We Are Toonz - Drop That #NaeNae Lyrics

What like this? Alright
Yo, okay, alright, I got it huh?

[Chorus 2x]
Crank that Nae Nae, drop that Nae Nae
Work that Nae Nae, that's a Nae Nae ay
Nae Nae [8x]

Huh! [4x]

[Verse 1]
Nae Nae that's the new thing popping
Got your girl over in the corner and she joking
All you gotta do is put your hands up and rock it
Don't be scared lil' mama Toonz got you

Now this here funky, who was the man with the plan
My boys up on that
Nae Nae what we called it while
Y'all guys out here stalling
While we riding by,
Claims she really be digging me
Lil mama say, she feeling me
She like the way I jig on a beat
Jig on a beat



[Verse 2]
As I smooth through the crowd, got my hand up in the air
And I rock it side to side, man our dance is everywhere
107.9 got our name all on the air
Yeah this Nae Nae taking over so y'all better be prepared

Ladies say this shit with me (Nae Nae) turned up on the beat (yo)
You ain't gotta dance we call it jigging on the beat (hold up hold up)
T-double-O-N-Z, Nae'n Nae'n in the streets
Hands up in the air. Jump in they face cause you don't care now one time



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We Are Toonz Drop That #NaeNae Comments
  1. hazzard Myrick2wavy


  2. The 4ktrey gang The 4ktrey gang

    Who still remember this shit in 2016

  3. Valbona Kuka

    #nae nae lol

  4. flying bol.

    2020 . now way theres other

  5. Aiden DNxA

    Hooah! Yes yes yes yes yes

  6. Johnny Riewer

    2014 was a simpler time

  7. irfild Guisses RaDo

    شكون مزالو يسمع هنا 👍

  8. Abid Abdullah chanel

    This song is been 7 years but still coll to hear it

  9. Klato __

    I remember when I was dancing naenae in 2013 but my classmates said that I'm a weirdo but rn they're dancing naenae but in Silento's music.

  10. Jayla Wayla

    i’m here #2019

  11. Christobal Espinosa

    Damn this jam was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 when it came out in 2014 and still🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 today in 2019, going on 2020

  12. Fortnight cool kid and I forgot your name lollol l

    Who’s watching this in 2019🔥🔥

  13. Bre.Millyyy

    An era 🤯

  14. Oliver.

    *I miss the song.*

  15. Fw Dalyn

    Why this ain’t blow more than silento smh

  16. Daniel Casimiro

    *You can't end this decade without coming there*

  17. The Flaming Wolfgang

    0:59 is what I came here for.

  18. Nnee Yyy

    Nae nae never died

  19. josiahflexican

    this is so classic bro holy shit lmao

  20. Ms. Marie


  21. duck

    this song is straight up wicked

  22. yvonnia mcdonald

    Where are these guys

  23. Smash Cash

    Josestio boy

  24. Blck Ntrovert TV

    This suit is beautiful.

  25. Deniyah Williams


  26. Claudia Aaliyah

    2019 ? that song still lit !!!🔥🔥🔥

  27. Ashlee

    Only ogs know bout this

  28. Jim De Vera

    why's this shit only have 14m views

  29. huncho the greatone

    original NAE NAE

  30. iTrapstar TV

    Who’s watching 2019 tho??

  31. JakeyBoy170

    2019 anyone?

  32. Nicole

    This right here is the og and always will be the best one 😭

  33. Bigballerfg

    Damn 2019 anyone

  34. Naima Williams

    Omg dumb bust his a**😂 I didn't see that when I first saw this video

  35. Isaac Trevino

    2019 anyone????

  36. Just the Random ROBLOX girl

    I had this song stuck in my head for years

  37. King Tshilobo

    This was lit do they have another song

  38. Angela Goldsmith

    2019 this shit ain’t gone get old

  39. mnenessat

    who`s watching at 2019

  40. Angelo ANN

    Y'all should've invited dan nampaikid !

  41. Lil J

    Who saw that mickeympuse version

  42. Lil J

    Who watchin in 2019

  43. fairy tail

    2019 anyone

  44. Fortnight cool kid and I forgot your name lollol l

    I’m watching this song it to 2019

  45. j blast

    Whos still watching 2019 🔥🔥


    Very nostalgic

  47. Dailon Ward


  48. Prince D

    Hooahh yes yes yes

  49. EJOfficialTV

    The grandfather of all modern dances we have today🔥

  50. sawcy god


  51. Rucci Reacts

    I remember everyone in High School Was banging this shit

  52. Lucci X

    i literally found this by googling HUAAAA

  53. Dotranix

    This song was revolutionary. Started so many dances and was hype for like 2 years

  54. on jah?


  55. Minvy

    O bts dançou essa música

  56. Str8frm68

    Who watching this in July 2019?

  57. The Animal Krew


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    what high school looks like

  59. Chris Cabal

    Niggas gay af

  60. AITAN -345-

    Who is watching in 2019😂🤣

    Dumpy ッ

    AITAN -345- me I used to watch this on my fucking wii

  61. X DaReaper

    2019 anybody

    Underrated Genius

    X DaReaper yeah 😂


    What sound does the horse make?

  63. JERK Biak lian cung

    I was in 8th grade when this song came out and now I just finish high school #classof2019

  64. NaeTionTV

    I would like to take the time in 2019 to thank these guys for bringing back dance. Ever since this more dances have been coming out. Before this the last dance craze we had was beef it up and it wasn’t that big. 😂😂 I also love watching this video because 3:47 This was back when Jacquees was my husband. He was so fine 😭😭😍‼️

  65. Alexandro King

    2019 I'm alone 😞 ??!..


    Alexandro King no your not

    The dude in blue Master

    Alexandro King your not bro wish people did this again

  66. Josh Bruno

    dangggggg it’s 2019 now how long has it been

  67. JermJoe

    the start of an era

  68. Daniel Rossi

    Where it all started...

  69. Mark DeMelo Music

        \ 🤓
            || \_
        _/¯  ¯\_
    Drop that #naenae

  70. Mark DeMelo Music

    School reality Vs expectations

  71. Momo Yaoyorozu

    2019 guys

  72. Anthony on patrol

    So this is the song from the video of yoda dancing

  73. Salvador Gomez

    Jerry purpdrank did the remix

  74. Bleach aka #solluminatihatcollection

    Back in 1st grade ahhhhhhhh (Sigh)😪

  75. Princess-Amanda Coley


  76. Tiffany Pham

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  77. Carl Johnson

    It’s Friday! HUUUAAHH! 😩

  78. אורי טל

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  79. Jerry GDawg

    Who remember this on the party with that weird dance but in their moment was lit😂

  80. Richard Golden

    1:39 the first dab

  81. Richard Golden

    Imagine high schooler

    When a teacher ask students to rise their hand and then they start doing the nae nae

  82. Richard Golden

    Bring it back to 2019

  83. the one & only davita

    Im just bored but 2019?

  84. 神様

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