jimmy O Connor

    Love It!!! Much Love To Everyone Involved.

  47. Drew Parker

    I'm pretty sure all 408K views were me and my friends

  48. Juan Florez

    Single of the Week, Thanks Apple!

  49. Amanda Noelle

    can someone tell me what tv show this song played in? I feel like I heard it on tv and I can't think of the show


    Amanda Noelle well I know that song from a german tv commercial from weight watchers :D maybe it's the same spot in different countries :)

  50. Andre' Miller

    You be the BEST that I'd EVER hope forrrr, I love it how I can't resist the way you are, the way we touchhhhhh!

  51. Era Bon

    This song makes me so happy~~ and the vid is funny 😋 I love you guys so much!!

  52. Zuleidy Rodríguez Castillo

    Me encanta! :*

    Zuleidy Rodríguez Castillo


  53. Sayan Mukherjee

    This band gives me some serious 90 ish No Doubt vibes. Nicholas Balachandran reminds me so much of an earlier Tony Kanal. Totally loving this band. Discovered this song on 8track first and has now become my 10k running anthem. And the video is addicting too. Way to go guys.

  54. Barbados Joe

    I really like these guys. I first heard this song on Spotify and was surprised at how good their albums are. They put everything into each song. Not just in one or two and the rest are fillers. And I don't know why everyone's complaining about their video. Honestly if a band's video changes how you feel about their music you're a fucking loser.


    Yeah! You have the words! True.

  55. Meisha Loveless

    Sarah Paulson sent me here.

  56. Yolanda Quintero


  57. notacontinent

    Pizza is such a wonderful thang

  58. notacontinent

    Is We Are Twin really twins?

  59. Ili Aqilah

    I just can't get enough of your music. 

  60. Maxim Mooney

    I'm late to the party but came looking for a video from the amazing Xtra Love album and found this gloriousness. Much love from Bangkok!

  61. CretaZigman

    What a song, great beat, great melody, awesome voice, can't understand why some people call it too poppy and others too hipster though? Its contradictory which is confusing, and it's just music- like it, keep it, don't, go find something new, its okay.


    I agree. Definition and use of the word "hipster" is, for one dated, and for two WIDELY mis-used. I commented on this already, but it feels/looks more along the lines of "manufactured Indie" or "Manufactured hipster". It SOUNDS catchy, but, that's as far as I'd go. 

  62. Святослав Корчмарь

    Guys, you are awesome!! Don't listen to the bastards fattened with the worldwide popular hits - you have a potential, and I can see it on your lively faces! Keep going, I'll be right after you waiting for new marvelous songs!

  63. LiveLifeLaughing

    The video ruined the song for me.

  64. Alesha Clark-Gilmour

    omg Sarah Paulson brought me here to  lol

  65. roseboy 20_01

    Beette and Dot's fav song? em... they don´t have good taste for music D:

    roseboy 20_01

    Helin Live listening this again, is not that bad lol



  67. Sandy Lima


  68. o. c.

    Helloo, Sarah Paulson brought me here gg. # twinsies fave song.

  69. desiree

    Every time I listen to this I fall in love just a little bit more

  70. PIZZA

    This proves that anyone with a computer can create "music" today, and this is going to be the downfall of modern music. There is absolutely NO TALENT in this whatsoever, Its so generic that if this wasn't made by these people, it would have been made by someone one else with limited musical talent and a Sam Ash credit card.


    Presumptuous charlatan. Watch the unplugged live version before making uninformed comments.

    Bevaan Shoban

    This actually shows that anyone with a computer can make great music and in fact, be the rise of modern music. keep up the great job guys! 

    Maxim Mooney

    Never thought pizza could be stupid.


    Maxim Mooney pays transexual prostitutes to spit in his mouth for sexual reasons

    Richie Wang

    This song is perfect!

  71. Anthony Perez

    The song is awesome but disappointed in the video. The video is too pop-py while the song sounds more underground or less flashy. I would have liked to see her on stage performing live in this video --something more organic.

    Princess Azula

    Anthony Perez i thought the same.

  72. blackvolgan

    hipster bullshit

  73. BadMannerKorea

    Sorry, I'm not feeling it. Sucks. 


    BadMannerKorea are you feeling it now??


    German Buddys Nope.

  74. Aireek23

    You guys were amazing last night at Roaring Nights!

  75. Jessica Meehan

    The vocals are insane. Her voice is amazing

  76. dakillabee13

    Thumbs up if Extant led you here!

  77. AaronGriffin82


  78. julio carlos

    Love new artist like this. Spread the word of new talent.

  79. Theresa Wambach

    First heard this song on Songza. 
    What a find! WE ARE TWIN has a bright future ahead of them. 

  80. movementsd

    the guitarist yum!!

  81. daniele garraffa

    very great !!!

  82. Kiki Vassilakis

    This is seriously the best song I've heard in so fucking long. 

  83. MrMokaka1

    Amazing voice!!!

  84. Tom F

    Awesome, just awesome.

  85. Tristan Brand

    This has been my go to happy go-lucky song all week. Its so catchy!

  86. Kevin Briones

    LOVE U GUYS .... :) LOVE IT 

  87. Ivan Sykes

    Les falto pedir una muñeca inflable!!!

  88. Matthew Mull

    Great song, super people, check it out!

  89. Timmy Andre

    What a dope track. Her voice is tight. She's a smokeshow too

  90. Sam Banfield


  91. Patryk Kurzaj

    it sounds like Amy Winehouse

  92. Sean Blasingame

    omg, this is my first time hearing them and I l;ove it!! ((:  I love how diverse their band is too (:

  93. Chris Montenegrino

    Share this video already! there is no reason why this song hasnt been heard by millions

  94. Frank Nieves

    Nearly one year later, and I'm still diggin this tune. 

  95. laiz171

    am I the only one who thinks she looks like isuperwoman?

  96. Shax H


  97. Stephanie Brammann

    i love this song so much

  98. TheBeldri

    me encanta :)